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Jeannine Bakriges
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$50 for 30-minute reading; $100 for hour-long reading

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I have facilitated Psychic Mediumship and Tarot readings for clients throughout the U.S., as well as internationally. Sessions are available via Skype and phone. Readings can be recorded and e-mailed as a convenient MP3 audio file. All readings are given in Love and Light, ethically relayed with honesty and compassion, and are as accurate and clear as possible. I'm a fully Ordained Spiritualist Minister of Fellowships of the Spirit, a Spiritualist Church in Lily Dale, NY. In addition, I am a Certified Metaphysician.

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Listed since: Nov 8, 2011


You will immediately feel comfortable with Jeannine - my first reading and she thoroughly explained her background, what psychic mediumship is and what to expect. I learned some very important things about events in my past and that they have deeper meaning than I realized. Also, she tapped into a business I had been contemplating but was ready to give up on it but the spirit guide informed me differently! Worth every minute of your time and every penny and then some. Thanks Jeannine!
I was in total awe after receiving my reading. I am no longer a skeptic as far as readings go. Jeannine Bakriges was amazing! I will recommend her to everyone.
I have a lot of familiarity with mediumship and spiritualism, and was excited to try someone new. Jenny did not disappoint. She is incredibly professional and ethical. This reading could not have come at a more perfect time. There was so much validation and I was provided so much peace. She is truly gifted. Her delivery is authentic and kind. There is a comfort and closeness, even though it was over the phone. I am truly grateful for making this new connection!
I had a wonderful reading today! She took her time to make sure I understood everything in the reading. I had so many parts of life I was uncertain with, and she Clairified so much.I thank her for sharing her special gift and look forward to future readings.
My father passed away last fall on his way home from a spiritual retreat. Shortly afterwards, a mutual friend recommended Jeannine to me during an especially wonderful sound healing. I had my Tarot cards read years ago and had never met with a medium (and so much more!). I'm grateful for the chance to work with Jeannine. Many important clarifications, phrases, lessons, and opportunities, came to the surface, which I will cherish learning from over time.
Very gifted and spiritually enlightened. Definitely recommend a reading with her.
I had an amazing reading today with Jenny. Her approach as a psychic medium made my experience invaluable. Jenny is kind-hearted, humble, honest and generous and I will definitely seek her assistance in the future. Thank you again Jenny.
My friend recommended Jenny and the session was amazing, so helpful and insightful, brutally honest and deeply revealing. Thank you so much Jenny for your beautiful work. I connected to some ancestors who gave me strength, courage and devotion to an awareness of living more fully in the present moment. I cannot say enough good things. Many blessings.
I had a reading with Jenny this weekend and was pleasantly surprised by how generous she was with her time. She was kind, compassionate, and seemed to truly want to help bring clarification and insight into my questions. I would highly recommend her!
Jenny was spot on! She was very accurate, helpful, and wise. I think good psychics are rare and she definitely has that gift. Not only that, but she was very patient and respectful. She is also honest which I greatly appreciate. and delivers spirit messages in a way that is clear, insightful and motivating. Definitely get a reading with her!
Jennie came recommended to me by two friend's, one of whom, had recently lost relative as had I. While Jennie did emphasize that she could not "dial a spirit" I am so glad that she was able to put me in contact with my late father. Her reading gave me peace in knowing that he is surrounded by love and in a good place. She also helped me to understand some unsettling experiences I had with the dying process. Thank you Jennie for sharing your gift and your assistance in helping me to move forward.
Jenny's reading was startling for the accurate details she communicated from my deceased parents, specifics about objects, my brother and my husband that were known by only them and me. There is more to say but space here is limited. She is so earnest, dedicated to her work for the sake of others and generous with her time. Jenny is a person who radiates light and intelligence. Her reading was truly a gift.
Jenny has an amazing gift. I came into my reading with a lot of uncertainty and she was able to provide me with amazing insight into certain situations in my life.I learned more about myself and my family. I will never forget it.
Jenny is very honest and seems to really want to help others and not just make a buck which unfortunately is a rarity these days. Her reading was very insightful, helpful and blew my mind in a number of a number of ways. And if you're looking for a enlightening, accurate and affordable reading, Jenny is definitely the one for you.
My best friend had just lost her husband unexpectedly and had so many unanswered questions. I graciously ask Jenny if she could listen in on the conversation. To surprise all of us her husband was able to come through and give her the answers and confirmations she really needs to heal from her tragic loss. Jenny was so sensitive but still able to get the intensity of her husbands emotions across to Katie. Thanks so much Jenny for this amazing gift to my dear friend Katie.
Jeannine is AMAZING, to say the least.I had a reading with her last week and I didn't tell her my Husband was in the room listening, but My Husbands Mother and Father came through loud and clear and they had plenty of information for the both of us that no way would anyone else know. I heard from both of my parents and other family members as well, and I have to say, my Dad really filled my heart, all because of Jeannine. I most definitely will be having future readings. Love her !!
Amazing she is def it! So thankful for the information knew things nobody would have possibly know. Well worth the money and the some.
I had my first ever reading and it was with Jenny. Although I was hesitant at first, after talking with her I was immediately put at ease. I cannot say enough how this reading lifted burdens and worries off of my shoulders and truly gave me the hope and peace in my life that I truly needed. I was pleasantly surprised at the way it just flowed and how professional and compassionate Jenny truly is. I will have another reading in a few months and am looking forward to it! I highly recommend her!
Jenny is a very gifted and caring individual. I've had readings over the years, and she is exceptional in her abilities to relay the messages from our loved ones and guides. She was spot on and I am still amazed at what she shared and how she communicated it. I hung up the phone feeling very loved and very inspired. I highly recommend Jenny!
I highly recommend having a session with Jenny. She is gifted, but she is also a person of kindness and integrity. I am in awe of her work and grateful too. Messages from family members, loved ones, and greater insight into one's own gifts and purpose in this lifetime....there is just so much she shared! Many thanks!
Jeannine is truly a warm, kind, compassionate soul. She's gifted with the ability to see and bring forth messages from those past and those still present. Her gentle words soothed my uncertainty, and now I feel like I can freely go forward on my own mission. Thank you Jeannine. I look forward to our next encounter. I wish you the same peacefulness you've gifted to me. Namaste.
I've never had a reading before and this was a very positive experience ! The things Jenny said- there's no way at all she would know those things. I communicated with not only family members but even spirits related to my friends and family. I just made an appt for my father as I think this is a great spiritual experience!
This was my first experience with a medium reading and I couldn't have asked for a better one. Jenny was compassionate, empathetic and intuitive. She provided great insight into my life and I was able to work towards some healing through this reading. I have recommended her to friends and family!
After losing my husband and wanting to connect, I decided to have my first reading. I chose Jenny because she was a classmate of mine growing up and I read her wonderful reviews. She did not disappoint. I have always been a believer and her reading confirmed that belief. She was able to connect with many family members and left me with a feeling of comfort knowing my loved ones are still with me. She is sincere and professional and her abilities are truly amazing. Really amazing!!
I had my first reading with Jenny yesterday, she is compassionate relays messages with complete clarity, and is amazing at what she does. She hit all the points I had thought about before going into the reading and then some. Over the course of my life I have had dozens of readings but Jenny's was by far the best. I highly recommend a reading from her.
As a fellow minister I had some doubts--mainly because of the hokey portrayal of psychics and mediums by pop-culture and the entertainment industry. However, my experience with Jenny was nothing short of miraculous. She is an immensely talented person with and extraordinary gift. She was professional and thorough in her introductory explanation of what to expect during the reading and set clear parameters for what was to come. I am very satisfied with my experience. Thanks Jenny!
A New Year's gift, that is what my reading with Jenny was to my life and soul. Jenny is warm, fun, genuine and precise. I am no stranger to readings and Jenny nailed it on all accounts. She had names, circumstances and incredible insight for all situations. Jenny is very compassionate and it was healing to hear messages from the other side and to hear what to possibly look for in the future. I am still euphoric from our conversation and will be carrying that feeling into the New Year.
Jenny' reading brought great knowledge, comfort and love to me at a difficult time. Many of the things she said are explained in no other way other then I was receiving messages from loved ones passed on. I highly recommend her services. She is empathetic, knowledgable, trusting and ethical. I look forward to future readings and am excited to have other loved ones make appointments with Jenny so they can have the same wonderful experience as I had.
Just finished my reading with Jenny and it was incredible. I had been waiting for over 2 months for my reading and was a bit nervous about it, however Jenny was professional, thorough and extremely warm making for a very comfortable experience. I honestly cannot believe how spot on she was, even relaying information to me in a way that I would say it myself. This was a life-changing experience and I highly recommend Jenny - she is amazing!
After having consulted with 2 other psychics, I found Jenny and she was wonderful. I have not stop listening to my recording. Getting ready to schedule another session and giving some away as xnmas gifts. Thanks Jenny!


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