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I first became aware of my extraordinary abilities at a very young age, only to discover it was something I shared with three earlier generations of my family. Until recently, I balanced my love of spiritualism with another professional career. But after embarking on what I call “an adventure”, I now concentrate my full time on using my skills to enlightened others in and around South Wales and the United Kingdom

Sensitivity, compassion, understanding.
My journey took me to various teachers throughout the UK from Carol Green, Hazel Lee, which eventually leading me through spiritual guidance to the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College, where I honed my skills alongside professional mediums, under the tutelage of Mrs Val Williams.
Today, I am established as a professional in my own right. I have worked as a reader for one of the UK’s leading psychic networks and I recently recorded my first UK podcast with another psychic
network. I have demonstrated my clairvoyant
abilities at various events, including Alexandra Palace in London.I have gained a growing reputation for sensitivity and a level of compassion and understanding, born out of the tough challenges I have faced in his own life. I’m in the stages of writing my journey which I one day intend to print and share not just with my followers but with people who want to experience writings from a light worker in a different way.

(Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951) I have, by law, to state that all Psychics/Clairvoyant Mediumship Readings have been offered for thousands of years and many people have benefited during that time.

I fully believe in everything I do. The services are given with genuine and sincere purposes.

You are reminded that clairvoyance and mediumship may not give you the results that you were looking for, as results are always difficult to predict and cannot be guaranteed. How you use the reading given to you is entirely your own responsibility.

You are advised that if seeking information for legal, medical, mental health or financial advice then you should contact the appropriate professionals. By having readings and healing etc. you are accepting these terms and are over the age of 18 years old.

For reasons of legality, psychic readings are intended for entertainment purposes only. No specific results can be guaranteed communication with the spirit world is experimental in nature and as such there can be no guarantees. Any guidance given is for you to consider only and is not a blueprint for living. Any decisions and choices that you make, as a result of this consultation, are your legal and personal responsibility only.

Both now and in the future and by booking a reading, you confirm that there is no mental, emotional or physical reason why you should not receive this reading.

I reserve the right to refuse to read for anyone deemed either mentally or physically unfit, for example anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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Psychic Medium / Clairvoyant Session (Skype available)

I have just recorded my first interview on podcast for a psychic network. The link is below to the hosting website. Enjoy!


Sharon* James gave me a mediumistic message. He told me exactly how my dad died, facts about my life that no one would have known, information that was spot on and a clear message that I knew was from my dad. James was sensitive in his approach but factual and no waffle. Thank you James, you have made the hardest thing in my life more acceptable and I know my dad is safe and now well.

karen*James I just want to say thank you for my reading today. Sorry about the tears but just couldn’t believe how accurate you were and having my closest and missed family come through was fantastic. You told me things that only me and my nan knew. You proved to me she was in the room telling you what to say there is no way any one would know these things. No one could of even guessed these things. It brought back wonderful memories and I now know she is there every day guiding me through my life . I highly recommend to Any one to have a sitting with James even if you know James have a reading as he will tell you things no one will know only you and that person. The passion he has for what he does i s lovely to see. And it was so nice that you weren’t looking at the clock all the time. The fact you went over the time didn’t make me feel as if you were rushing. I can’t believe how quickly our time went and thanks for giving me extra time. Bet your shattered now as you gave me loads of information. I think my nan drained you. Thanks so much and look forward to our next meeting. Karen x

Listed since: Oct 24, 2018


This man has an incredible talent.He told me so many accurate happenings in my life and helped me release some of the burden i had been carrying for a number of years. James not only mentioned a certain country but also pinpointed the correct region. An amazing man, i came away from the reading feeling such a sence of calm and well being. This man should be up with the best of his kind !! I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Amazing reading ..... really good proof and evidence and always sensitively given .
James helped my mother-in-law massively when she had bad paranormal activity in her house. He talked us through everything we would need and what to say. He arranged for a team of people to come out and help us with this. All of this was in his own time and the time was very unsociable, I contacted him at 10.10pm and ended the call 00.45. He has been nothing but amazing and very professional. I will definitely use James for future readings.
James is an amazing medium and also a lovely guy. James works from heart and the evidence he delivers is outstanding and definitely wow moments. If your thinking of booking James donit you wont be disappointed and you will make a friend for life as he has a beautiful soil. I highly recommend James
Today being Wed 02/10/2019, I had the pleasure of meeting James , whilst I was in his company he gave me a reading and to say I was in shock is an understatement. The things he was saying to me were so on point and correct , I was like , how the hell do you know my information. Such a genuine guy , pleasant and approachable ,, I was so impressed with him , I wanted him to stay all day and let me know all, lol Highly recommend this guy he is very Good .. thnks once again James Sue xx
Had a sitting with James on 15th Aug 2019 csn only say amazing. I decided from the start to tell him nothing and cnfirm or deny anything until the end. He told me things no one could know ftom my past and present a truly remarkable person. We didn't do the future but that wasn't what I was looking for he helped me to let go of things from my past that I have carried for a very long time. By the end I felt I met a stranger but made a friend
I had an over the phone reading with James and his patience and effort was outstanding he tapped into things about myself that i have never spoke out aloud about and also a wonderful man to have a chat with 100% recommend
James did a reading for me in March via WhatsApp. There had been no contact between us before, I was sceptical, a friend recommended James to me. The whole experience was mind blowing, I was passed on things via James that nobody except me would have known, they related to my childhood. As a result I am in the best place I have been probably since my teenage years keeping it nice and simple without over complicating things. Thanks James I am now the strong person I always was, no self doubt.
James has been doing readings for me now for some years. It amazes me how he seems to get things about my life bang on every time, his connection with me and the spirit world is phenomenal. If there are sceptics amongst you have a reading with James...he's just fantastic and always leaves me feeling uplifted and insightful. Thank you James for the many years you've been there for me.
Wow What a sitting. What a true gentleman you are James with an amazing gift. Myself and my Mum had a few jaw dropping moments and gasps to say the least. Never met James before, so how he knew things nobody else knew was mind blowing. Felt so at ease, he answered my thoughts without any prompts or previous insight to what was worrying me. Comforting to know life goes on and our loved ones we’ve lost are still around too. James we will be seeing you again soon. Your truly gifted. Thankyou xxx

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