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Lacy Davis

I specialize in spiritual life coaching providing each of my clients with an indepth reading to assist them on their life journey. My abilities are as a Medium, Empath, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance and Remote...
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Betty Pegues

As a professional psychic I offer insight and guidance to those seeking clarity and direction in their life and with people who seek to understand and open up to their own spiritual gifts and awakening. I do this by intuitively receiving messages from your angels and spirit guides along with the use of oracle and nontraditional tarot card decks. A reading with me is not just about seeking and receiving guidance and answers; it’s a...
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Cheryl Phillips

I provide powerful high integrity readings with detailed information. My objective is to provide an enjoyable, comfortable, and informative experience for you. During the reading, as I focus my attention on you, I am able to receive information about your relationships, family, and just life in general. Most importantly, you will receive the peace of mind that those passed on are never really far away and their love is all around...
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Jeannette Smith

Hello! Are you looking for some guidance or answers to important life questions to help you on your journey? Are you wanting to reconnect with your loved ones who have crossed over? If so, I can help you. I am a psychic and a natural born spiritual medium with 15 years of professional experience helping others through psychic & mediumship readings. I also teach courses and workshops throughout the year to guide and teach others how to unfold...
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Shelley Duffy

Shelley is a renowned Psychic/Medium and has been working professionally since 1997, using her gifts to help people from all walks of life. Her abilities have been with her since childhood and they run in her family, however she is the only one in her family to do this type of work....that she knows of. :) She is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. Since 2006 she has been recommended by World Famous Medium James Van Praagh on...
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Sharon DeBartolo Carmack

Sharon is an internationally known Spiritualist medium and teacher. She is the only advanced academic Diploma holder in the United States awarded by the Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU) in the U.K. She is also a Certificate holder in platform demonstrating and inspirational speaking awarded by the SNUi. She has studied under a number of award-holding Spiritualist mediums, but her primary tutors have been Margaret Challenger, CSNU, and Paul...
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