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Ryka George

Ryka George
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My rates are on a sliding scale from *$80-$150 for up to one hour and *$150 and up for a 2 hour session. I just ask that you pick a fee that honors your household as well as mine since this is how I support my family.

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(512) 825-3205


Ryka George

Intuitive Life Coach, Healer, and Teacher

(512) 825-3205

You know what it is like when you feel like you just need a little guidance, maybe some clarity, or when you feel like your life is just gone off the rails. When this happens, give me a call and together with Spirit we can find your answers.

My connection with Spirit started as a child and as I have grown so has my gift. I primarily hear Spirit, but I also can see, feel and receive unspoken information from the other side.

Through my gifts, I will help you in all aspects of life. I help with major life transitions, career, family, emotional issues, spiritual stuff, sexual orientation, relationship questions and challenges and much more. I am often surprised what Spirit can show me.

You will feel lighter when we have finished a session. You will come away with clarity about your questions, and my hope is that you will feel cared for and supported.

I can do sessions over the phone as well as in person. I work with adults, adolescents, and groups. I look forward to working with you.

My sessions are by appointment only and my phone hours are between 10 am to 9:30 pm CST. Give me a call, and we will find a time that works well for both of us. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

(512) 825-3205
or email me at

Additional Information: 

My clients have blessed me with wonderful feedback. Here is a little taste:

I don’t write testimonials as a rule, however my reading with Ryka was a gift on so many levels, I am compelled to share. I had no expectations at all, yet the experience was profound. Ryka is a true facilitator, because she connects you to your guides, then gets out of the way. The result is nothing short of magical … that is if you allow it to be! I hope you do, because Ryka’s the real thing!

Jennifer Baldwin
Austin, Texas

If you want to read more, go visit my website. If it speaks to you, I'd love to hear from you.

Listed since: Mar 5, 2014


I had the good fortune of meeting and having a session with Ryka unplanned. Since I have had a few sessions and each time have been so very helpful and comforting. Love, caring and compassion are not just words in her presence and messages, it is sincerely felt. As for the messages she gives they are spot on. She is also well educated and can link energetically whats going on with more worldly terms. This for me at least creates many "ah-ha" moments allowing for more understanding and healing.
With the passing of my grandfather it awakened a fear of death like no other that I had realized was buried deep inside. In order to combat this, I came across Ryka's page and contacted her immediately which was one of the best decisions I think I could have ever made. Not only is she gifted but also very helpful and nurturing. Throughout this life changing experience she has been able to give and offer words of encouragement but also great life guidance and advice that has proved very useful!
I came to Ryka when I was dealing with one of the most terrible losses I have ever had. She helped me cope with the loss by being able to tell someone I loved things I did not get to say before his passing. Since the reading, I have felt lighter and happier with the situation and I know 100% that this was real. I was very nervous when I first spoke with Ryka but she is very helpful with making the nerves disappear. She is very easy to speak to and can make you feel very comfortable.
Ryka is a gifted, understanding, patient, gentle and intelligent counselor her connection with spirit is very strong. and her connection to my guides and the information that was provided was helpful beyond words! I am so much clearer about what has been going on in my life and what to do about it. She has given me wonderful tools to use in my daily life to help me move forward. I highly recommend her! I will certainly be seeing her again!
I have had several sessions with Ryka over the past couple years. She is always right on with her insights and guidance. It is clear to me that she is connected to benevolent guides that want to assist me. I end each session feeling peaceful and clear about what I need to do. She is so caring and gifted. Thank you, Ryka!
I have been to see Ryka two times about 8 months apart. The first visit I had with Ryka was before my households family dynamics was about to change. The second time was about 6 months after the change had happened. Ryka was able to give me solid information and easy coping mechanisms to help me through the transition. She also was able to give me insight on the way things may conclude everything she told me was helpful and completely accurate. My only regret is waiting so long to go see her.
How I was lead to Ryka is a miracle in itself. :) After following my intuition I was lead right to her. I was raised in a strict Christian home and was taught that these gifts that God blessed Ryka with were demonic and bad. That couldn't be the furthest thing from the truth! She has helped me and held my hand as I move forward in my life, despite the trials I am still facing. She may not always tell me what I want to hear but she is honest with me and I appreciate that. She is a true friend.
I was struggling with some answers regarding where to go with a relationship. Ryka helped me get to some "truths" about me & what I am wanting going forward. She asked some very good questions & helped me to understand a lot about myself. I appreciate her time, expertise & excellent words of wisdom that she gave me.
Just had a session It was amazing can't wait for another one help me a lot of things from the past and going forward it's going to make me a better person
Dear Ryka,I know it has been a while since our session. However, I did not want to miss to tell you what a wonderful, warm and amazing person you are. I was very impressed. What you said was absolutely correct and helpful. Iwill definitely contact you again.
Ryka is amazing and so helpful. Her humor and spirit shine through to help you get the most out of your readings. Ryka tells it like it is and helps you to understand the messages that are coming through. I recommend giving her a call right now.
Rya helped through a very difficult time in my life. Her insight and ability to talk with my Spirit Guides has more value than what she charges. I spent 2 hrs with her and we had a conversation that placed the problems I have into a concrete form that I can handle. Yes Ryka challenged me to think differently and to see my reality from a place with greater Light and Peace. I gladly recommend Ryka
I experienced a true miracle with Ryka, her healing session removed my excruciating lower back pain that I was experiencing for years! She also spoke directly to my guides and angels and I received guidance that was truly remarkable. I have spoken to readers for over 25 years and this was the most unforgettable one I will remember. I will recommend her to my friends and family with no concern, she is the real deal!!!!
During my reading, Ryka was able to get to the root of an issue that had been plaguing me my whole life. I feel confident that I could never have resolved it on my own; I'd been working on it for nearly 10 years, and even therapists and psychologists couldn't help me make the shift. In one evening with Ryka, this issue was cleared. Now, my stress level is down probably 70%, and life is just easier now. She is AMAZING. I will definitely work with her again and recommend her to anyone.
Ryka is great! I have had several readings from here and all have been helpful and pushed me in a better direction. When bring something up and her "hair on her arms stand up" I know I am doing something right. She doesn't sugar coat or say things that she thinks you want to hear, she tells you what you need to hear. I will go back again!
My reading with Ryka was helpful and supportive. I gained useful information about my situation as well as myself. Ryka's feedback has very valuable to me since our reading and I am very grateful to her. I can recommend her enthusiastically.
I had a reading today with Ryka and it was such a good experience! I felt like she lifted me up out of my dark hole and set me on my road, going again in the right direction. I needed some insight into health problems with myself and my son and she got us pointed in a new way to solve some lifelong issues. I was depressed about several other issues in my life and she helped me see how my past was still my present. (Read my mom!). I will be calling again.
Loved her! I just had my second meeting with Ryka. I have been unclear about my career. She was very concise about my current situation and helped me understand why I am where I am. She helped me understand what I needed to do and how to move forward. I am blown away because I have been so confused for months and she cleared it up in minutes. She's able to give me clarity on some family difficulties I've been dealing with. Her guidance is very practical and down to Earth! Amazing- thank you!
Ryka was very sensitive to my pain in losing my son. She put a lot of my worries to ease and answered all my questions. She was very in tune and made this horrible time in my life a little better. She can guide you on a path towards happier living.
A year after my husband died from cancer, I had a reading with Ryka. At the time, I felt like I was drowning in my emotions- a sea of glass shards shredding constantly. Ryka's guides helped me let go of all the what ifs, would haves, could haves & might have beens. Ryka channeled my guides to help me understand there was nothing that I could have done to change what happened. As a result of my reading, I have been able to let go of the pain, to live my own life & be open to new possibilities.
Ryka is the best medium I have seen.My mom came talk her like she was right on earth I'm very happy and pleased . Definitely coming back for more conversation with mom.Thank You
Ryka, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!! If ever you wake up one day and can't recognize the person looking back at you in the mirror, call her. She not only has a way to remind you of your most truest form (the you at your most happiest), she also knows how to approach the matter in a way unique to how you best take in sensitive information. My whole world expanded & my heart healed in my very 1st session with her. We're all searching for our Truth, and this girl knows how to bring it home.
I sought Ryka out upon high recomendations. My session has been life changing! I heard stuff I didn't really like, but it really opened my eyes. The next few days afterward, I couldn't stop smiling. Such a great message of wonderful energy the universe has to give if you want it! So much negativity was lifted. I think I've already strarted to make positive changes. Can't wait to go again....
My reading with Ryka was a wonderful surprise and insight into many areas. She was very concise which helped in clarifying many questions and concerns! Thank you Ryka for all of your valuable help.
I had the pleasure of having a reading with Ryka and all I can say is it was a eye opening experience. I learned so much in the two hour reading with her about myself and others. She is insightful and very easy to talk too. Definitely reccomend her.
I have had the pleasure of several readings with Ryka and find her and her guides to be both compassionate and accurate. She gives guidance on many subjects and often gives me pause for thought and to reroute my plans - all for the better. Ryka is a through and thoughtful guide and I would highly recommend her.
Acquiring Ryka's reading was a gift that I will treasure for the years to come. Life changing reading that enabled me to continue to unravel the pieces of myself that had remain unhealed. Ryka (and her guides) offered me a path to understand next steps for moving forward in my life as an individual, spouse, and parent. Her personal style and approach was authentic, compassionate, and deeply enriched with connection to me as the client. Excellent, gifted psychic and highly recommended!
Ryka is a very gifted and connected psychic. She has opened many doors of insight and information that has been extraordinarily helpful. I find her swift and accurate answers to be just as helpful as talking with a therapist, but with results that come within minutes instead of multiple sessions. What a blessing to know Ryka and to seek her out when one has internal conflicts to resolve.
I reached out to Ryka for some spiritual healing and through her that is exactly what I received. She helped my grieving heart find peace and clarified areas of uncertainty for me. Amazing experience and she works with you as far as what she charges for the session
My girlfriend and I recently went to visit Ryka to seek clarity and guidance on basic topics in our lives. We got so much more than we could have ever imagined. We have both previously been to so-called "psychics" before, but Ryka is THE REAL DEAL. She is a servant, and genuinely wants to help others. Crystal, did our energy healing, which was also AMAZING. We learned so much from her, and got rid of alot of negative energy with Quantum Touch. We are planning on seeing them again very soon!


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