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Alison Kynaston Jones
Alison Kynaston Jones


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My name is Alison ,
I have over 50 years experience working
through my Spirit guides and on a psychic vibration, as I have been clairaudient since the age of twelve, a gift that was passed down to me by my Great Grandmother .

I am an International psychic medium , Soul Coach , mentor and Intuitive.
I specialize in relationship, career and family issues that can be helped by clear, objective channeled advice.

I have read for many celebrities and have filmed for the MTV program,Celebrity Ex on the Beach.

I have trained at The College of Psychic Studies, The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, and the Arthur Findlay College at Stansted, in England.

I have worked full time as a psychic intuitive, medium ,Soul coach and Law of Attraction teacher in England for the past seventeen years, after I chose to give up a successful business career, having been given a clear message to do so by Spirit.

My work encompasses psychic readings, mentoring, teaching ,visualisations and healing.

My readings are full of information. You can choose a combination of a psychic and Mediumistic reading ,a Soul Assessment reading, a Tarot reading, or a holistic life coaching session.

I hold world wide teaching workshops in addition to being a certified Mike Dooley Infinite Possibilities Trainer and a Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reader.

I also offer an online course on Psychic development that shows you how to connect with Spirit-and your Spirit guides.

My Soul coaching work is highly effective and enables you to weave the passion, joy and happiness back into your everyday life.

My life was far from easy and joyful. I worked hard to understand what I needed to change . I came from a place of hurt and despair. It was a journey of self discovery.

As a certified Infinite Possibilities Coach ,I’ve now put some of my revelations into a holistic life coaching course. It worked for me , and has had amazing affects on my clients too. If you want to make changes , but don’t know where to start, let me help you to live a life of happiness. The course is available in hourly online sessions over six weeks at a time to suit your busy schedule.
I’m ready are you? DM me to book your space and let’s do this together !

I regularly read for my clients by Telegram,WhatsApp,Skype, Zoom or FaceTime.
My Skype address is alisonkj777.

All of the listed network carriers are free to the caller , you just pay for the reading, which means all International calls cost no extra.
***I do not use a landline option.***

I respectfully suggest that you book an hours’ appointment as there is a significant amount of information given in my readings.

Please note I charge in UK £, However the U.S. $ rate is also listed and very favourable at the current exchange .

I do not restrict your reading to a certain number of questions during a normal reading.

Many of my clients have had regular readings for over ten years.The proof of their effectiveness is perhaps in the volume of my testimonials?

Whether you are a returning client or brand new, I’m looking forward to reading for you .I’m always energized and amazed at the information that comes through when I work with Spirit and hope you will be too.
From my heart to your heart, I send you peace of mind and clarity to move forward.
Walk in gentleness.

Alison Kynaston-Jones

Additional Information: 

My early life was full of twists and turns, challenges that included bereavement, divorce ,being a single parent , a successful business woman and widowhood.

I loved, lost and loved again. All of these issues helped to make me the person that I am today. With the help of my Spirit Guides and the Law of Attraction, I have created a happy and calm life that works for me.
If you would like to know more about who I am and how I work ~please have a look at my website.

I really look forward to reading for you soon and being able to help you live the best life that you can.
Let’s make this your best year yet!

With love and gratitude,

Alison Kynaston-Jones
There are no coincidences in life.You have been drawn to connect with me for a reason.

Listed since: Feb 23, 2009


Another wonderful and accurate reading with Alison who has helped me over the years with my questions and worries about what’s happening or not happening. During my reading last week Alison predicted with great accuracy the outcome and timing of a specific work opportunity.Pretty amazing and spot on in several aspects of this job . Alison’s readings are always amazing and I’d recommend and encourage anyone to see for themselves how wonderful she is . Thank you Alison
Something magical always happens during session, days later and months later. Best physcic I have ever been too and always go back as it’s just what I needed.
Alison recently read for me on a specific area of my life and her direct, empathetic words are still playing in my head. Not only was Alison able to identify the issue I'm facing, but also to characterise the impact it is having with a powerfully accurate analogy. Alison was clear throughout on the role of free will, but the difference her reading has made is that I now have the courage to start work on the issue- and for that I'm very grateful.
I had a recent reading with Alison. She has a high degree of accuracy. Previously she correctly told me I’d meet my partner and when. I never feel a reading with her is a commercial transaction-more a spiritually uplifting encounter that changes me for the better, providing hope, healing and guidance. She’s genuine, authentic, grounded as well as being a thoroughly nice person. Once I experienced a reading with her several years ago I stopped looking for anyone else. Highly recommended.
Wow, wow, wow! My first (and certainly won't be the last) reading from Alison was simply an amazing experience. The things she knew about my past, current physical issues which are absolutely not visible blew me away. For various reasons I have been fearful of the challenges I know are coming (Alison could not possibly have known about these), but thanks to her I am now excited to face and deal with these changes and look forward to posting an update early next year. Bring it on!!!
I had a reading with Alison which was my fourth or fifth, and they never disappoint. Alison talked about things from my past and some of the ongoing issues for me, with very specific details. She moved on to talk about what the future holds in how some of those things will resolve, which helped things click into place. She's fantastic!
My reading with Alison was mind-blowing! Straight-up, no sugar-coating, just pure clarity. I was quite nervous before our call, but as soon as I got on the call, I knew I was in good hands. Alison has this knack for getting straight to the heart of things. Even when I was stumbling over my words and didn't make much sense, she put me at ease and gave me the reassurance I needed. So, if you're looking for a psychic who's – blunt, honest, and genuinely caring – look no further. Thank you Alison!
Alison was so accepting and made me feel comfortable from the start. Quick to get back to me and gave me so much information. She brought up things that I did not tell her about and she also was spot on with some other things that again I did not tell her about. I will be reaching out to her again and just now waiting to see what all comes true from her predictions. And the information she provided. She is one of a kind and worth it.
Alison has read for me many times. There's this warm feeling every reading with Alison - almost speaking to a friend - using the cards and messages and framing guidance in the most impacting and constructive way. Whenever I am in a crossroads, I wish for a reading - not only for foresight, but for a grounding 'check in'. It is a wonderful hour of spiritual guidance, delivered by a very kind soul. I will always read with Alison for my own spiritual well-being as it is a priceless experience.
Working with Alison has been such a godsend. It has been a pleasure to deal with her as an attentive listener and sage soundboard. Not only does she deliver guidance from Spirit, she also infuses each session with her warm and caring personality, connecting with you beyond the messages you receive. I am so incredibly fortunate to have found her and would recommend the profound blessing of her gifts to anyone.
This was my first time receiving a reading and I was blown away by how accurate and appropriate the information was that I received. Alison is a true professional and I am very grateful that my wife arranged the reading for me. I look forward to working with Alison again in the future..
I highly recommend Alison’s services! Her life coaching is insightful, and her kind nature and positive attitude create a supportive environment. I'm excited to see how her predictions unfold in my life. Don't hesitate to seek her guidance.
Reaching out to Alison Kynaston-Jones for guidance was an incredible experience. Her intuition seemed boundless, and her warmth instantly put me at ease. With astonishing accuracy, she left me awestruck by her spot-on insights. Her recommendations were invaluable, and I wholeheartedly endorse her services. Offering a huge thumbs up feels like an understatement for the remarkable help she provided. I couldn't be more grateful for her guidance and would enthusiastically recommend her to all.
The reading with Alison was very helpful. She is an empathic person and I felt comfortable straight away. She has good solutions and ideas.
very sweet. i enjoyed my reading with alison. i appreciate her immensely.
I had a reading with Alison 6 months ago. During the reading there was a specific situation I asked her about. She told me what she saw happening and gave me timeframes. These things have now come to pass. I am amazed by her accuracy. She is the real thing. I am definitely going to be scheduling a reading in 2024. I highly recommend a reading with Alison!
Alison wow - what can I say ? Last 2 times she was 200 percent accurate. I been to many other physics however not found anyone like Alison. I don’t understand how she taps in so well to my energy and it’s beautiful as I needed her guidance. Beautiful soul and great life coach and guide. I will only go to her as she is just awesome. Thank you Alison.
Alison gave a superb reading which was insightful and very accurate. Giving a hugely positive reading and guidance. It was emotional to connect with my father and reassuring to know he’s happy and looking over us all.
I have a psychic reading with Alison annually but she will read at short notice in a crisis. She puts one at ease, with her amiable demeanour. She is wise and knowledgeable and exceptionally good at her craft. I return to her time and again because of the high level of accuracy in her readings and how spirituality uplifting the sessions are. She gives ancillary guidance and information about related subjects and the I always leave feeling better connected to myself. Highly recommended!
It was very interesting and accurate indeed and I recommend a reading with Alison as it can definitely help to get more clarity on a subject… Thank you very much!
I received a reading from Alison at a time that I felt I needed guidance. Given that I gave her zero prompts about me. I was shocked at how at the amount of peace she has given me. I would recommend her over and over again, without hesitation. Her nature puts you at ease as well and her insight is valuable beyond measure. I will forever be grateful.
After having my first reading with Alison, I can highly recommend her to anyone, whether you are just curious about your year ahead or looking for answers and guidance. Alison has an incredible psychic gift. I just sat in silence and listened. I resonated with everything in my reading. The messages from spirit coming through made perfect sense I was at the right place with Alison at the right time.
I've met with Alison multiple times over the years. She's given invaluable insights, especially during pivotal points in my life. I greatly appreciate her support. Alison approaches every session with compassion and positivity, and I always come away with clarity. Thank you Alison!
I had a reading with Alison at short notice and the session helped transform a crisis into a much more manageable situation. Her insights were empowering and healing. She is a gifted psychic who is kind and perceptive with a high degree of accuracy. I would highly recommend her.
Just had my annual reading from Alison. Another wonderful reading to say the least. I've been recieving spiritual guidance form Alison for around 10 years or so, in person and video call, video call is just as perfect as in person. I can only highly recommend her. Alison is professional, honest and just a wonderful person to communicate with. I always feel aligned and clear after a reading, regarding past, present and future. Thank you Alison ♡
Alison is a very gifted psychic who has a strong connection to Spirit. She has beautiful energy and speaks from the heart. I am always in awe about how accurate she is. She has the ability to contact loved ones who have passed over and give you messages from the other side. Alison is kind and compassionate and can help you in all areas of your life. I highly recommend having a reading with her.
I’ve just had my second reading with Alison which was fantastic. She’s helped me get a lot of clarity on a few different situations in my life and came through with some very specific information. She also helped to reinforce a few things which have been in my mind for a while but I now need to take the time to prioritise. I would thoroughly recommend her to all.
I had my first reading with Alison and it was very helpful, insightful and reassuring. I was feeling stuck and the Alison’s unique gift helped me to have a more positive perspective. I found her to be incredibly warm and kind. Her advice encouraged me to see the new year in a new light. I’m so glad that I found her and booked a reading. It will definitely not be my last. Highly recommend.
Just had my first reading with Alison. She is the real deal. She was amazingly accurate and not only did she provide information but she provided ways to overcome the issues and obstacles at hand. She is amazing!!!!!!!
I have had a few readings from Alison especially when my mum passed away I just needed to know that my mum did not suffer which Alison reassured me she didn’t! Losing a mum is the most devastating thing being a daughter, but Alison had compassion & empathy.


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