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As seen on TV & in Books, Lynne is a World Renowned Tested & Certified Psychic/Medium/Trance Medium, Spiritual Teacher & Healer. She is one of the Worlds leading Psychics. WELSH Born & fondly known as the PEOPLES PSYCHIC she is honest and straight to the point. She is dedicated to helping you find answers in LOVE. CAREER. RELATIONSHIPS. GENERAL etc. If you wish a Private Consultation please visit her site.Due to Lynne passing over briefly she has a clearer vision of life on the OTHER SIDE! Visit my site for Private Consultations. She has been voted one of the "Worlds Elite Psychics, Worlds Best Psychic, Best Metaphysical Teacher and Spiritual Guide". As featured on the UK TV series "Educating Joey Essex" and many Magazines articles. During a Peoples Vote Worldwide 2014-2016 she was voted as the "WORLDS BEST PSYCHIC" and dominated the voting scene. Lynne was the only UK Psychic to reach International 1st Place. She was the 1st British Psychic to be published in National Directory & Register of the "Americas and Worlds Best & Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums & Healers". She has also had the honour of being chosen to appear in the Book "Americas & Worlds Best Psychics & Healers Who Care Most About YOU". Author Maximillien de Lafayette. She is a Psychic and Trance Medium and Seer and voted Best Spiritual Guide and Metaphysical Teacher.

She is also featured in "Its Fate" Magazine for her dedication to her work with spirit & also featured in the Xmas Issue 2012 of the popular Psychic Magazine "Fate & Fortune" for with a true account of her Trance Mediumship. UFO Magazine 2013 and the recently published American Psychic and Medium Magazine 2014.

Lynne is a World Renowned Powerful Psychic, and has helped people from all over the world and all walks of life, and being a Trance Medium and is able to offer a different way of communication with spirit. Her guides come very close enabling her to change her facial and sometimes bodily features. Her late husband is her Gatekeeper and through him and her Guides can offer YOU accurate and charasmatic readings.

Lynne combines her Spiritual Work with her dedication to Martial Arts. She and her students are known throughout the World. She is a 5th Dan Black Belt in Karate, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. She has met and still in touch with Don the Dragon Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock and many other famous Martial Art Movie Stars.

She is as below:

• Psychic/Seer

• Clairvoyant

• Trance Medium

• Spiritual Teacher

• Spiritual Guidance

Lynne is a natural born 3rd Generation Psychic/Seer and Trance Medium who has an inner sense of "knowing". She works with Spirit when conducting her readings. Her guides have to be present as Lynne will not work in any other way, thus allowing connection between the TWO Worlds.
Lynne has had many experiences throughout her life. She is a straight talker and will not give you false hope. She is a natural Healer and Spiritual Teacher.

She is able to help in all areas especially Love and Relationships and Career issues. She will be able to assist you with your questions and will give you an honest and compassionate answer. Lynne works with her guides and sometimes her Psychic Tarot Cards.
She also teaches Spiritual Development and will help you with all areas of your Psychic Development.

Her Martial Art Training has also helped her with her Spiritual Work as the 2 worlds meet in meditation as Lynne is able to tap into her psyche that she used for her martial art training. She is a Master 5th Dan in Karate & Kickboxing. 1st Dan Muay Thai & Taekwondo. Winner of "Millennium Coaching Award 2000", Winner of "National Coaching award 2002". And many others including her interview with the famous “Combat Magazine”.
Here are her accolades:

1. “Its Fate” Magazine 2010
2. “Fate & Fortune” Xmas Edition 2012
3. Lynne appears on the cover of the following books:
4. “The Register of the United States and World Best & Most Trusted, Psychics, Mediums and Healers in International Rank Order 2012
5. America & Worlds` Best Psychics & Healers Who Care Most About You 2012
6. Volume 2. Directory & International Rank Of The United States & The World`s Best Psychics, Mediums, Healers, Astrologers & Lightworkers` (Best Lightworkers` of Our Time) 2013
7. How To Become An Enlightened Tarot Psychic Reader And Foresee The Future
8. Directory & international rank of the U.S. & the World's Best Psychics Mediums Healers, Astrologers & Lightworkers 2013
9. Mega Book. Lightworkers 2013. The Best, Friendliest, Certified, & Most Honest.
10. The American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums Official Handbook

By Law I must state: This service is for entertainment purposes and for over 18s only

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Some Testimonials:
Bettina Omara: Los Angeles, California USA
First let me say "WOW!!". Lynne was so accurate that I was tearing up. When I have a reading I never say one word because I don't want to ever give
any information in a to the medium/psychic. Lynne got names correct. COMPLETE NAMES! No initials no questions just stated a fact. I have never
been so blown away. I even googled myself to see if that information was available and it is not. I have had hundreds of readings and I know the real
deal. Lynne is the real thing. I will be calling her again and I have already told many of my friends do yourself a favor, book a reading quickly.
Angeline Kim-Kyna Tan's-Singapore testimonial for Lynne Caddick:A true psychic reaches deep into the abyss of your consciousness and psyche, your past, your thoughts and feelings, dreams and fears, to the heart of your soul and soothe it if it needs healing, empower it if it is lacking strength and courage, and mend it if it is broken. Lynne Caddick is one such psychic who gives her entire heart and soul, and every fibre of her being and iota of her divine wisdom during a psychic reading to help you and show rnyou your life path. With the spiritual guidance of her ex husband, Paul, Lynne performs the role of an angelic intermediary on earth and bridges the two worlds. I'm facing a severe personal crisis and at a major crossroad of my life. My loved one met with an automobile accident and suffers from severe traumatic brain injury. Lynne was able to connect with him spiritually and find his soul floating above his debilitated body...and communicate rnmessages to him. We both cried from the emotional impact of this connection, and I was profoundly touched by how much dedication and soul she poured into this in order to help me. Lynne is no ordinary psychic or light worker. Her mission, as evidenced by the psychic development work that she also does, is truly to help others, to alleviate their suffering here on earth and to light their path lest they stumble on their own in the engulfing dark. rnI have absolute faith that she is deployed by the spirit guides to my life at this critical juncture to guide me, counsel me and uplift my soul to another rnplane. I thank the universe and angels from the realms for this beautiful gift that they have bestowed upon me. May Lynne and her family be blessed infinitely for the powerful and wonderful work that she has undertaken and performed for humanityrn
Mariss (Issy) Australia Gold Coast
I would like to thank you so much for my reading. I am so blessed to have you read for me as I have read my reading 5 times since I received it so as
I could absorb the information you have provided via your awesome team of spirit and guides. As one of the matters you mentioned in my reading has
actually eventuated and finally getting paid after this long awaited drawn out matter. I would like to thank you also for your detailed reading and I am so
perplexed by the accuracy of the reading. I thank your spirit guides and angels for their assistance in confirming all the things I sort of knew and felt.
Although we have never met I feel connected with you as a medium and I would recommend you to my friends and future friends. God Bless and
thank you Marissa (Issy)

Germany - 27th January 2014
WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET WITH LYNNE. NO Aires and Graces or "Look at me this is who I am". Lynne is the most down to earth person I have known especially when it comes to her spiritual side. She is so accurate with her connection with the spirit world its creepy, but she doesn't get on her high horse and say "I'm the best" on NO she says "I do my best". A warm charismatic lady with so much to give to this world or ours. Love her and the work that she does. A down to earth warm lady who helps many throughout the world. I am so pleased to call her a friend a she is someone who has helped me through difficult times the past 12 months and without her I wouldn't be here now. So come on Lynne Caddick you are the Worlds Best in my eyes and many more people feel the same way.
Asaf Gittel and family

Annie Ferns. Just wanted to say a big thank you to Lynne for the 2 email readings she has done for me.I just had to write and let people know what a wonderful person you are. Lynne has picked up on non-obvious facts and emotions that other readers in the past have failed to pick up on and has been almost spot-on about them! She is one of the few readers whose accuracy I totally trust. This aside she will not sugar-coat what she sees - she gives the truth but gives it with compassion and support!!She has generated a new energy in me and my closed ones by being so optimistic about everything. She is not only an excellent psychic but also a gem of a woman.She silently plays a role of a guiding lightrnwhen you can see no way out. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found her."I can't recommend enough the supremely talented Lynne Caddick.Big....Thank you to you Darling! 5 Stars ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tricia-Jane SmithrnI wanted to post on here to thank you because although through my reading you saw the darkness in my soul you never judged, you gave me hope and a reason to fightrnthrough it, it's always a relief when you know someone else is in your corner on your darkest days, and sometimes all you need is for someone to give you that hope and letrnyou know it'll all be ok especially when you appear to be living in a nightmare that is never ending.I cannot believe how much you knew about me, my personality traits etc,you were absolutely spot on, I hide so much and put on an act that no one other than me could have known those things xxxxxxxxxxx ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Nicky Vaughan. Lovely Lynne ... a thank you from the heart ....both for the reading you gave me with such clarity and ease & for being a dear friend . What more can I ask for than the comforting words you gave with details that only those passed over could have given . Things so personal that only closest family would have known - contact with my dear Mum once more has allowed me to move on in certain areas of my life, where once things seemed so dark .During my reading we had every type of emotion possible, come to the surface , each one served its purpose by aiding me in making plans for the future and also leaving other worries behind - for that I am eternally grateful ! Having known Lynne for some time and working with spirit myself , I was aware that a reading may have been difficult for her , but I need nohave worried . Her professional ranking in the psychic and spiritual field is truly deserved . This lovely lady is such a wonderful , naturally gifted psychic and medium and I have the privilege of calling her my friend & spiritual companion . She is a truly genuine, accurate and humble reader of this life and the next and no-one could ask for anything better than Lynne’s compassionate and caring ways . She can bring comfort , joyrnand reassurance to anyone who chooses to trust in Lynne’s psychic ability – you could ask for nothing more than this ! Thank you once again Lynne !~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Lynne Caddick, what can I say? You always make a huge difference to the lives of people who are privileged to have had a reading with you. I have said this before that you have an amazing ability to say out loud what people are feeling. You are such an incredible person - I'm not religious in the slightest but by god you have such an extraordinary purpose to a lot of lives. Your words of comfort and kindness from spirit enable people to move forward with their lives in a direction they choose. For me there will never be an award big enough that will ever truly reflect the love you project from your heart into the lives of the thousands you have helped across the world. Lynne you are made of stardust and were born to shine and you make every person you come across feel the same.rnrn Much Love and Adorationrn Ant Edwardsrn Founder of Zenergy LifeServices to unlock your potential and illuminate your future~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Syd Saeed Hi Lynne,thank you so much for the beautiful reading i received today, all i can say is WOW!, I,M ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY IN AMAZEMENT! As a Medium myself I,m not always the easiest of people to read but not only did you pick up with 100% accuracy facts about my past and present situations but you told me thing about the future that i can totally relate to! On top of that you connected with family members on the other side of life (in great detail whilst bringing me great comfort also) & not only that you astounded me by telling me who my Guides are (which only i could have known), there is no way a person without you amazing gift could do this-NO WAY! The reading was delivered in an honest, articulate, emphatic and very uplifting way whilst bringing me the clarity I desired & needed. This has not only given me a lot to ponder on but has opened my eyes whilst giving me great hope for the future and I,m not ashamed to say it bought a tear to my eye too! You are truly a wonderful person with an amazing Gift,a gift that I have been fortunate enough to benefit from &experience first hand today.Long may you continue to share this talent with others and bless them with your insights and wisdom as I have been Blessed today. Thank you SO MUCH.From the bottom of my heart.Sending you love,light & an abundance of Blessings Syd.Saeed ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Lynne your reading was spot on your truly a very gifted Meduim, since reading my reading you did for me has completely changed the way I need to go about things in my life, everything you mentioned I could relate to I have had readings in the passed nothing as close to spirit has what you did for me, my mum passed away in September this year, whilst I was in Ireland on tour with the choir, mum suffered twenty odd years with her industrial asthma, mum had a poor quality of life, I'm being dads rock also have to look after my little boy Ben, I have also came out of a very bad relationship that brought me so much heartache pain & drained the life force out of me, if anyone who reads this is in this situation and is unhappy with their life my advice is to get out and be yourself find yourself, dust yourself down n start all over again only when you know your ready to love again, I'm slowly getting there, I've also been fighting for custody of my boy for fathers parental weights, & been battling finance company after being badly let down by dealership,I'm a fighter and if I believe in something i always follow it through, so much was mentioned in my reading you have done me do proud and given me some hope that there will be light at the end of the tunnel, for this I cannot thank-you enough & I would highly recommend you to anyone, I'm quite into spirit myself and given time when it's wright I will help others it's such a wonderfully rewarding helping people who has lost loved ones needing some guidance in their life mowing that spirit is only a thought away watching and helping us everyday of our lives, I could post more but I think I have said enough love light & peace Thank you ever so much, well worth waiting for Lynne rnDannii 'jobson' Ellen. Lyn i dont know where to start.I read my reading and re read it again and i am speechless at how talented and spot on you are!rnYou are one gifted lady. That i am so bleased to of had a reading byrnEvery word,Every message was spot on to the dot.Thanku so much xo bless u xornI will be passing u on to everyone i know!U r so gifted xxx~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Lynne Caddick is one of the most unassuming yet gifted person We have ever met. She does incredible readings with just a photo. People from all over the World have been impressed by her information she recieves through Spiriit. She reads in a kind and non scary way and leaves you feeling positive. We have watched her struggle with this talent with little self belief but the World has noticed her so now there is no hiding place, she is ready now. Julie Lucasrnrn23-I would like to vote for the amazing Trance Medium from the UK her name is Lynne Caddick and throughouly deserver the regonition for all the wonderful work she does for spirit and for the people that she helps along the way. One of the top Mediums in the UK and now know throughout the world. Blessings Mary Thomasrnrn23a-I would like to vote for Lynne Caddick otherwise known as Lynne Trance Medium for inclusion in the Best American Psychics directory. She is an amazing Medium and has I have had the honour of seeing her work and receiving a reading from her. A wonderful gifted clairvoyant and deserves the recognition. Kind Regards James Robinsonrn.-I would like to vote for Lynne Caddick (Trance Medium) for inclusion in your directory. Lynne is a wonderful Psychic and is well known all over the world for her empathic and extraordinary insight and work with spirit. She really does deserve such an honour. Best Wishes Soul Lightrnrn24c-hi all, i would very much like to vote for lynne trance spirit reader, i have had a reading with lynee as was extremeley accurate,i have had a few readings with others,who were good, but nothing compared to the reading i had with lynne, everything she said was spot on and more,i would recommend lynne to many as her work is out of this world, i hope one day, ill get to meet, a great lady who is always willing to help others kind regards kat peckrnrn24d-for the attention of Peggy North, I would like to vote for lynne trance spirit reader i truely believe she so deserves t0 win this election she is not only an amazing medium but an amazing lady too & because of all the wonderful work she does for the spirit and for the people that she helps along the way. One of the top Mediums in the UK and now know throughout the world. love & light , Michelle Harperrnrn24e-My name is Nicola Vaughan – a copy of the original email is below – sorry for the omission !! It is with the greatest of pleasure that I nominate Lynne Caddick /Lynne Trance Medium for inclusion in the above register . This lovely lady is indeed a wonderful , naturally gifted psychic and medium and I have the privilege of calling her my friend & spiritual companion . She is a truly genuine , accurate and humble reader of this life and the next and no-one could ask for anything better than Lynne’s compassionate and caring ways . She can bring comfort , joy and reassurance to anyone who chooses to trust in Lynne’s psychic ability – you could ask for nothing more than this ! I know that inclusion in this register would only serve to enhance her skills and make them more widely known – a definite benefit for all who are seeking contact from loved ones passed and positive guidance in life . Nicola Vaughanrnrn24f-My friends I would very much like to nominate Lynne Caddick for inclusion in your prestigious Directory of Psychics. I had the pleasure of having a reading with Lynne last year and she astounded me with her uncanny accuracy where she brought my loved ones through to me and I actually saw her face change to of that of my father whilst she was speaking to me. I will be eternally grateful to this wonderful charismatic and genuine lady. I learned of Lynne’s extraordinary psychic abilities through various friends and I was always a SCEPTIC, but Lynne has changed my life since I have met her. My life was on the brink of collapse until this wonderful lady restored my faith in all humanity and gave me something to live for. I now know myself that there is something else beyond this life thanks to her. I hope you will find it in your heart to take my vote with all the sincerity it is meant. Many thanks Mark Turnerrnrn24g-Dear Mrs. North It give me the greatest pleasure in voting for Lynne Caddick otherwise known for her TRANCE MEDIUMSHIP SKILLS as Lynne Trance Medium for inclusion in the national directory of the Best American Psychics. This lovely lady is a true medium with a very rare psychic ability. Recently I have had a reading with Lynne and she BLEW ME AWAY with the amazing connection she has with spirit. She has since become a friend of mine and I am proud to be part of her life. She is also an outstanding natural healer and gives so much to those who are in need. Lynne also does amazing work for charity and is always trying to raise funds for some cause or trying to help make at least one life bearable. Lynne is a typical Welsh Lady with the charisma and kind heart which blend together to make her very special. She is known and loved very much here in Wales and she is known as the Peoples` Psychic. Yours Truly Moira Hadleyrnrn24h-Dear All It is with such pleasure that I vote for Lynne Trance Medium (Lynne Caddick). Such a humble and honest person who offers comfort to so many here in Wales and of course now across the World. Lynne has an amazing psychic ability and insight who adds a light to those who seek her help. She has been recognised throughout the United Kingdom and Wales as a person who seeks the truth in our universe and always sees the best in people. She has appeared in a magazine which was distributed across the Globe "ITS FATE" because of her work and dedication to spirit a tool of which she uses to help others. With her guidance from Spirit she shares her wonderful ability with other, guiding and teaching by passing on her insight. Not only is she known within the Psychic World but she is also known within the Martial Art World where she dedicated her life to her teachings to help others and has won numerous Awards on her journey, also appearing in a book "The Young Martial Artist" where she dedicated her teachings to children.I feel that Lynne is very worthy of inclusion in your directory of the Best American Psychics and this is my vote to enable her to be recognised World Wide for her wonderful work and teachings. Yours sincerely Caroline Maidment-
Hello Peggy, Recently, I attended a prestigious event here in Wales called "Mind, Body and Spirit" which is an elite event for all practising Holistic and Light workers. After a long deliberation about who I wanted to have a reading with, this lady walked in and bless her she was walking with the aid of a walking stick. As she started preparing her stall for exhibition and her readings, I approached her and offered my help in setting up her stall as she was clearly in pain. She was so grateful and sat me down after I had helped her and offered me a reading in return for my help. What can I say what a lovely lady with so much charisma, and even though in pain she had a smile on her face. That smile will be with me forever. WOW what can I say, only that she astounded me with her accuracy and I was at a low ebb and attended the event to try and find some peace within myself as I had recently lost my son. She brought me the peace that I so searched for that day and I will always be grateful for that. I am going into hospital before the voting ends for a major operation so I am sending this request just incase I don’t’ have the chance to do so in the future. Lynne truly deserves to be recognised on this earth as an amazing, humble soul and I would like to give her my vote for inclusion into the National Register of the Best American Psychics. Blessings Brenda Hollingsgater
-To Whom it may Concern. I had the pleasure of attending a prestigious event at the Park Inn in Cardiff, South Wales which was organised by Zenergylife and the gentleman Psychic running it was Mr. Ant Edwards. The event was in aid of "Save The Children" and Lynne was in attendance as one of the Psychics available for readings during the evening. I was immediately drawn to this wonderful lady when Ant introduced all the Mediums who were there that evening. The evening started off where we all sat down on different tables and each table was allocated with a medium, wasnt I pleased when It was Lynne who was our medium for the night. We were presented with a meal before the readings commenced. Immediately after our meal each person took it in turns to see our designated medium. When it came to my turn I was really nervous as I had never had a reading before, but Lynne made me feel at ease straight away. When she was connecting with me she brought through my husband and I thought to myself mmm, it couldnt be my husband as he hadnt passed over, but she went on to say that my husband was communicating with her from his hospital bed where he had lain in a coma for several weeks. She knew nothing about this and we were just talking away and the proof she gave me was amazing. How she could talk with my husband whilst he was in a coma was beyond me, but the proof she gave me was so true even to the point that he was sick of my knitting and told me to take a book next time I went. All I can say is that this lady is truly a gift from heaven who is here to help others and guide them on their pathways in life. Truly amazing and I am still shocked that she was able to do this. I left that evening crying and told Ant about my amazing experience with her. The others on my table were equally pleased with what she had told them, so we left a very happy crowd believe me. I have kept in touch with Lynne since that night and have told her of the progress that my husband has been making. I have now stopped knitting whilst there and just sit and talk to him or read a book. Amazing lady. Lynne deserves this recognition for the continued work she does for others and I feel truly blessed to have crossed her pathway. Helen Jordanrn24h-Dear Peggy North. I have known Lynne Caddick for some time now and she is a very special person with a very special gift and talent. An ordinary lady from an ordinary background who brings light into many lives. I have had the privilege of knowing Lynne through her Martial Art Teachings for which she is known all over the world and I have followed her progress also as a Medium. She has the ability to communicate with spirit in such a unique way and brings hope to many. With her skills she has demonstrated that there is a life beyond that no one can deny. Lynne so deserves to be amongst the Best and recognised for her ability and the work she does with spirit and the help and guidance she gives to so many here. Wales is proud of Lynne and of course the UK, and through this very rare opportunity she will be known throughout the World. I would like to give Lynne my vote as she so deserves to be amongst the Best. The National Register honours those who gives to others, and they so deserve the recognition. Yours truly John Taylorrnrn rnrn24i-Dear Peggy, I would love to nominate Lynne Caddick for inclusion into the national directory of the Best American Psychics. Myself along with 5 other of my friends requested to have a reading by Lynne about 6 months ago. In all honesty we were all very nervous to meet her but she put us right at ease as soon as we met her. She is a lovely woman with a very kind nature. She made us feel comfortable. She blew us all away with her accurate readings. All 6 of us. She is one of the best I have ever had a reading from. My sister and her friends advised me to have a reading with her, they told us how amazing and accurate she was. She knew things, not even my friends knew about their own family. Needless to say we were all amazed. Lynne is loved and respected by everyone that knows her in Wales and by many around the world. She is so deserving to be a part of this. Many thanks, Mikila Marshall.
Dear Peggie I am sending this email to support Lynne Caddick who done reading for me and I have no doubt in my mind that she has been the best i have ever had. I understand that there is a rating currently being done to vote for the best psychics and I would like to request to add my vote for Lynne Caddick too. Please let me know if you need any further clarifications. many thanks and best regards. Girish Nehete, Indiarnrn24h-I would love to recommend Lynne Caddick for inclusion in your book of BEST PSYCHICS WORLDWIDE. An amazing, lovely, genuine lady from whom I had the pleasure of a having a reading recently. I met Lynne at a Psychic event and was really overwhelmed with her ability to connect with spirit. It gives me great pleasure indeed to give her my vote as she so rightly deserves to be included in this wonderful opportunity to let people know who she is and where she is from and the work she does for people like us through spirit and our loved ones that have crossed over. Yours truly. Samantha Westrn24i-I would like to see Lynne Caddick from the UK to be part of America's best Psychics. My daughter and I recently had a reading from Lynne. In my daughters reading she mentioned about taking part on a Music Video with a well know singer and songwriter, today she has been flown to Sydney to take part of this Video, my daughter was so excited. As for myself I had all my thoughts and feelings about my future and coming events confirmed with accuracy. At the last flow of the reading a young gentleman came through and it was my sons best friend who I have known ever since they were little ones. I do hope that Lynne Caddick is part of your world wide psychic book edition. Love and Light Rissa & Miarn~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~rnBabz Harrisrnhi i had my reading last night and i must say lynne i did not make things easy with not asking a question in particular but fair to you you brought through someone who i did not expect when i saw the male from a car crash i had this really intense feeling i cant really explain it. it felt like all over tingle and instantly found tears in my eyes. the part with the two children was bang on these children seem to follow my close family, as both my children and my brother has seen them at various times. i shall show the reading to my dad as i too feel he will gain comfort from it. thank you so much a gifted person xxxxxxrnrnLinda QuinnrnLynne is an incredibly gifted woman who has been chosen to bring us messages from our loved ones that have passed over. I've just had my fist reading done and there were things in there that no way that she could have known, only my precious mother could have passed the information on to her. What a precious gift you have been given Lynne, you have brought some light back into my life , knowing my mother is around me and still guiding me just fills my heart with joy. I was aware she was around me at times but to have it confirmed has meant the world to me. Other relatives came through and described me to a T. I would recommend Lynne to anyone who is just needing some comfort or even some direction in life. You are a special woman Lynne and help so many people and for me that is what this is all about, bringing hope that one day , in Gods time we will meet up with our loves ones again. You knew about my career, my past troubles , what the future may hold, you even picked up that i have had a week of nausea due to a recent change of meds and much more, i am grateful you were put in my path xxrnrnKayleigh Robinsrnthank you so much for the reading you did for me yesterday, i can relate to it so much. you are an incredibely gifted person and i think the work you do for people and the help you can provide to them is extremely comforting and will benefit alot of people as it has done to me...rnmuch love to you xx

Lynne, this women is amazing and deserves all the love and recognition she gets. I am impressed with her abilities,kindness,love and insights. She knows names and numbers and it is no accident that she has the ranking she has which is the BEST OF THE BEST. I have been to numerous Psychic's overtime and if you have found her then don't look any further she is the BEST and is Accurate. Thank you Lynne, you have brought back joy to my life through your knowledge. All my best to you..

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Last week I had my first reading with Lynne, she is such a warm and empathic person. She uplifted my spirits and we laughed a lot. After our session I felt so more positive. Shes uncanny with names which took me by surprise as I hadnt had such a detailed reading before. She was very accurate with my situation and gave me hope for the future. I was taken aback when she brought in my son who had passed away just 6 months ago. Lynne is a must call or chat with her. I recommend her.
I am blessed to have had the privilege of connecting with Lynne yesterday. I live in Chicago and Lynne is based in London, and even though the distance is huge between us she managed to pick up on a certain name that is a family connection to me. Thank you so much Lynne for your message of encouragement and proof that the life after does truly exist.
I have spoken with Lynne over the last couple of years. She has an amazing link to spirit. She is a very caring lady who is helpful without saying things just for shock effect like some mediums. I don't trust many mediums but I trust Lynne. Thank you Lynne so much x
I am so glad that I managed to connect with Lynne today. It was lovely seeing her on here and I was so pleased. She is so kind and understanding and very compassionate and her reading for me as absolutely amazing. Love this Welsh Lady. Greetings from the USA. Vera!
What can I say but THANK YOU Lynne for the most amazing "Spot On" reading. You made me feel special and speaking to you was just wonderful! Lynne is easy to talk to and is very thoughtful and understanding. I look forward to her predictions for the months ahead.
First time speaking with Lynne. She is forthcoming and confident in her predictions spring next year. I've had readings from a few of the top 10 in the world! They each have their strengths! Lynne has very strong mediumship connections as well as psychic. She appears VERY empathic when coming to emotions and intentions! Predictions are made after that. I enjoyed her charismatic and sensitive style. I can see WHY she is sought after by so many! Thank you!
At last I have found a compassionate Psychic in whom I can confide in and trust. I always feel uplifted when I speak with Lynne as shes compassionate, understanding and empathic. I love her voice, it is soothing. The welsh accent is wonderful and she is straight to the point when connecting unlike some psychics who keep you on the phone for as long as they can. Lynne isn`t logged on very often but when she is I will immediately ring her. I am always excited to speak with her.
One Word: BRILLIANT. Absolutely stunned by this lovely lady. Her charisma and her intuition is off the scales. Lynne you were so right in what you sensed and thank you for bringing my late mom through for me. I will be back! Trevor Maines.
I am an addict when it comes to having a reading conducted and over the years I have contacted numerous psychics and mediums but not one of them can hold a light to Lynne. She is charasmatic and on point. She doesnt mess about, she tells you how it is whether you like it or not. This is what I liked about her, honesty and integrity. She blew me away with names and events that only me and my family would know about. I recommend Lynne 100%. Will be back!..Thank you for your guidance.
Sincd 2016 I have been under Lynnes spell so to speak. I cannot thank her enough for her wonderful guidance throughout a very trying time. Lynne you predicted my fathers health would improve even though we were told by his consultant that he only had a few months left in 2016. He has improved dramatically through your healing process. I have also had a baby that I longed for and never thought I would conceive, during which time I met the man of my dreams who you predicted. Thank you.
I was experiencing a lot of paranormal activity in my home which scared me so I was advised to speak to Lynne as she is an experienced paranormal investigator. So I phoned her and even though she lives miles away she managed to deal with the problem through her energy and she connected with a child in distress that had passed over a long while ago. She helped her pass over and since then my home is at peace and I do not feel any more negativity. Thank you Lynne for your help.
Spot On Lynne..I connected with Lynne about a month ago and since her amazing reading everything has happened as she said it would and during the time periods she gave. . You have such a wonderful warm character and an amazing talent. Will be back soon for another reading with you.
Oh I just love Lynne and I am always excited when she comes on line and that isnt too often, so I grab the chance to speak with her. Lynne always offers the right guidance from spirit and her guides. Her predictions have been spot on and her intuition is off the planet. She really does blow me away with her abilities.
Say no more! I am glad I found Lynne on BPD. Had a lovely spiritual reading with Lynne earlier today and was astounded at her accuracy. You now have a regular client Lynne. Thanks for you input and your help and guidance. Looking forward to speaking with you again soon.
It is always a lovely experience when I connect with Lynne even though I don`t see her on here very often. But I grab the moment when I see her logged in. She is charasmatic, caring and upbeat and always makes you feel at ease when you talk to her. Lynne is just the real deal with accurate messages that she receives from Spirit. Her guidance has been amazing with much proof and her messages have been SPOT ON! I thoroughly recommend Lynne if you are looking for a genuine Psychic.
WOW loved talking to Lynne. So accurate with my present situation and my past. I will be consulting her regularly as I have found someone at last that I can trust!
I found Lynne on the internet through Google and I am so pleased I did as she has uplifted my spirits and also given me proof that there is another life after this one. There are many doors that we have to open and close along the way she says and I am so please I opened this door to Lynne. The proof was just out of this world and she just gives her all. Today I feel like a new person thanks to Lynne. I needed guidance and she was sent to me. I am now an ardent follower.
This morning I had a 2nd reading with Lynne over a Skype session. Lynne is in Wales and I live in CA. You would think we were at a Starbucks together chatting over a latte. Lynne is an example of what a client should expect from a medium. She gives her best and when she connects with a loved one in spirit, the information is so evidential, specific and upbeat. I never felt so loved and blessed. Lynne is a treasure, I want to share with the world.
I have been connecting with Lynne for several months and I am astounded at her accuracy. She has always been consistent in her predictions. I love speaking with her as she is so calming and can be very funny on times which makes you feel at ease. During the past 12 months I has been a roller coaster ride, but now I feel as if my feet are firmly on the ground thanks to Lynne wonderful guidance.
I want to extend appreciation and gratitude for the spot-on guidance I received just a Skype call away from Lynne Caddick. I do not feel anxiety for the first time in weeks! It is an incredible feeling to feel like the weight of life's pressures have been lifted all due to a master medium (Lynne) and my deceased Uncle who came to my aid. Just priceless and accurate guidance. Thank you!
As soon as heard Lynne's voice I knew I had connected with the right person. She made me feel at ease straight away and she has a lovely laugh. She immediately connected with me and my situation giving me proof of existence Spirit side. I have connected with a few psychics on here who have been good but Lynne was tremendous. My favourite psychic and spiritual advisor EVER. You have another regular client Lynne. Bless you and my sincere thanks for an amazing reading. 3GELM
I wonder sometimes how people who say they are clairvoyant connect with spirit, but I am now a believer after having so many bogus readings. This wonderful lady Lynne Caddick has re-asurred my beliefs in the life after. She was able to connect so easily with me and we had a laugh or two. I love her voice as she is so calming and the way she manages to make you feel at ease. Its like talking to my best friend. Thank you Lynne. I will be back in touch in a few months. God Bless...
Who is this woman? MY OH MY. I cannot begin to tell you that Lynne is the most amazing Psychic I have every spoken to. How does she do it? She just blew me AWAY with her accuracy of my situation, my family and everyone I love. Take care Lynne you are an ANGEL who is meant to guide us! My family and friends will be in touch.
Lynne has been consistent in her predictions for the past 3 years. Always spot on, and without her guidance I can honestly say I would not have coped. I love to listen to her speak as she is so calming and very understanding. Without a doubt Lynne is the best Psychic/Medium I have come across over my years of searching for the right one. She is wise and empathic. She is the REAL DEAL! Thank you Lynne for always being there for me and giving me guidance and wisdom.
I have had a few readings with Lynne through the Instant Reading option and she has been consistent every time. She blew me away with her accuracy. I waited on her predictions and each time they have come true. An amazing talented a charasmatic lady. Will be back for more.
I freaked out when I saw Lynne was back on Best Psychic Directory. I was so pleased that I picked up the phone and rang her straight away. So very happy Lynne to see you back on here. It has been a pleasure reconnecting with you. You are always spot on and to the point. You now have a regular client once again. Much Love. Jolene.
I was so excited when I saw Lynne back on the Instant Reading page and immediately gave her a call. It was like stepping back in time. So lovely to speak to her again as so is so consistent with her future predictions and such an inspiration with her guidance and advice. Thank You Lynne.
All I can say is that I waited to connect with Lynne and it was well worth it. I have had many readings from many Psychics world wide and have never been impressed by any of them until a friend recommended Lynne, so I took the chance and phoned her, at first she didn`t respond and waited a few days for her go get back to me, but now I know why. Because she is so busy and no wonder because SHE IS AMAZING, ACCURATE, TRUTHFUL, AND SINCERE. I have finally found someone I can trust.
I recently had a Phone Reading with Lynne and immediately she made me feel at ease. I love her voice as it is very soothing, and all I can say is she`s the REAL DEAL. I have consulted many Psychics over the years and at last I have found Lynne. She doesn`t keep you hanging on or waiting, she is direct in her guidance, which I like. She is 100% a True Psychic with extraordinary abilities. She gave me names of past loved ones and those present. I am in AWE!
Lynne sent me an online reading and it was absolutely spot on . A beautiful document that I have read and reread . Highly , highly recommended .


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