Petrene Soames

Petrene Soames
Petrene Soames



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$165.00 hr $100 half hr

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281 363 9983


World Class Psychic, Healer, Medium, Regression, Progression, Digression therapist Rebirther, Animal communicator, Workshop facilitator, Radio and TV personality, Author of "The Process" a unique opportunity to cause and create a "positive shift" and change in your thoughts, your emotions and your life, "The Essence Of Self Healing" how to bring health and happiness into your life, also "Fifty ways to fix your life" the workbook, creator of the Positive Thought Cards, Lives in the woodlands TX, works via telephone and internet, world wide in person and via mail, books also available in Chinese and Greek, accepts students for healing and self awareness courses.

Professional psychic fifty two years old, working within the above fields for over twenty five years originally from the United kingdom.

Additional Information: 

Please visit web site for more details.
My website is a great place to start the day and find Inspiration there is a lot of free stuff.
You can pick each day while drinking your morning coffee a positive Thought card that is your thought for the day the most useful one that you need they always work. Visit the color rooms and find out where you are at by picking your best color and then enjoy the interpretation which will totally relate to you. Visit the interactive rooms where you can meditate and relax.
The site has over a hundred different articles on Wellness self awareness and self love also the things we all want to know about like relationships how to really lose weight and keep it off, how to have a paranormal year also do check out Petrene’s top ten tips great for vacations and the holiday season. If you are looking for that special gift check out the store where you can buy books cards and gift certificates. Keep up with Petrene and find out about local workshops study groups and events on the home page in the news and events section. Look into the services Petrene offers including readings Healing Mediumship Rebirthing and Regression and if you want to get away from it all and really find yourself consider a two day four day week or ten day retreat with Petrene Soames in The Woodlands TX…

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Listed since: Jul 17, 2011


Petrene is amazing. She is such a real person with such a good vibe. I immediately felt calm with her. She gave me great info. I also love her books
This was one of the best experience I have had bar none. She was so accurate it was scary. She knew nothing about us but told us everything. When she told me about my dog being there and said the color I cried. I had just lost her there is no way she could have known. She gave me closure with what she said, I am now reading her book she is so gifted, I will be back

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