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Pat McGraw
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I can help you connect more deeply to your Divine self.

Using my gifts of Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Clairvoyence, I offer the following services to deliver Heaven's messages to you:

- Guided Restorative Meditation (see below)
- Energy Work & Healing: Release Pain, Dissolve Blocks, Restore Energy Flow (see below)
- Medium Services / Divine Communication (see below)

All sessions are conducted by phone, while you are in the comfort of the location of your choosing.


Meditation allows you to press the 'reset' button for your life:

- reset your joy
- reset your tranquility
- restore your Divine connection, your power, your effectiveness

But, it can be difficult to meditate effectively on your own. Why struggle for mediocre results? Let me help you make the most of your meditation time and be your best self. Together we can achieve more than you can alone.

I can feel, in my body, where you are holding tension, have pain, and lack energy flow in your body. In a live meditation session, I guide you to deeply relax the parts of your body where you hold tension. I can help you clear your blocks to allow Divine energy to flow more freely through your whole being, which then allows you to feel more balanced, relaxed, and connected. In that state, you experience greater clarity as you approach and manage the circumstances in your life, achieving greater satisfaction, effectiveness, and success.

Life is about connecting. Get out of your own way, and get reconnected to your best self!


I can feel, in my body, where you are holding tension, have pain, and lack energy flow in your body.
I can help you relax more deeply, release your physical pain, dissolve blocks, and restore the flow of your Divine energy in just minutes.

Pain steals your breath away, makes you tense, and limits your life, your joy, your freedom.
Pain can negatively impact your relationships.

Are you ready to let go of your pain and tension?


I am able to hear communication from spirit beings. You can ask questions and receive guidance from those who have already crossed over...loved ones, angels, guides...

It's like having a phone conversation...with Angels! You participate and ask your questions.

Don't wait any longer to find peace with your issues and questions.

Listed since: Mar 22, 2019

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