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I offer readings and I have clients all over the world! I do Readings over Email, Facebook chat, the phone, Skype, and Facetime.

Hello my name is Tiffany Powers and I am located near Austin, Texas. I have had my own business now for over 8 years and in that time I have worked with hundreds of clients from all over the world as well as taught Thetahealing Internationally. The areas that I assist people with are abundance, love, as well as spiritual teaching. I specialize in remote work so what that means is that I can spiritually connect with you instantly no matter where you are located.

Here is a list of my Specific Skillset: Business/Love/Health Coaching, Psychic/Intuitive Work, Remote Viewing, Clearing Blocks, Animal Communication, Space Clearing, Home Blessings, Spiritual Education & Training, Connecting You With Your Spirit Guides/Angels, Past Life Readings,Mediumship for People and Animals. All readings I do are done through Creator/Source.

I have overcome abuse and chronic illnesses in my life so I can understand where my clients are coming from. I have felt your pain, I have walked in your shoes…so I have the ability to understand you and I know exactly what you need to heal and move forward.

My wish for you is that you can create heaven on earth!

I can’t wait to work with you!”

-Tiffany Powers

Recent Client Testimonials:

" I have had several readings with Tiffany over the last few years and can unequivocally say that she brought me peace at a time where I could not find it elsewhere. Her generosity and kindness is remarkable. My own spiritual training has spanned 25 years and I am a highly discriminating consumer of these types of services. It is easy to endorse her skill, as working with her defines and demonstrates, every time, the transformational power of theta healing. "

Julie M., Minnesota

"I have been working with Tiffany for 4 years, and she has helped me to transform, clear and heal deep rooted issues! She's also been tuning into my 12 year old beautiful Golden Retriever, Bailey, and given me many resources and information to clear her energy and to keep her healthy as well.
I have never met any other healer who is as warm-hearted, compassionate in both her heart, as well as in her delivery of Source information, nor as willing to help me clear old patterns that no longer serve me, and to help me transform.
Tiffany is a beautiful, kind, empathetic, sincere, sweet and talented Healer. She is clearly connected to Source and extremely committed to her work as a healer.
I trust her in every way. Thank you Tiffany for all the work you do!"

With Pure Light, Love, and Compassion,

"Hi Tiffany, The reading I had with you recently was so accurate, it was simply incredible. You zeroed in on things that were of concern to me that you could not possibly have guessed. I have since received confirmation on some of the items. You are truly a Blessed and talented soul. Thank You and God Bless!"
(Sheila, Canada)

"I have had several readings with Tiffany for quite some time. I find her insight to be uplifting and spot on. I definitely recommend her to those who desire clear and consistent advice from the Angelic Realm. Love & Light"
(Mysha, Florida)

"This woman is absolutely AMAZING!! Sincerely. I highly recommend her. She has changed my life in ways I never dreamed. Tiffany is such a sweetheart and gives clarity without judgment. She is proof that the divine walk among us. I absolutely cherish the time I get to spend with her! Even a few minutes with her makes the world look brighter."
(Jemini, Arizona)

"Thank you again for this amazing reading, I look forward to a peaceful night sleep and I am thrilled with your service, again!"
(Katie, Australia)

"I would like to THANK YOU for being obedient, delivering divine messages, revealing blockages, and performing EXTRAORDINARY energy work!!! My spiritual and physical body feels AMAZING:) Although there is more inner work we need to do, my spiritual core can finally engage and move forward with the ascension to the fifth dimension:)"
(HonorS3, USA)

"Thankyou Tiffany for making me aware, of issues that I need to heal. It was amazing the things you knew and it confirmed what I already knew but didn't know how to go about doing! I will now take action steps towards these things and I will be doing more block removal with you in the future."
(Melissa, Australia)

"I had an hour long reading with Tiffany and I am here to tell you she is a ROCK STAR! She knew things from my life that I had not even told her. She gave me so much insight and also spiritual exercises to do, which I have done by the way--I feel like a load has been lifted! She gave me messages from my dad. She is amazing. I will be calling on her again and only wish that I lived closer to her so that I could participate in her spiritual group! It was a positive experience from start to finish and Miss Tiffany is the real deal!"
(Rhonda, USA)

"Tiffany is amazing. She helped me with a business reading, as I was unsure if I was on the right path. Tiffany helped me to see that my business was not doing as well as I wanted because I had some feelings of unworthiness from a few different times in my life that were holding me back from receiving. Tiffany was amazing in what she saw and after the reading in that week my business picked up. I felt like I was able to give and receive and feel really happy. I am loving my new business I know that I am in the right place and Tiffany helped me to see that. Thanks Tiffany."
(J., Australia)

"I slept so well, just as you predicted.And yes indeed today I do feel 'differently.'I cannot really explain how I feel, except different.I cannot thank you enough!!!!You are so incredibly gifted!!!"(Leilani W., Michigan)

"I do have a new sense of clarity of steps to take which is nice, ideas coming to me at least. What I do with them is up to me but nice to see it happening."(Sandra S., California)

"It's amazing the change I experienced after our session."
(Amanda S., Arizona)

"Everything was great, love her. Thank you very much."(Gale, Texas)

"Met with Tiffany for the first time yesterday. She is not only gifted but truly a gentle soul. Thank you Tiffany for helping me to see how I can accomplish what I want & need to do. Can't wait for lesson number two."(Geri, Michigan, USA)

"Tiffanyl did a clearing for our non profit rescue. Following this clearing of evil some of the negative employees either left or were removed. The energy and positive ideas increased and the awareness of our mission significantly improved. About twice a year we have and will continue to have a clearing performed to simply maintain the positive forces and remove any negative impacts being brought on property by unsuspecting volunteers or visitors."(S., Michigan)

I have had many readings/healings/teachings from Tiffany and have had the pleasure of spending some time with her on a personal level. She is a warm, wonderful and caring being with a great sense of humour. My first session with Tiffany changed me completely. I have recommended Tiffany to many people who have been equally happy with their sessions. I have even given readings as gifts to a few of the people in my life who needed guidance or reassurance. I can't say enough good. (Gillian, Canada)

I have been working with Tiffany for a couple of months now. She is very honest and sincere and allows me to work and heal at my pace. I have done different types of healings as well as readings & I was even able to communicate with my father who is not even american. As a psychotherapist myself it was really important for me to find someone I could trust for my personal and professional growth. I really appreciate her soft but powerful energy. I highly recommend Tiffany. (Violiane, New York)

What tremendous insight and clarity! The healing received by Tiffany went much deeper than I initially was aware... days later and I am still feeling the peace. Tiffany delivers her message with such love... I will definitely be calling her again! (Kerri, Colorado)

I am very grateful to have met Tiffany. I first learned about her on blog talk radio. I'm currently in counseling and it does help to have her for spiritual guidance and support. I am working on the things that I am responsible for in my own healing. Thank you. (Bernadette, California)

"Theta healing® has transformed me in a numerous amount of ways. One in particular was confidence in myself. All my life I struggled with confidence. I truly believe it is hereditary due to the fact my father struggled with the same issue for years. I was always seeking ways on building up my confidence. It worked little by little (not enough to see major improvements) that is until I booked a Theta healing session. I'm still in shock at the miraculous healing session. I have such confidence with everything ESPECIALLY in my new career. Just a little over 5 months ago I always thought I would fail in my career. Now it's moving very fast. I highly recommend booking a session if you feel stagnant in life & want to proceed forward in life.things. Theta healing has cleared me of a lot of baggage & provides me with confidence, a sense of direction with my life purpose & has helped me manifest. Now I'm standing here with so much confidence that the people I work with are amazed on how fast I became confident. I am courageous enough to master my career and my life."
(Amanda, Arizona)

"Words can not even express how I feel right about now! The word lighter does not even come close. I feel calm, focused, and joyful! My forehead and top of my head is still buzzing (LOL)! THANK YOU! You are an amazing gift, and I am blessed to have met you!"
(Missy, Arizona)

"I want to thank Tiffany for help coping with hurt feelings, anger, and resentment issues that I just couldn't bare for any longer. The feelings started consuming me and truly took the "fun" out of my life. She suggested that ThetaHealing was the best, and promised I would feel better instantly. She was absolutely right. During the healing, I could feel my heart becoming lighter, and I saw images in my head of a better life without all the emotions that had been hampering me every day. Afterwards, my mind was blank, like it had literally been reprogrammed. When I was explaining to my family the reasons that I went had the healing done, I still remember the events that lead up to the emotional stress that I had felt before; it doesn't erase your memory, but it is simply impossible for me to be able to feel all the hurt and pain that was associated with it. It's just not there. In the past, whenever I thought about the past, it would feel like I was experiencing all the hurt over again. Now, it's just a mere insignificant memory that will no longer have control of my life. I have a more positive outlook and higher energy, and it's all thanks to Tiffany and ThetaHealing®. :)"
(Su, Michigan)

"Tiffany's work is extraordinary and there is no exception with Theta Healing®. The session was powerful in clearing up a lot of past life beliefs. It was amazing to notice how my soul spent so much time out of my body and after the Theta session I felt more grounded and solid, and less scared. The Theta Healing is life changing a must for anyone on the spiritual path seeking to grow and heal spiritual blocks quickly. I look forward to my next session of empowerment! Thank you so much."
(Angela, New York)

‎"During my Theta Healing® session with Tiffany I experienced a variety of instant miracles. I am forever changed from our unique session. My third eye was opened during this time. Immediately I could sense the change. A brilliant purple appeared above my eyes and the knowledge of its presence is now constant. I cannot accurately describe this sensation in words. There is a certain clarity, a specific 'knowing', that is now very apparent in my life. I am acutely aware of my physical and energetic bodies and am excited to explore. I would highly recommend Theta Healing®. Tiffany's execution of it is fun, exciting and comforting even through the tough stuff. I am deeply grateful for this gift she's given me."
(Jemini, Arizona)

Tiffany has been my friend/psychic for over 5 years I told her I was very nervous about a exam I had to take in order to have a stable job here in the us now that I'm finally starting to pursue my career goals she sent me a download from the creator through her and I passed and got my certification in the mail! Blessings to all"

Vanessa S.

Savannah, Georgia

Dear Tiffany Thank you so much for amazing Thetahealing yesterday. I feel great! Energized, calm,centered and peaceful. I Am full of new ideas and ready to LIVE my life as good as it gets :-) i Am so greatful for you are in my life shining so brightly inspiring me. Thank you milion times . God bless You.Namaste:-)"



"I just wanted to reach out and tell you that I go back now and then to our readings and am still flabbergasted by your gift. I completely forgot what our last read was about and I just reread it and literally got goosebumps. You have helped me in so many ways and your words and readings continue to prove to be honest and real. Just crazy!! "



"Another thank you for being such an amazing blessing and activating your gift. "



I have known Tiffany Powers for many years and she has always amazed me with gifts. When I first met her I was in a terrible place with my life, and with her help, friendship and guidance I have turned my life around and am grateful for all she has done for me. Tiffany has a pure gift from God and her spiritual readings are always accurate. Her classes and dedication to helping others find harmony, spirituality and love from every aspect of your life. She truly is amazing."


Livonia, Michigan

have met lots of physics, spiritual people, therapist within my personal and professional life. But have not met a TRUE HEALER. I have only known Tiffany for about 4+ years and from the day we met, she immediately became a very important part of my life. One of the many traits I love about her and her profession, is that it doesn't matter who you are or what you are going through; good or not so good - she heals it from the inside out in, and it has a life long effect. Tiffany also travels and facilitates workshops all over for other healers wanted the additional knowledge. And.. she is a professional for ALL Generations!! I highly recommend Tiffany Powers Healing, call her today and I guarantee you will be amazed!"


Phoenix, Arizona

Since Tiffany has come into my life it had all been an amazing experience. She has helped me with so many aspects of my life. She has helped me to make decisions and see things for what they really are. She is true, real, honest, and caring. Once you talk to her you will always continue to she is truly amazing."



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Voted #15 in the world for psychic/medium category

Voted #8 in the USA for psychic/medium category

Voted #29 in the world for healer category

Published October 27, 2012 Volume 1: Directory & International Rank of the United States & The Worlds Best Psychics, Mediums, Healers, Astrologers…Lightworkers (Best light workers of our time) by Maximillien de Lafayette

Certified and Trained ThetaHealing® Instructor and Practitioner

Usui Reiki Master

Metaphysical Minister

Approved profile on Best Psychics Directory

Listed since: Dec 11, 2014


Tiffany is incredibly gifted with her a abilities to connect with Source. She is fluid with her delivery and always on point with conveyed messages. She is naturally caring and understanding to every situation and her guidance is hands down pure and honest, motivating, encouraging, and enlightening!! I have called upon Tiffany for more than a year now and will forever rely on her help to assist me and my family anytime I need clarity and guidance You are irreplaceable Miss. Powers.
Tiffany is the best. I have been working with her on a regular basis for about 6 months and I can not believe how much my life has changed for the better. When I booked my very first appointment, I thought that she only did readings, little did I know that she is also a very powerful healer. Every time we talk, I learn so much, and in addition I have days that are completely pain free. She is a very gifted in many areas, and I can't imagine not having her guidance and healing in my life!
Tiffany is heaven sent. She is so full of love and light and her beautiful voice radiates that when she channels and speaks the highest truth. She has been a blessing to me and I am already sending others to her. She immediately zeros in on what is going on. I found her to be extremely loving, caring and accurate. I highly recommend her and feel so thankful to have found her.
My session with Tiffany was a gift from my daughter and it proved to be more beneficial than I could have ever imagined. Everything she told me was spot on. Through our reading I was able to be released from the huge amount of guilt I have been carrying around with me for 40 years thinking that I was a failure to my deceased sister. I am so grateful for Tiffany. She is incredibly gifted and patient, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking understanding and healing from spirit.
My reading with Tiffany was a gift from my wife and wow, what an incredible gift! Through our reading, she was able to give me a great deal of peace and comfort that I had no idea I was in desperate need of. In addition, she provided me with practical guidance and insight and confirmed to me that I was on the right path in some very important areas of my life. My time spent with Tiffany was life changing and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is open for an amazing experience.!
I have had the pleasure of working with Tiffany on 2 separate occasions over the past month and since then, I have felt so clear and inspired. For our psychic reading session, she provided me with so much accurate information and insight about my past and current life situations. Through her connection with spirit , she has helped me understand things about myself that I would have never understood on my own. Since our reading I have felt the deepest kind of understanding and peace.

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