Sue Siebens

Sue Siebens
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$50/30 min

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Sue uses her psychic gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognizance in concert with pendulum dowsing to receive and verify the information and answers she receives. Sue connects with her own Higher Self, Angels and Guides and the client's Higher Self and celestial team. The readings are perceptive and insightful. She is helps them sort through their questions and difficulties. Bringing a sense of peace to each session, Sue strives to clear away the debris and confusion and set a clear path for her client’s forward motion.

Starting with your brief description of what’s “going on”, Sue will deliver information about how you can prioritize and focus on your next steps in redirected action. She will access local, long-distance and inter-dimensional information for you and divine the answers to health, love, business, spiritual and energetic concerns. Sue will also clear energy/aura imbalances and reset/re-pattern the past to reset the future that are hampering your efforts.

Thank you, in advance, for selecting Sue's services and trusting your intuition that she is the best fit for your needs. Sue looks forward to working with you!

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Check out the "WHAT KINDS OF QUESTIONS, CLEARING OR LOCATING ARE POSSIBLE?" on the bottom of her website home page (

Listed since: Sep 20, 2015


Sue was very kind and professional during my reading. I called with a little skepticism, but by the end of the call, I had a new perspective. All my detailed questions were answered quickly and clearly. I look forward to coming back to her for more services.
WOW! Don't let the price fool you- this women is CONNECTED and amazing. She was super fast- if she is using a pendulum she manages it very quickly. She had answers that really explained the bigger picture- not just the outcome. I am very happy I called and I would definitely recommend her! THANK YOU SUE!

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