Alison Kynaston Jones

Alison Kynaston Jones
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£75.00 US$98.00 1 hour. £60.00 US$80.00. 45 minutes.

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*Same day reading available via my website*

My name is Alison ,
I have over 50 years experience working
through my Spirit guides and on a psychic vibration, as have been clairaudient since the age of twelve, a gift that was passed down to me by my Great Grandmother .

I am an International psychic medium , Soul Coach and Intuitive.
I specialize in relationship, career and family issues that can be helped by clear, objective channeled advice.

I have read for many celebrities and have recently filmed for the MTV program,Celebrity Ex on the Beach.

I have trained at The College of Psychic Studies, The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, and the Arthur Findlay College at Stansted, in England.

I have worked full time as a psychic intuitive, medium Soul coach and Law of Attraction teacher in England for the past fifteen years, after I chose to give up a successful business career, having been given a clear message to do so by Spirit.

My work encompasses auragraphs, psychic readings, visualisations and healing.
I hold world wide teaching workshops in addition to being a certified Mike Dooley Infinite Possibilities Trainer and a Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reader.

I also offer an online course on Psychic development that shows you how to connect with Spirit-and your Spirit guides.

My Soul coaching work is highly effective and enables you to weave the passion, joy and happiness back into your everyday life.

Each hour long session is booked by the coaching PayPal button on my website.

I regularly read for my clients by Telegram,WhatsApp,Skype, FaceTime or by phone.
My Skype address is alisonkj777.

All of the listed network carriers are free to the caller , you just pay for the reading, which means all International calls cost no extra.

Please note I charge in UK £, However the U.S. $ rate is also listed and very favourable at the current exchange .

I do not restrict your reading to a certain number of questions during a normal reading.

Additional Information: 

My early life was full of twists and turns, challenges that included bereavement, divorce ,being a single parent , a successful business woman and widowhood.
I loved, lost and loved again. All of these issues helped to make me the person that I am today. With the help of my Spirit Guides and the Law of Attraction, I have created a happy and calm life that works for me.
If you would like to know more about who I am and how I work ~please have a look at my website.

I really look forward to reading for you soon and being able to help you live the best life that you can.
Let’s make the rest of 2021 the best year ever!
With love and gratitude,

There are no coincidences in life.You have been drawn to connect with me for a reason.

Listed since: Feb 23, 2009


I’ve had a few readings over the years and this was by far the best reading I had ever had.Speaking with Alison really lifted my spirits and gave me the direction I was looking for. I could not recommend her enough - to the point 4 of my friends have now already had readings with her! I felt Alison had a genuine connection and had complete trust in her
I had a lovely reading with Alison. She tuned into my essence quickly and was able to help both calm my mind and activate it in helping me sort out my thoughts and direction. I hope one day to visit retreat in Spain - it looks exactly like the place you need to retreat from the world for a while. Thank you Alison - you have no idea how inspiring your reading was to me. I look forward to more! Thank God for WhatsApp! Sharon (Bermuda)
Where do I reading was amazing. She could tell how I felt instantly, described my emotions perfectly and knew things that nobody could. So far 2 things Alison told me have come about, I’m excited and interested to see where the next few months will lead me and what else will happen. I cant recommend her enough. I felt in such a better place after we spoke, will continue I work with her in the future.
I had a reading with Alison via skype, which I was a little reserved about the whole thing after receiving some news I was intrigued wether she would pick up on it... after the first 30 seconds it was mentioned. we was talking for an hour and everything I mean EVERYTHING she was saying made totally sense. she mentioned some things that came to her, she wasn't sure why but made totally sense to me.. even down to something happening in a few weeks dates people places were mentioned.
Alison was quick to respond to me, explained exactly how she works and was generous with her time. She is incredibly compassionate and understanding and gave me plenty of good guidance. She prefers to have very little details, so was able to read without any information from me. She picked up on particular interests of mine and situations in my life. I like the fact that she practices the law of attraction and so her reading put me on a positive path with plenty of guidance.
Sensitive, insightful and precise. Alison puts her finger on your current issues so you feel she's known you for many years.
Ms Jones has helped me thrice with her spot-on divination - and her advice has helped me when I was at major crossroads in my life journey. She knew things about me even though she was only reading for me thru the phone. I’m grateful that God brought her into my life and the help I’ve gained from her guidance. She is a very gifted psychic and may she help lots more people thru’ her work.
Ms Kynaston Jones has helped me with her guidance 3 times when I was at crossroads of my life. Her advice from the readings were so precise that at first I was shocked she knew these things about my life. Even though I could only do the readings thru' phone calls, but she was able to see everything that was happening to me each time. I always look for her when I need divine guidance. May God bless her always.
Alison was amazing. She was precise. I cannot believe that she got so right without my giving any information. I will recommend her to all my friends.
I have been greatly helped by Alison's gifted readings. They are filled with startling accuracy and very spiritually elevating. Accuracy is is important to me so I have found the content and timing reassuring. Added to this she is kind and personable and connects with the person she is reading. An amazing psychic, and one I would highly recommend.
Alison was incredible. Everything was spot on with what is happening in my life and thanks to her I feel a lot more at ease and comforted about where my future is going. I highly recommend her. Thank you
I've worked with dozens of psychics, healers, clairvoyants, and Alison reigns supreme. Her style and ability to simply lay out what's ahead almost as if she isn't giving a reading is brilliant. She is incredibly intelligent as well, which helps as she talks you through logically how things happen and turn out. Alison is also super down to earth, giving it to you straight, but always remembering we're all human at the end of the day. I've come to her twice now and will keep going back.
I had a reading with Alison(July 2017) She hit on two areas that were important to me and there is no way that anyone apart from myself would know the relevance of and that I have not discussed with anyone. I am looking forward to her reading coming to fruition and will most certainly speak with her again. Mary England UK
I had a reading a couple of weeks ago from Alison who truly has such a gift. I was blown away with this reading and as time goes on everything she has said makes perfect since everything was accurate and I can’t thank her enough. I would recommend Alison 100% to anyone and I have already done this. Not only is she amazing at readings but also the most amazing woman with such a kind heart. She made me feel really welcome and comftable. I can’t wait to go back,THANK YOU! X
I had a psychic reading, from this beautiful gentle and kind woman. Alison was very intuitive of things happening in my life. She picked up on issues that I have struggled with for some time. Alison is absolutely genuine and highly talented in her ability. I am looking forward to her forecasts coming through for me but also gave me sound guidance as to the way forward, she was also able to connect with the spirit world for me and left me in no doubt that she had made contact with my Mum.
Alison, you completely blew me away. This was my first time at Skype, but you completely made me at ease. I come to you looking for answers with regards to my situation. You have put my mind at ease and tought me it's not about anyone else it's about me, you give me advice how to heal and you showed so much compassion. I was drawn to you for a reason and now I know why. I'm writing a letter to the universe that the right thing will come for my daughter .. will keep you updated much love xxx
I had a reading yesterday with Alison, I came away from the Skype call absolutely buzzing from the session. Alison was extremely accurate in many aspects of my life during the reading and this will help me to focus on the lessons that I personally need to learn and use to grow. The cards were absolutely spot on and she has given me forward insight into the next 12 months. A beautiful and very talented spiritual person.
During my first reading with Alison, I was amazed at what she could tell me about myself and my family. The things she mentioned regarding my future gradually started to happen the way she said they would. I have just had a second reading and it seemed she already knew about my situation. It was amazing. It was like she knew exactly what I needed. I have every confidence in her. She is a lovely person and I would recommend her to anyone.
This is my second reading with Alison. Alison truly has the gift, during our reading she brought my brother through with important and meaningful messages. After my first reading, things she had told me would happen, happened exactly the way she said. She is the one psychic/medium that I truly trust and send friends and family to. She is a wonderful woman with a beautiful energy. I always feel better after a reading with Alison!!
Alison, you told me I would be out of my current job by March/April. I was unhappy, but I wasn't looking at the time for another job, as I didn't know what I wanted. All of a sudden I knew after few weeks, and you were right! I am starting my new job in April, and it is everything I was looking for!! Thank you so much Alison xxx
Alison is a warm friendly person who makes you feel comfortable. She was very patient with me over technology ( the first time I ever used skype) her advice was sensible and practical. I was given options as to what could happen and the choices I could make. Alison was able to tell me details about my life that there was no way she could have known, even down to what was happening at work! Thankyou so much for your time Alison. Jane. Stoke on Trent
This was my first reading with Alison and I can say she is an extremely gifted reader. I found her to be extremely calming and soothing. Her reading was incredibly accurate and precise. She was able to provide me with a great sense of direction. I would highly recommend Alison and will certainly be doing another reading with her.
I had my first reading with Alison yesterday, and I will definitely return. She is very talented and was uncannily accurate in several instances, I am very impressed
My last reading, a couple of weeks ago with Alison was truly beautiful. Alison’s reading was uplifting and went through in detail what I had experienced over the last few years with great accuracy and what I will embark on in the near future. She is a true empath who is both positive and wise. Her beautiful energy, passion and compassion are what will bring me back to her for many years to come. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who is looking for not only a psychic but as mentor too.
I had a reading with Alison as I needed to understand the chaos & direction of my life. At the beginning Alison made me feel at ease. She is amazingly gifted & kind. She gave me detailed, precised & accurate information related to various times & aspects of my life that she had no way of knowing. By the end of the reading I felt reassured and better equipped to deal with events in the immediate future. I would do follow-up readings with her. I recommend her 100% to anyone.
Alison is so gifted as a spiritual messenger and a healer, by truly making me see, believe and reclaim my true potential! Her unconditional love will leave you with no sense of doubt about how genuine her work is. I started with one hesitant Skype reading, but seconds after we started chatting, I realised how precise her knowledge was about me, that there was no way she could have known it without having true psychic gifts. I'm infinitely grateful to having her as one of my guides!
Alison truly has an amazing gift . Her reading went into so much detail and was given with such comfort and understanding that I felt relaxed straight away . I must admit my questions were vague , but Alison responded with clear and precise details . Alison was extremely professional but also her kindness shone through as well . After the reading I felt much calmer and at peace . I have no hesitation in recommending Alison and will look forward to having a follow up reading soon .
Alison is a bright spot in my life. Unparalleled in her ability to tune into the centre of the things that I need to focus on, the deepest of fears or thoughts that I haven't shared with anyone else. I finish our conversations feeling light and bright and energised with things to focus on & think about. She is always right on and often I reflect on the things she said previously and how they have appeared in my life and I can tell you she is nothing short of gifted & amazing!
A referral by a mutual friend has changed my life. I've been at the crossroads for a while now, and have felt truly lost. I needed someone to point me in the direction. Put aside the fact that she was so very precise in her reading, knowing things that no one else could have. She is extraordinarily kind, with a calming presence. The moment we began, I knew that I was going to get the straight talk I needed to get me back on track. I've been in a very dark place, and Alison has lighted the way.
I had a reading via phone with Alison. She explained how she works and put me at immediate ease. She asked me no questions at all just if I understood or if things made sense to me. She picked up on things it was impossible for her to know, explaining my situation and clarifying feelings I had already had in regards to a situation at hand. She shed light on a couple of possible future paths which are ultimately down to my choices going forward. 100% recommend her. Lovely lady.


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