Mariana Bolivar Martinez

Mariana Bolivar Martinez
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I'm a psychic medium and an empath. I offer readings on your relationships, your career, your year ahead, and general readings where you can ask questions. I'll connect with your energy, and receive the message you need to hear from spirits.

I started to communicate with spirits from the time I was a child. By the age of 5, I was giving my family insights. It comes to me naturally because I come from a long maternal line of psychic mediums. When I started school I felt very different to my peers. My empathetic side made my teens years very difficult. I used to blackout in big crowds, and as result, I couldn't go to concerts or nightclubs. In my 20s, I learnt to centre myself and ground to deal with people's energy.

Being a psychic medium comes with a huge responsibility. You need to be honest and tell people what people need to hear not what people want to hear. You need to do it kindly, respectfully and undestanding that we all are in different stages of our journey.

I took mentoring from professional psychic mediums like Beth Layne (US), Zya Moses (US) and intuitive consultant Alan Bridges (UK) to polish my gifts and be able to perform readings in a higher standard.

I don't give more than 4 readings per day and I don't do back to back readings. This is so I have time to focus before my readings and I give each person a genuine and clear reading.

Making lives better is my purpose, and I'm looking forward to connecting with you.

Love and light


Listed since: Dec 9, 2019


Mariana is a kindly, sincere psychic lady who was accurate and helpful in her predictions concerning my dear son, his family and the possibility of my travelling overseas to see them when they move abroad this summer, for a few years. It seemed she weighed her words carefully and thoughtfully and her messages had a gently reassuring and soothing effect for which am grateful.

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