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I specialize in spiritual life coaching, providing each of my clients with an in-depth reading to assist them on their life journey.

My abilities are as a Medium, Empath, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance and Remote Viewing.

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My abilities were innate from birth. I hear, feel and I see. As far back as I remember, I have always had these abilities. I have over 40 years experience.

My chosen method of communication is by telephone. You can schedule an appointment with me online at:

All readings are conducted by phone. Rest assure that your privacy is very important to me and I in no way, would ever breach that trust.

-- To prepare for your reading, please write down the question[s] that you would like to ask and have them with you when I call you for your scheduled appointment.

-- Please phrase your questions with as little information as possible. I don't need OR want details. They will know what is in your heart and on your mind and they will answer you with the message you are suppose to receive.

-- Please allow the time you set aside to be quiet and uninterrupted. This is important so you can get the most out of your reading.

-- If you have the ability to record our call, please feel free to do so. If not, please have pen and paper in hand so you can take notes for yourself as the messages come through.


I take my spiritual work very seriously. If you are interested in where you have been, where you are now and the path that you are on to bring joy into your life, then I am here to assist you. The average reading usually takes 45 minutes to one hour. I look forward to our time together.

Listed since: Jun 17, 2008


I recently had a reading with Lacy. First, she is the sweetest person and easy to talk to. She picked up on issues going on in my life. She took my anxiety away. Thank you so much Lacy!!!
Validating experience. I really resonated with the things Lacy told me, and one of the images she saw (the most important one to me from the reading: an old oil lamp) appeared in my friends living room the very next day … after I prayed for a sign :) So interesting! I’m just diving into my own spiritual journey and this reading was a quest in the right direction! Loved it.
I was blown away with Lacy's reading.She picked up on specific details that I had not told her anything ahead of the reading.Moreover, I was impressed because prior to the reading, she went into detail to explain what to expect from the reading, thus setting up realistic outcomes. As she told me, "I cannot predict the future, as I can only tell you what I am reading in real time." A true professional. Contact Lacy if you are seeking a true psychic. Ricardo Reading given on 10/6/2022
Met with Lacy for the first time recently. She was the first psychic/clairvoyant I'd ever met with. Absolutely wonderful person. She was incredibly insightful and charming. I paid for a 1 hour session and we ended up talking for 2 hours. She didn't even charge me for the extra hour. She is the real thing and isn't just doing the work for the money. I found her insights and messages from the spirits to be very reassuring and truthful. I highly recommend her!
Lacy is absolutely amazing, and so accurate! Without me saying anything she answered the main question I was worried about. Gave me the answers I needed to carry on and be at peace. She is a beautiful soul and so caring. I feel so much better, she gave me the clarity that I needed. Thank you Lacy!
Lacy is wonderful. She really brought forth information that gave me clarity for all going on in my life right now. She is kind, funny and highly accurate with relaying the information coming through. I'll definitely use her again.
Lacy is such a kind soul who views life with a great sense of humor. She'll make you smile as she communicates with her spirit guides to relay their messages. She has such a wonderful insight on any topic and circumstances that surround you. If you're looking for clarity from a gifted psychic and incredible life coach, trust in Lacy. She can really help you!
Lacy is patient, kind, thorough, professional, perceptive, honest and a true spiritual warrior for Truth and The True Light. She has a knowing in navigativing the complexities of this world(seen or unseen)with its projections of darkness and deceit. I am grateful and relieved i was guided appropriately to her and Will be scheduling another talk with her. This is a good investment and worth the time. Thank you.
Lacy helped bring clarity to the situations I am struggling with. She gave me answers to questions I had in ways that helped me understand myself better and also put the situations in better perspective. My reading allowed me to see that there are positive paths you can take if the one you are in is not quite working. I enjoyed the reading and I am grateful to Lacy for her gift and passing it on to help others.
This is my first experience with a psychic. I chose Lacy because of all the positive reviews she has. Lacy made sure I was very comfortable with the process before we started. Nothing was rushed and her ability to communicate with Spirit was genuine. I was amazed at the detail and information that Lacy was able to share with me during our session. I felt my loved one was happy to be involved in our session and I felt such peace afterwards. Thank you Lacy! I look forward to your assistance again.
I had a reading with Lacy on 6/11/20 after an inner prompting to get a reading and was lucky to schedule one the same day. Immediately, I felt comfortable with Lacy and she explained information in such a way that it was clear. I felt that her information was accurate and I heard what I needed to, whether or not it was what I expected. For my highest good. I intend to contact her again and highly recommend her. Her heart is pure.
Lacy was amazing. She gave me insights and advice from my deceased mother which were motivating, inspiring and very helpful. It was a comforting session.
First: Lacy is Real Deal & you will not be disappointed! she readily, steadfastly, compassionately uses her abilities so you will get answers to what you need here or info from loved ones other side. My mother passed away & I cldn't bare: the thought of not talking to her, not knowing if she was okay w/ everything, needing advice how i should proceed etc. My mom talked to me thru Lacy & I heard ALL that i needed. Love n Gratitude! esp to Lacy who fit me in & called me on hotel phone. THANKYOU!
I had a reading with Lacy recently. I was amazed. Lacy was also the kindest, sweetest person. I asked a simple question and she nailed the whole situation and what I was feeling. Without me saying a word. She gave me advice and even shared something about herself. Thank you Lacy so much.
Lacy is excellent in her skill! I've had two readings with her and came away with many insights and a lot of comfort from my loved ones who came through each time. Life is much brighter for me since the readings!
Lacy is the real deal! Not only is she accurate and gifted, receiving true messages from her spirit guides on the other side, but she is loving and kind as well. She gives you the honest insight and motivation that you need. Life makes more sense after speaking with Lacy. God bless you, are amazing!
Lacy has read for me for 4 years. What amazes me is she connects with my late spouse, who did not believe in psychics and has given messages that Lacy had no way of knowing. Lacy even mentioned the name of someone my spouse sent to me to help me, a lady named Jean. I have never had a friend named Jean in my life while I was married. Because of this Lacy has steered me away from insincere people, people with hidden agenda that did not benefit me and more. I will continue using her services.
This is my third reading with Lacy. She has been very accurate, even about some small details. She does not want nor need much info from you, just the general area of interest. She is compassionate and understanding and shows wisdom in her guidance. Highly recommend!
This was the first time Lacy had read for me... I WAS SIMPLY IN AWE! From the start she was spot on with no information from me. She was soooo kind and felt like someone I had known for years. Though this time with her wasn't in my budget, the time spent with her was absolutely priceless! Thank you... you're phenomenal Lacy and I'll refer other, and be back myself.
I have had many psychic readings in my life, but my reading with Lacy Davis was amazing- no other word to describe it. She is the real deal- she immediately knew things about major life decisions (without me telling her) and was extremely helpful in providing information in order to help me move forward. She also made me aware that a very dear relative who recently passed is still with me. She absolutely is connected and i highly recommend her. You won’t regret it! Thank you so much Lacy!!
Lacy is so amazing! She made me feel totally at ease and answered my questions in full detail and helped put my fears to rest. She is 100% authentic and I highly recommend her to anyone that is struggling or needs true guidance. I can't wait to schedule my next reading! Thank you again!
I was very impressed with my call with Lacy she makes you feel comfortable and explains everything in very good detail. She told me a lot about my life and what things I needed to start fixing. Although the person I wanted to come through was not there the information she did provide was very accurate. She also was very nice and straight forward with the information she was receiving. I will defiantly be scheduling another appointment with her in the future.
I feel like I have a new friend in Lacy. She was so connected to me through her reading. She knew things only loved ones on the other side could have known. She put my heart at ease about things that have caused me much stress lately. I feel like I can now move on my life journey and find peace.
My reading with Lacy was unbelievable. Her accuracy was uncanny! I would without reservation recommend her to anyone regardless of ur spiritual beliefs. Thanks Lacy!
I had a reading tonight with Lacy and was so impressed with her. I have never had a reading before and didn't know what to expect. Lacy talked with me for at least 15 minutes and explained how she worked. She was able to talk to my family on the other side and set my mind at ease about a lot of things I had been worrying about. She gave me advice and counsel that I needed and helped me feel better about issues that have gone on for years. She was supportive and kind and I so appreciate her
Lacey was wonderful, knew things that I did not tell her. She truly has a god given gift. I feel better about my situation, only time will tell on full accuracy but she is definitely an inspired person.
Right from the start Lacy explained how she does her reading & I found her to be very honest & sincere. As for my psychic reading, it was absolutely the best! I was able to connect with loved ones that have passed & was able to zero in on my health issues. I was able to connect & get clarity on issues. I am very grateful that I spoke with Lacy. She is truly gifted in abilities to communicate & decipher messages to & from the spirit world to help people. She truly cares. Thanks much Lacy!!!
This was my first reading with Lacy and I was blown away the details of my family members that have passed was insanely accurate and she really cares about and wants to help people. I will defiantly be getting another reading and recommending her to all my friends. Thank you so much lacy
Speaking with Lacey was amazing! What she told me was very accurate even the things I didn't understand at the time, but wrote down in my notes. After the reading and speaking with my family, they gave me information that I didn't know and the pieces of the puzzle started coming together. I will definitely be calling her again.
My first experience with Lacy was also my first experience with any type of psychic medium. I always wanted to believe in the after life and believe that my deceased father was still around but i had an ounce of doubt. Tonight cleared it all up for me. She was cery accurate. I had a 30 minute reading and now i wish that I had booked a longer one. I look forward to booking another session. . Thank you Ms. Lacy for helping me begin to heal .


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