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Indepth Reader,Matters of The Heart/ Psychic Life Coach/ Clairvoyant/Meduim

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+44 7801567846


Samantha Hamilton, internationally recognised Psychic: As Seen on TV, Teacher, In psychic, development, Crystal & Colour healing, Life Coach. Natural Meduim.

I am available for same-day readings; feel free to Whatsapp or call me on +44 7801567846
Honest direct, instant connection to the matter at hand . Healing begins with truth and understanding the answers. I will give you names , important dates , connections that will be of importance .
 Medium, Clairvoyant, and Psychic: The full spectrum of your life is covered - career, health and interpersonal relationships. The answers to your questions are clear to me.
I see deep insights, especially in matters of romance and family, honesty, clarity, and direction. I bring names, soulmate connections, work clarifications, important dates for change, and true love potential.

My guides are here to assist you by connecting to your guides & Angels.

I was born with the gift of psychic development and mediumship. Due to my spiritual background, I am able to tune into your vibrational energy so I specialise in Love and Romance readings. My ability to see your life path and destiny is unparalleled. My work has been featured on TV and in Harrods' Urban Retreat. Predictions, Prince Charles Becoming King ! KNOWN For Life Changeing Predictions!

Reading forecast 3 months /6 months / 12 months /2 year plus
Going into days and weeks the here and now .

My career as a psychic began in 1980. These gifts are the product of my Jamaican heritage. I am endowed with the gifts of clairaudience (psychic hearing), clairsentience (psychic feeling), claircognisance (psychic knowing), clairvoyance, and mediumship. Because of my heritage, I have been blessed with gifts that span many congenial generations.

For years, I have been sharing wisdom and knowledge with others, but since the age of seven, I have also been communicating with spirits. With my mediumship, I can answer all your questions about love and relationships.

The Sunday Express carried my Spiritual Psychic column every week, which made me the first psychic of Afro-Caribbean descent to write a column in the UK. I was able to share my light with everyday people all over the world. Many people, including celebrities, have asked me for readings.

My home is the United Kingdom, and I have been able to work with clients to improve their past-life connections, to develop a holistic gateway and to be a life coach, an astrologer, and a Reiki healer. Working with crystals is my personal passion, since they resonate with me strongly. My Crystal Ball gives me an insight into your past, present, and future.
Colour therapy allows me to perceive a person's auric field and energy vibration. This is useful for me, since it allows me to gain a deeper understanding of their past and how their present situation may play out.

I am clairaudient, which means I hear names, birth dates, and specific information about the person I am tapping into. I can reveal who is coming into your life, and what changes they will bring; whether they will improve or change your situation. The skill of claircognisance allows me to see pictures, sometimes from the past and sometimes from the present.

I design quilts and work with African fabrics in my free time. I trained as a fashion designer in my youth, and I currently appear regularly on international television. I believe that I transmit messages from spirit through my creative art. A person's clothing tells a story. Green and pink, for example, heal the heart, red increases strength, and orange can change the direction of your life.

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Those seeking spiritual growth can find guidance from me as they embark on their next stage. I will help you let go of unhelpful thinking patterns, release trapped emotions, and overcome obstacles that are holding you back from fulfilling your goals through holistic and intuitive channeling.

Listed since: Dec 22, 2009


Had my first reading with Samantha yesterday. It did not take her long to connect and was very accurate describing my POI. She said things that she could not have known. Everything she said resonated with my intuition. I believe she is def gifted. Does not sugar coat and will not just tell you what you want to hear. She was very honest regarding future predictions. Highly recommend to anyone looking for guidance.
Samantha is amazing! I love to read with her every 5 or 6 months just so things have time to transpire and she has hit it out of the ballpark. She told me in January about an obnoxious coworker leaving the workplace this year and me meeting a special person at work. Both of these predictions have transpired! Also enjoy her very truthful readings!
Sam is quite simply the best psychic I have ever had a reading from. She is knife sharp in her accuracy, incredibly candid and empathetic. A great character. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She’s incredible.
I have been using Samantha for over a year now and she is fantastic. Her gift is top notch and always spot on. Everything she as seen and said has come to past. I just Love her. Samantha is straight forward no sugar coating but only the truth, make sure your ready for the truth. One morning I was having a reading on nd POI she said someone just had pass and the are very up set. That was at 9 AM and at 4PM they called and told me what Samantha told me earlier. Thank you Samantha
Sam Hamilton us one of the best I know .. she has read for me nearly 20years .. very accurate & to the point when you need guidance.. highly recommended
I had a telephone reading with Sam. I was astounded by how much she knew about my life! Sam put me completely at ease throughout the entire process. I felt a deep resonance with everything that she told me and by the end of the session I felt extremely relaxed and calm. The price point is very reasonable for the service rendered. I know that if I’m ever at another crossroads in the future I will return to Sam for guidance and peace of mind! All I can say is thank you!
Sam is SO accurate, it's scary. She has predicted major events in my life including leaving my home town, meeting my soul mate and having a baby. The tiny details and accuracy in terms of timescales is crazy. She has told me things that no one else would know. 100% recommend if you're looking for accuracy and authenticity. There's no fluffing here - Sam will tell you exactly how it is.
Samantha’s energy is absolutely Wonderful. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for an accurate reading.
My sister in-law had a reading at 18. It all came to pass. She found Sam online after 20 years. I had major decisions, so she suggested I had a reading. I rang Sam, with no idea what to expect. Sam predicted a new job and a move to Australia. I had a Skype interview booked the next day. She was spot on. I took the job and moved countries. She even described my new home, and hubby. She predicted I would move again. She was right. I took a job in NZ. I wish I had her guidance 20 years ago.
Samantha is the best psychic I have ever seen. I was having a terrible time and thanks to her answers and advice my life was transformed. I discovered things about people in my life and was able to make the best choices - I’m sure this wouldn’t have been the case had I not first had a reading from Samantha. Highly recommend!
I had a reading with Samantha this week. I was amazed at the accuracy. Within minutes I had confidence in her. She has answered some questions about past, present and future that helped me a lot. I will definitely go back as it was amazing how much what she told me has helped me deal with some aspects of my life. Thank you very much Samantha.
Really enjoy my readings with Samantha as she calls things out as she sees them. No sugar coating from her and shares what she picks up in a caring way. I love her candor and how she connects with me and my situations. Great reader!
Samantha is extremely gifted. Her readings are extremely accurate with specific names and advice to help healing. I’ve had 2 readings with her and both were spot on with accuracy! Thank you Samantha for sharing your gifts!!
I've been searching for the best, reliable, and legitimate psychic medium for many years. Samantha is THE BEST psychic medium I have ever spoken to in my life. No information given and she was able to use specific words to described the person who have crossed over and how they crossed. There are no words to describe how I amazed I am with Samantha. I am still in awe!!! I am definitely coming back to speak with her more! Thank you so much, Samantha!!!
Sam is an incredible reader and healer. She has helped me through some of the toughest stages of my life and foresaw things that I had no idea we’re on my horizon. She is uncanny in tuning into situations that are extremely poignant without my mentioning anything to her. I would highly recommend Sam as a medium and healer.
I’ve had two readings with Samantha and she is is wonderful. She is precise and a pleasure to get a reading from. I was surprised by the accuracy of one thing she told me, which came true the next day. I look forward to seeing more of her predictions come true!
Accurate on things without any previous knowledge, insightful and very reassuring. She was very confident with the things she said which makes you feel comfortable and grounded. Explained things well and was vibrant. Excellent!
Breathtakingly incredible. I have been trying to find someone who just gets me, and Samantha does plus some! She is accurate with ZERO information given, she is honest, clear, and had a beautiful energy about her. I called her feeling nervous and left the call with clarity, and a calmness in my heart. Thank you Samantha from the bottom of my heart so so much. You are incredible!!
Incredible reader I highly recommend always accurate.
Had a reading with Samantha today who came highly recommended to me and omg I must say she was amazing. She was very accurate she new names things going on in my life and people around me she is mind blowing best reading I’ve ever had.
I recently had a reading with Sam. I was very impressed with how accurate she was with certain information! She also has a very calm and relaxing demeanor and helps you feel comfortable. I would highly recommend her!
Sam was spot on with my reading and she told me things that she could not have known if she were not gifted. My worries were alleviated after speaking with her.
I had my first reading last year with Samantha after being recommended to her through my mother who has been having readings off samathan for the past 25 years. On my first reading Sam was able to tell me things only I knew and was able to pick up on people that had passed away without me mentioning someone has passed. Samantha is very honest and tells you what excatly she is picking up she also has warthm and empathetic persona highly recommended
Had a fantastic reading with Samantha. She was spot on with reaching out to my mum who is no more. She helped me to deal with my depression. She is so positive in her approach and says it as it is. I have lots to look forward to because of Samantha. I was even able to get advice how to hone in my own spirituality. Thank you..
I would definitely recommend Samantha! Very accurate advise and guidance. Sam is clearly gifted, easy to talk to and non judgmental. Best reading ever!!!
I had my first reading with Sam in 2007, on the recommendation from a good friend. Even from that first reading, Sam was so accurate, mentioning things that I hadn’t told anyone. Sam has been precise with names, career changes, health situations and romantic relationships. She will be honest and won’t just tell you what you want to hear, but she does it with empathy. Sam has become a valued and trusted friend over these last 14 years. She is simply amazing! x
The reading by Samantha is spot on, not vague or irrelevant like some. Her information is about you, accurate and she tells you what other medium's are unable to. She is the most powerful one I have come across. The best choice you can make.
I had contacted Samantha after a recommendation from a friend. She immediately made me feel relaxed & comfortable before my reading had began. Samantha had shared aspects of my life minus knowing any detail about me. Samantha shared my past, present & future where i felt deeply connected to her. I would not go to anybody else. She is a truly naturally gifted soul. XxX
I had a reading with Samantha in person many years ago and everything she told me had become true. Years later after moving away from the UK I was looking once more for guidance I was concerned that an over the phone reading would be less specific. Samantha was able to give me the same level of reading as we had in person on the phone. Samantha mentioned elements of my life that she could not possibly had known and was able to communicate messages from loved ones I really needed to hear.
I've had a couple readings with Samantha now and I'm always pleasantly surprised at how accurate and pertinent her advice ends up being. Her readings are thorough and compassionate, so that even bad news doesn't seem so bad. I always come away with a better sense of my personal problems and relationships, especially the friendships that have been the most important to me in this crazy year. I'll definitely be coming back again!


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