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Jeannine Bakriges
Jeannine Bakriges


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$50 for 30-minute reading; $100 for hour-long reading

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I have facilitated Psychic Mediumship and Tarot readings for clients throughout the U.S., as well as internationally. Sessions are available via Skype and phone. Readings can be recorded and e-mailed as a convenient MP3 audio file. All readings are given in Love and Light, ethically relayed with honesty and compassion, and are as accurate and clear as possible. I'm a fully Ordained Spiritualist Minister of Fellowships of the Spirit, a Spiritualist Church in Lily Dale, NY. I am a Certified Metaphysician, as well as being a Certified Psychic Medium.

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Listed since: Nov 8, 2011


Jenny is kind, caring, authentic, and insightful. My reading with her validated my strengths and capacities ... and she also had a strong knowledge about opportunities for growth as well as possible pitfalls to avoid. I felt a real sense of strength and positive energy after my meeting with her. I recommend her highly!
I've had several readings with Jenny and they have all been strikingly insightful and helpful -- she presents insights and messages from spirit/a larger field of consciousness with both compassion and straightforwardness, and there have always been points that I have found immediately applicable in my life. I'm been left moved and open-hearted by my consultations with her each time. She's the real deal, highly recommended.
She was amazing! Highly recommend she was spot on with everything going on in my life and other aspects. No way she could of known anything! Especially getting an answer to a question I needed to hear. Thank you so much for everything!
My reading with Jenny was moving. The details that came forward gave me chills. Her supportive and positive disposition put me at ease and clarified how her process works. I was so relieved to get clarity and peace of mind around some sticky situations. I cannot recommend Jenny enough. The long wait for my reading was well worth it and I will be back again.
I did not know what to expect as this was given to me as a gift. I found it helpful and surprisingly accurate. I am still digesting all the information. I cried and I laughed as all the raw emotions came to the surface. I would try again to get a further understanding of what I have learned and heard. Thank you!
An incredible first reading! Jenny is truly gifted and brings so much love and warmth into the sacred space you share with her. She thoroughly explains the processes and brings you into the most comfortable and enlightening atmosphere you could ever experience. Her honesty and compassion coupled with her gentle conveyance of messages from spirit and ancestors made the reading amazing. She was so accurate with details about my life, which gave me a deeper understanding! I highly recommend her!
A friend of mine suggested a reading with Jeannine and I took advantage of the opportunity. I was very glad I did. The hour passed too quickly, full of fascinating tidbits that will be food for thought for a long time to come.
My husband and I had a reading with Jenny that was incredibly accurate and healing. I appreciated that she took the time to explain the process, and to make sure that we were comfortable as this was a first reading for both of us. She is gentle and thoughtful as she conveys messages, while also ethically sharing information as it presents to her. Our meeting with her was life changing and provided clarity and deeper understanding. She is fabulous!!
I've had the pleasure of receiving readings from Jenny for many years now. Their accuracy and guidance has continuously pointed me towards answers/directions that I needed to go. Jenny's joyful personality and beautiful connection with Spirit makes readings feel like talking to a dear friend. Even when we hear things we'd rather not in a reading, Jenny conveys them directly and with grace. She's a kind and wonderful person with a gift from Spirit.
What an amazing experience! Jenny eased my mind about so many things and did so in a calm and soothing way. The information she gave me was accurate and understandable. There are some things I will think about for a long time as well as be aware. Jenny was definitely what I needed at this time of my life.
I had the pleasure tonight to have a reading from Jenny. She had so many accurate details of my life. She was able to connect with some of my loved ones and their responses showed me that they have been with me since their passing. It was very comforting to hear from family members that have passed and knowing they were in a good place. I would highly recommend Jenny for a reading. She will amaze you!!!! Thank you Jenny
I have had several readings with Jenny and she never ceases to amaze me with her abilities. She is a genuine and kind person and spending time with her is like spending time with an old friend. I am so happy I was introduced to her!
Jenny is a very special person. She is gentle in spirit and compassionate in her role as a bridge for Spirit. I understand completely why her readings are so spot on. She is generous and compassionate in how she communicates the messages that are specifically for you. I met Jenny in 2016 and since that day I have scheduled a once annual reading. The guidance and healing energy she offers during a reading is truly a gift. I am so grateful for you--Jenny.
The anticipation of a reading ways heavy on your mind before it happens. Rest assured Jeannine is well prepared for you. Her explanation of what will occur during the reading is an A+ quality. I can honestly say I felt the warmth of love surrounded me by my loved ones that have passed. Remember to be open to all of it. Jeannine is the best!
Jenny is so loving and gifted, and she brings all of herself to be with you in the sacred space you create together. She brought through details that helped me make sense of and heal family dynamics and ancestral traumas, and illuminated current life situations with inspiring and encouraging information from the broader, loving perspective of Spirit. She is plugged in, present, and honest, and is the real deal when it comes to this service. Also possesses a great sense of humor. Super reader.
My partner has had several readings with Jenny over years, which by no exaggeration, have been revelatory experiences for him. Inspired by my partner’s very positive experiences, yesterday I had a reading with Jenny via Skype, which proved to be equally illuminating. Jenny has a an extraordinary gift, which is genuine, and conveyed with sensitivity, compassion and respect for all concerned. Jenny was very generous with her time, and we were able to cover a lot of ground. Many thanks Jenny!
I had a very healing session with Jenny and I also schedule one for my husband who had a chance to connect with his father which was much needed. Jenny is a gift here on earth for us to help with guidance on our journey from guides and she delivers it very happily and with ease and professionalism. She is an amazing teacher and I felt very comfortable on all topics. She has a very loving energy and truly wants to help us all. Thank you Jenny for all that you do to serve others.
My reading was such an incredible and meaningful experience and Jeannine was amazing. She took the time to explain her processes and how her interactions with spirit would come through during the reading. There was no doubt that she was connected because the information was absolutely correct and addressed issues that she would have had absolutely no knowledge of. My questions were answered, guidance was given and I loved the entire experience. Jeannine is most definitely a gifted psychic.
I had a phone reading with Jenny the other day. It was absolutely amazing. I had never had a reading with her and it blew my mind. Jenny was spot on. She did my numbers and that was quite revealing. Family members came thru during the reading, Questions were answered. And Jenny’s delivery of the messages was fantastic. Truely the best medium I have done a reading with and I will do more. Also several affirmations came thru from deceased family members that no one but me would have known about.
I have been receiving psychic readings from Jeannine for years. She was not my first psychic reading when I met her. What Jeannine brought to our reading was amazing and no one but family could have known these things and some of the information only I could have known. I feel blessed to have found her. Jeannine's readings bring clarity and comfort to my soul. I feel blessed to have found her.
Jenny came to my house and gave a reading to 3 of my family member including myself and I found her to be very genuine. She was so compassionate and patient and explained the whole process to us. After the reading was over I had such a feeling of happiness and relief that I felt through out my body and soul. Thank you Jenny for all you do~
I have been going to Jeannine for readings for at least 10 years! She has always been respectful, kind and understanding each and every time. She always looks for the higher and greater good for yourself ~ and those you are concerned about. Personally she has helped me to see what may be needed fir my health ~ of course guided through my guides and Spirit ~ she is the best at what she does! Lucky to have her in my life!!
I was a little nervous because I never had a reading before. Jenny made me feel comfortable immediately and comfortable enough that later on in the reading as she was helping me with a very painful part of my life I let go and started sobbing. She is compassionate and loving, I highly recommend her.
1July2021, twelve noon, phone rings, it’s Jenny, right on scheduled time. Her voice, her words, were as calming and serene as the soothing sound of a wind chime, but it was her reading, it was spot on. It was as if she new me all her life and we were old friends, yet, she gave me so many things to think of and wonder about... Such as, two children recently born, one on the east coast, the other the west coast, one by C~section and how they would meet in the future. Don’t know how, but they will.
I am impressed with Jenny. Very impressed! This was my second reading, but it will NOT be my last. I have left each reading with many things to reflect and think about and frankly she knew things that proved to me that she had insight from family members that are passed. I credit her for helping me through some very difficult things and feel if you are at all "on the fence" you need to try this and experience it for yourself.
Jenny is super compassionate and very generous with her time. She is very transparent about what she does, how she does it, and clear about the boundaries of her services. She delves into an area as needed and provides clarity when requested. I am very grateful for the time I've had with Jenny and the insight she has provided to me.
Jenny is wonderful. I have had 2 readings with her and she has shared very meaningful messages with me from close family members I have lost. She is able to communicate clearly with the other side and offers thought-provoking insights into my life as well. I appreciate her candor and that her loving spirit is always at the forefront of every message. Thank you Jenny.
I had a reading with Jeannine and found her to be extremely professional. She responded quickly, explained the process clearly and was very generous with her time. She was compassionate, but gave me information as she understood it, without sugar coating anything, which I completely appreciated. I found her to be fair, honest, kind and accurate and would book another reading with her.
Jenny is extremely thorough in explaining the process of her readings. She's open, fair, honest and fosters a genuine feeling. I love that she pulls from her many sources and appreciated what she had to offer. I absolutely resonated with everything she said. A huge thank you to you Jenny. You have a true gift and I could talk to you for hours.
My daughter and I had a session with Jenny. She is genuinely kind and caring, and I loved her sense of humor and the insight she gave us from the other side. I know that after I have a chance to process all of the bits of information she gave us, I can use them in a wise and mindful manner. I highly recommend Jenny, and intend to buy sessions for several friends that I believe could use a boost from the wisdom she shares. Thank you!


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