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A full range of readings are available such as Crystal Ball, Tarot, African Shell, Playing Cards, Colour Aura for love, romance, twin flames, career, family, and more for £180 - £250

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+44 7801567846


Samantha Hamilton, internationally recognised Psychic: As Seen on TV,
I am available for same-day readings; feel free to Whatsapp or call me on +44 7801567846

I was born with the gift of psychic development and mediumship. Due to my spiritual background, I am able to tune into your vibrational energy so I specialise in Love and Romance readings. My ability to see your life path and destiny is unparalleled. My work has been featured on TV and in Harrods' Urban Retreat.

My career as a psychic began in 1980. These gifts are the product of my Jamaican heritage. I am endowed with the gifts of clairaudience (psychic hearing), clairsentience (psychic feeling), claircognisance (psychic knowing), clairvoyance, and mediumship. Because of my heritage, I have been blessed with gifts that span many congenial generations.

For years, I have been sharing wisdom and knowledge with others, but since the age of seven, I have also been communicating with spirits. With my mediumship, I can answer all your questions about love and relationships.

The Sunday Express carried my Spiritual Psychic column every week, which made me the first psychic of Afro-Caribbean descent to write a column in the UK. I was able to share my light with everyday people all over the world. Many people, including celebrities, have asked me for readings.

My home is the United Kingdom, and I have been able to work with clients to improve their past-life connections, to develop a holistic gateway and to be a life coach, an astrologer, and a Reiki healer. Working with crystals is my personal passion, since they resonate with me strongly. My Crystal Ball gives me an insight into your past, present, and future.
Colour therapy allows me to perceive a person's auric field and energy vibration. This is useful for me, since it allows me to gain a deeper understanding of their past and how their present situation may play out.

I am clairaudient, which means I hear names, birth dates, and specific information about the person I am tapping into. I can reveal who is coming into your life, and what changes they will bring; whether they will improve or change your situation. The skill of claircognisance allows me to see pictures, sometimes from the past and sometimes from the present.

I design quilts and work with African fabrics in my free time. I trained as a fashion designer in my youth, and I currently appear regularly on international television. I believe that I transmit messages from spirit through my creative art. A person's clothing tells a story. Green and pink, for example, heal the heart, red increases strength, and orange can change the direction of your life.

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Those seeking spiritual growth can find guidance from me as they embark on their next stage. I will help you let go of unhelpful thinking patterns, release trapped emotions, and overcome obstacles that are holding you back from fulfilling your goals through holistic and intuitive channeling.

Listed since: Dec 22, 2009


I have had many readings from Sam, she is excellent and very accurate with her readings. She is the best she psychic I have had the pleasure of meeting, her readings have helped me in a very difficult time in my life and helped to give me focus and reassurance. I would highly recommend Sam.
I had a fantastic reading with this Lady. She was honest, kind, and helped me by showing me the way to steer my life direction onto the correct path . She is to the point and spot on . Highly recommended !
Excellent reading. She told me few predictions and most of them truly happened - wow! Couple of predictions are still waiting. I find her incredibly accurate, intuitive, loving & has kind heart in understanding situation. She also gave me confidences, signs & pointed the issues clearly where/what I should do. I read her messages many times & I always get more & more confidences in myself. I will keep her for my future readings. She is highly recommendable & the best ever.Thank you so much!
Samantha is extremely gifted. Within a few minutes she told me things about myself that it has taken me years to realise. Not only that but her predictions for my future were so coherent with my current goals and interests that I knew what she had described was accurate. The reading was accompanied with great advice and has given me a new lease of life. Thanks Samantha!
Had a reading with Samanatha last week and she immediately provided information about work, love and those who have passed on. She is incredibly honest, uplifting, and made me laugh at times. This is my first reading with Samantha and it won't be my last! I am waiting to see what manifests.
What can I say ,fantastic reading I had last night with Samantha, definitely the best iv ever been too,I would 100% recommend Samantha to you . Beautiful lady who gets straight to the point . Bless you Samantha x
Samantha is incredibly accurate, kind and intuitive. Easily the best reader I've had and I've been to a few!
I had a reading today wasn't sure what I felt until 2 hours ago ,Samantha told me I would be getting married this year ,just couldn't believe it. Went home today to find out that my other half ask me to marry him wow !!!
Samantha has read for me for over 10 years and everything she has ever told me has come true! She's truly a remarkable and accurate psychic, simply one of the best!


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