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Jeannine Bakriges

Jeannine Bakriges
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$50 for 30-minute reading; $100 for hour-long reading

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I have facilitated Psychic Mediumship and Tarot readings for clients throughout the U.S., as well as internationally. Sessions are available via Skype and phone. Readings can be recorded and e-mailed as a convenient MP3 audio file. All readings are given in Love and Light, ethically relayed with honesty and compassion, and are as accurate and clear as possible. I'm a fully Ordained Spiritualist Minister of Fellowships of the Spirit, a Spiritualist Church in Lily Dale, NY. In addition, I am a Certified Metaphysician.

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Listed since: Nov 8, 2011


Jennie was amazing. I got the answer if the one question I have been seeking the answer to. I can now move on to just missing my Dad instead of questioning how thought. Although somethings were difficult to understand everything I was seeking was answered. Thanks Jennie You are Amazing
Today I had an extraordinary reading with Jenny. My friends gifted me a 30 minute session for my birthday. Jenny went over an hour delivering messages to me from my loved ones. She reassured me that she wanted to me to hear all of their messages and no one would be charged for the additional time. Jenny's messages were so accurate and helped me to heal knowing that my loved ones are at piece and are still a part of my life. I highly recommend Jenny, she is a terrific medium.
Jenny’s reading was amazing! So amazing I am scheduling another reading. If you are thinking of getting I highly recommend her.
Jenny came recommended to me by my sister and the reading was one the best experiences I have had. She is kind and genuine. She sets up her reading explaining her practice and is incredibly ethical She provided peace and guidance to me. I would recommend her to anyone look forward to another reading!
Jeannine came highly recommended by another practitioner. While I've been to many group readings, this was my first individual reading. I am so blessed and grateful to have had this experience. Jeannine is professional, ethical, extremely knowledgeable and highly connected. My reading touched my heart, gave me pause and provided direction and guidance. I will be back for more! Thank you, Jeanine!
Jeannine did a reading for our family a few days ago and it was the most beautiful thing we ever heard. She is gifted and trustworthy. Thank you Jeannine for your reading, we hope to do it again one day! Thank you for inspiring us to do so!!!!
A friend had recommended a reading with Jeanine before I finally made an appointment. I was so amazed by all that I learned, I thought my friend must have told Jeanine my story before the reading! I loved it and immediately wanted to talk with her again! She was truly amazing...
I am very grateful for the meeting with Jenny. It was very healing to be able to hear again from family members that have crossed over. The gift of this reading continues to unfold. Jenny is a gifted, ethical and enlightened teacher. Thanks also to Bob Olson recommending for her on Afterlife TV.
Jeannine is a blessing to work with. For those of you who can appreciate that the universe is greater than our understanding of it, a session with Jeannine will dramatically grow that appreciation you have in profound ways. Her ability in interpreting the language of higher-beings and tarot cards so comprehensibly is mind-boggling. As a result, I've walked away with a more beautiful worldview, and have developed a more genuine connection with the souls that have come before and after me.
I was so excited to call Jenny, hoping to hear from my relatives and getting some direction for my life. Her reading was amazing!! My mother, grandmother and stepmother came through. She was spot on with everything going on with my life. She even told me to stop speeding ( I got pulled over a couple of weeks ago- ha!). My guides told her all the things that I had interest in and gave suggestions to guide me to where my interests lie. I can't wait to call her again!!! The Real Deal!!!
I recently had a first-time reading with Jenny, and I found her very kind and helpful. She was decisive with her suggestions as to what would help me reach my goals. Everything she said was so positive and uplifting. I also loved the numerology she incorporated into the reading. A real bonus! Jenny never made me feel rushed and was very generous with her time.
Jeannine's reading was mind blowing! Upon calling I was both excited and nervous about the reading. The further the conversation went the more the things she was saying began to resonate with me and things that relate to my life. She mentioned things that there was no way she could have known about me without me telling her myself. This truly confirms for me that the advice and answers she gives for the questions I give come from a spiritual place beyond this physical realm. Absolutely amazing!
She was amazing. I had chills while I had my reading.
Wonderful reading,,, and the amazing things she told me and was guiding me through my future endeavors is amazing! I would recommend her to anyone who wants guidance and clarification with their past present and future
What a wonderful experience. My friend had spoken highly of Jenny over the years. The family members I connected with were a pleasant surprise. What a wonderful feeling to hear from them and feel their love again. Jenny was so amazing. Loved everything about her. Looking forward to a reading again.
I could hardly wait until 5:00 to call Jenny last Sunday. I had two photos sitting by me and those two loved ones came through loud and clear. It was an emotional reading and Jenny relayed things that I have needed to hear for years. My soul is lighter. I enjoyed every moment of my reading and encourage everyone to take an hour(+) of their day!
Jeannine and I had a 90 minute reading on the phone and she completely nailed it. It was uncanny how she heard the voice of someone I lost and communicated in a way that completely rang true, giving me a much needed sense of peace. It was an offering of calm and love in a time of unrest and distress. I am so grateful.
Jeannine knew exactly what she was talking about. I have had reading with quite a few people and i will never use anyone else again. She told me an hours worth of heart felt things she would have never knew about; things that she never should have known. I truley believe in her gifts and will definitely speak with her again. Although, I paid for her services, I feel Jeannine gave me a gift of a lifetime.
I had a phone reading with Jenny, just today. My son recommended Jenny - I am processing what Jenny has revealed, and expect to be considering and re-listening to our conversation in the days / months to come. I was stunned to learn that what Jenny had shared at the conclusion of our conversation, was manifest in an email that was waiting for me. Thank you Jenny for offering me the tools to move forward - I will call you again. Much love.
I recently had a reading with Jeannine & it was an exceptional experience! I had no idea what to expect, but was in no way disappointed. She was very accurate, even when there were things that didn't connect at the time, she told me that they would come to me and they have. She was very compassionate & honest, even with things that I wasn't prepared to hear. She is the real deal. I learned a lot, about myself, my family & my departed family. Many, many thanks to you, Jenny!
My best friend recommended that I have a reading with Jenny. It was amazing, Jenny is amazing! She is so very professional and gifted...the reading answerered many questions for me and made me feel at ease. I am still in awe over everything that Jenny conveyed to me that day...and I truly cannot wait for my next reading with her! Thank you so much, Jenny!
You will immediately feel comfortable with Jeannine - my first reading and she thoroughly explained her background, what psychic mediumship is and what to expect. I learned some very important things about events in my past and that they have deeper meaning than I realized. Also, she tapped into a business I had been contemplating but was ready to give up on it but the spirit guide informed me differently! Worth every minute of your time and every penny and then some. Thanks Jeannine!
I was in total awe after receiving my reading. I am no longer a skeptic as far as readings go. Jeannine Bakriges was amazing! I will recommend her to everyone.
I have a lot of familiarity with mediumship and spiritualism, and was excited to try someone new. Jenny did not disappoint. She is incredibly professional and ethical. This reading could not have come at a more perfect time. There was so much validation and I was provided so much peace. She is truly gifted. Her delivery is authentic and kind. There is a comfort and closeness, even though it was over the phone. I am truly grateful for making this new connection!
I had a wonderful reading today! She took her time to make sure I understood everything in the reading. I had so many parts of life I was uncertain with, and she Clairified so much.I thank her for sharing her special gift and look forward to future readings.
My father passed away last fall on his way home from a spiritual retreat. Shortly afterwards, a mutual friend recommended Jeannine to me during an especially wonderful sound healing. I had my Tarot cards read years ago and had never met with a medium (and so much more!). I'm grateful for the chance to work with Jeannine. Many important clarifications, phrases, lessons, and opportunities, came to the surface, which I will cherish learning from over time.
Very gifted and spiritually enlightened. Definitely recommend a reading with her.
I had an amazing reading today with Jenny. Her approach as a psychic medium made my experience invaluable. Jenny is kind-hearted, humble, honest and generous and I will definitely seek her assistance in the future. Thank you again Jenny.
My friend recommended Jenny and the session was amazing, so helpful and insightful, brutally honest and deeply revealing. Thank you so much Jenny for your beautiful work. I connected to some ancestors who gave me strength, courage and devotion to an awareness of living more fully in the present moment. I cannot say enough good things. Many blessings.
I had a reading with Jenny this weekend and was pleasantly surprised by how generous she was with her time. She was kind, compassionate, and seemed to truly want to help bring clarification and insight into my questions. I would highly recommend her!


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