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$50 for 30-minute reading; $100 for hour-long reading

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I have facilitated Psychic Mediumship and Tarot readings for clients throughout the U.S., as well as internationally. Sessions are available via Skype and phone. Readings can be recorded and e-mailed as a convenient MP3 audio file. All readings are given in Love and Light, ethically relayed with honesty and compassion, and are as accurate and clear as possible. I'm a fully Ordained Spiritualist Minister of Fellowships of the Spirit, a Spiritualist Church in Lily Dale, NY. In addition, I am a Certified Metaphysician.

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Listed since: Nov 8, 2011


This was my first experience with a medium reading and I couldn't have asked for a better one. Jenny was compassionate, empathetic and intuitive. She provided great insight into my life and I was able to work towards some healing through this reading. I have recommended her to friends and family!
After losing my husband and wanting to connect, I decided to have my first reading. I chose Jenny because she was a classmate of mine growing up and I read her wonderful reviews. She did not disappoint. I have always been a believer and her reading confirmed that belief. She was able to connect with many family members and left me with a feeling of comfort knowing my loved ones are still with me. She is sincere and professional and her abilities are truly amazing. Really amazing!!
I had my first reading with Jenny yesterday, she is compassionate relays messages with complete clarity, and is amazing at what she does. She hit all the points I had thought about before going into the reading and then some. Over the course of my life I have had dozens of readings but Jenny's was by far the best. I highly recommend a reading from her.
As a fellow minister I had some doubts--mainly because of the hokey portrayal of psychics and mediums by pop-culture and the entertainment industry. However, my experience with Jenny was nothing short of miraculous. She is an immensely talented person with and extraordinary gift. She was professional and thorough in her introductory explanation of what to expect during the reading and set clear parameters for what was to come. I am very satisfied with my experience. Thanks Jenny!
A New Year's gift, that is what my reading with Jenny was to my life and soul. Jenny is warm, fun, genuine and precise. I am no stranger to readings and Jenny nailed it on all accounts. She had names, circumstances and incredible insight for all situations. Jenny is very compassionate and it was healing to hear messages from the other side and to hear what to possibly look for in the future. I am still euphoric from our conversation and will be carrying that feeling into the New Year.
Jenny' reading brought great knowledge, comfort and love to me at a difficult time. Many of the things she said are explained in no other way other then I was receiving messages from loved ones passed on. I highly recommend her services. She is empathetic, knowledgable, trusting and ethical. I look forward to future readings and am excited to have other loved ones make appointments with Jenny so they can have the same wonderful experience as I had.
Just finished my reading with Jenny and it was incredible. I had been waiting for over 2 months for my reading and was a bit nervous about it, however Jenny was professional, thorough and extremely warm making for a very comfortable experience. I honestly cannot believe how spot on she was, even relaying information to me in a way that I would say it myself. This was a life-changing experience and I highly recommend Jenny - she is amazing!
After having consulted with 2 other psychics, I found Jenny and she was wonderful. I have not stop listening to my recording. Getting ready to schedule another session and giving some away as xnmas gifts. Thanks Jenny!
My reading with Jenny was something that I have wanted to do for a very long time and she did not disappoint.she truly is passionate about her work & her gift is amazing right from the start. I felt totally at ease with my reading,the messages I received were spot on and changed my view on so many levels. It was amazing the number of loved one that came through and their messages for me is something I will never forget.would do this again in a heart beat,thank you so much Jenny .
Jenny and her connection to spirits has answered some very profound questions for me and has lifted a heavy burden. I was not sure what to expect but was immediately put at ease. The info was very specific so I had no doubt who we were communicating with! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent!
Jenny is the real deal. The kindness of her manner, the thoroughness of her presentation, the variety of resources she draws upon, as well as the depth & accuracy of the information was truly impressive - and more importantly, very helpful. The session flew by & I only wish we could have continued on for a few hours more...
I had a psychic reading done with Jeannine, and it was truly very special. It wasn't just the people who came through or the messages that they had for me, but it elevated me emotionally to a level that gave me a freedom that I have been seeking my entire life. As someone who has suffered and struggled with depression, anxiety and other serious issues throughout my entire life, I finally feel like I'm grounded and that I truly DO have purpose and I'm needed. Jeannine was wonderful!! Thank you!
Speaking with Jenny was like speaking with an old friend. She is clear, loving and compassionate in her communications. I was amazed by the level of detail she was able to provide from my loved ones who have crossed. My heart is singing from all of the messages I received. Thank you, Jenny. You have, and are, an extraordinary gift to our world.
Jenny is an absolutely wonderful conduit for Spirit. Her integrity and deep connection to the spirit world were inspiring. The information and love that came through my reading was so specific, so profound. The experience will stay with me for a very long time. Huge thanks to you for offering this work, Jenny.
Jenny was amazing. She has a gift and is making it available to those that want to tap into her abilities. Her comments and visions were right on. I knew in my heart that she was helping me to communicate to the loved ones that have gone on before me. The messages that she passed on to me have eased my pain and have left me with steps that I need to take to move my life forward a positive direction. Thank you so very much Jenny I am so grateful.
What a gift Jenny has! I never have received a reading before so I really had no idea what was in store. I went into the reading with no expectations and by the end I could not have been more satisfied. Her love and passion for her profession radiated through the phone. She really cared about get her reading through accurately. Very intuitive and helped me come into realization about aspects of myself and the people who surround me. I would highly recommend Jenny! Peace and Love.
I loved my reading with Jenny. She was warm and caring, but most importantly, she was extremely intuitive and accurate. The information that she gave me was specific and on target. She connected with my deceased relatives, presented facts including names, and delivered many valuable, helpful messages.
Jenny, you wonderful soul; God has blessed you with a gift of hope! I thank you, and my Father thanks you for giving us the path of light to communicate. There are many skeptics, and rightfully so, as there are many people who take advantage of other peoples pain and needs. You, Jenny, are a blessing, a kind-soul brought to heal others and shed light on shadows. Skeptics beware, God may have a plan to bring you to believe - Just open your hearts to Jenny - the rest is all a blessing!
My wife felt that I was in need of "hearing from the Heavens", and insisted that God has blessed certain souls to communicate with those who are here. I have to say that I did it for my wife (at first). I wasn't really a beleiver, however I was in shock only minutes after Jeannie began to unfold what she was being gudied to impart to me. She is not only blessed in her ability to communicate from the souls that have passed, but she imparts truth, and joy in a way that only one who is Godly can.
I was very hesitant and nervous about my reading. I am simply amazed how spot on Jenny was on so many of the things that have and are happening in my life. I left my reading feeling more empowered than I've felt in a long time. Things that I didn't understand at the time of my reading have come to light after discussing with family members. It was an amazing experience. I am looking forward to a future reading soon.
Jeannine is an earth angel. I find her spirit to be one of understanding and trustworthiness. Her readings are wonderful visits with loved ones who have crossed over. The messages I receive from God, my spirit guides and family are spot on with all that's going on in my life. The greatest value I receive is guidance. The greatest joy is hearing from my sister and my dad. I have an instant love for Jeannine and appreciate her sacred self. Thank you for being such blessing to my journey.
Im not sure if anyone wrote this already, but if they did , I'm saying it again. You can stop looking after Jenny. I have tried several Medium connectors and have not "bought " it. I've been to some that charge A Lot of money and are supposed to be world renowned. I was unimpressed and felt empty when I left. I made a plan to continue going because I believed there would be someone that was ethical and legitimate. Jenny was my girl and I feel blessed and grateful I didnt. Life changing, & kind.
Some family members and I had a group reading with Jenny and I will say without a doubt we all had a great experience. Each and every one of us had specific contact by loved ones and friends who have passed over. I suspect that was because we were all very open to the process. Jenny answered any questions we had. She was professional, knowledgeable, and obviously so comfortable with her calling. And it is her calling for sure! I look forward to setting up a private reading with her soon!
All I can say is .... Jenny is super connected and kind and wonderful. I am sure the Guides like working with her. Thank you so much!!!
i had a psychic/medium reading with jeannine. I was impressed with her professionalism and her ability to contact guides and family members. there were things said that only i would know and it was so wonderful to know these people that have passed on are still truly in my life, just on another plane. there was so much information coming in that having it recorded was perfect. many thoughts came up just after the reading so being able to listen to my reading was just perfect. highly recommend.
Delightful-----My first experience with a Medium reading and I could not have chosen a better source. Professional, but warm and understanding making for a very positive reading. I was surprised at how many different "spirits" made contact--the most important , the love of my life , whom I lost to cancer last year ---and now is found. THANK YOU JENNY!!
I have had two readings with Jenny now, one was a gallery style with several other family members and one was over the phone. She is a wonderful medium and instantly puts everyone at ease. I cannot recommend her enough. I felt very healed by my personal reading and received profound insight into some questions I have been having! She also relayed information beautifully from loved ones who have crossed over. I will most certainly be scheduling more readings with her in the future!
This was my second Tarot reading with Jenny, a more extensive one than the first. She is a warm, generous and truly gifted person. Her ethics are beyond question. She explained what would happen and did so clearly and completely, checking to see that I understood and was comfortable. During the reading she constantly checked to see if I understood the messages and clarified what was happening. I recommend her highly, and I will definitely have another reading with her in the future.
I have had several readings with Jenny. The most recent reading I gained some insight into my 3 dogs and 2 cats among other things. I was so pleased and so enlightened. I heard from spirits of a couple of my pets that have crossed and from the spirit guides of the ones that are still here on the earth plane. I received insight on their health and have already made changes that have clearly made them more comfortable. As always I am left feeling amazed, enlightened and blessed by Jenny.
Jeannie is an excellent medium.She does a real good job of communicating the messages she sees while making you feel comfortable and in control.4y


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