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Pamela Rivette

Pamela Rivette
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CBS Sports Talk Radio named Pamela, a top 5 Psychic in Houston Texas. She's known internationally for being a 5 star psychic medium paranormal investigator. Pamela, is the creator & host of the web based talk show "Para Chat" on youtube. A master tarot reader, spiritualist, Intuitive, Sensitive, & life coach. With 45 yrs exp. in the psychic paranormal realm & up to a 98.9 % accuracy rate in timing & other details.She delivers fast paced accurate information. In person & phone sessions are available ( rates do vary ).

is Cherokee, Navajo, Irish, & German, & was born as a indigo child, & had 2 near death experiences between 18 months & 2 years of age. In tune with her psychic abilities since she was a toddler , studying since she was 6 yrs old with her mother's training.
She has worked along side of Richard Smith, for the last 8 years ( The top E.V.P. expert in the United States ) on paranormal investigations. she reads regular playing cards, candle wax, candle flame, rice, peoples auras, personal objects, & photos. She has empathic, clairvoyant & medium capabilities, Which means she's clairvoyant, clairaudient, & clairescient . All levels of angels have also been known to communicate with her. Through out the years she has developed a method of reading peoples energy.
October 2012, She blew every ones minds in her interview with CBS 610 am Sports Talk Radio. As a result of that interview in October 2013 CBS Sports Talk radio named her as one of the top 5 psychics in the Houston, Texas area, since all her predictions came to pass.. December 29th 2013 Pamela, was requested to be the psychic by KRIV Fox News to give psychic predictions for 2014 for their new years broadcast.
As of June 2016, Pamela, became the creator & host of the "Para Chat" talk show on youtube, A Van Shotwell production. Which is delving into the deepest recesses of the paranormal world between Earth and Heaven.
Hours Of Availability are flexible with enough notice. Appointments for in home sessions should be made either the day of , or the day before your session. More details on availability can be found at

Come Now on a journey into the psychic realm like you have never experienced before! she tells it like it is no ifs and's or buts about it, No holds bared, No B.S.. With details and extreme accuracy. she does'nt tell you what you want to hear but what is really there..

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Pamela, makes no claim of being 100% accurate; For only God is 100% all knowing. She is here to guide you on the current path of the situation at the time your questions are asked. Free will can play a part of things changing . Psychics are here to guide you not always to foretell your future .You always have choices &have the free will to make choices, which can totally affect anything she may see today. Remember: as for all of us, your future remains yours to decide.

I do have references & client feedback available in my guest book...

Pamela's, goal is to guide you to a better way of life, to find the answers that you seek, & to help you find the unconditional love & happiness in yourself & the world around you. To help you find peace over the death of family & loves, by connecting you to them allowing their messages to come through to you.

Listed since: Aug 6, 2013


I've had many readings this past year. I have waited months to talk to a few celebrity mediums. Each time I was disappointed. Pamela is like talking to a friend. As she is doing the reading she also let's you know how our loved ones talk to her. What things may or may not mean. I have searched the Internet and my Facebook is private. She only knew my first name. The things she told me are so unbelievable accurate. She's for real. Thank you Pam.
I visited Pamela a couple of weeks ago and she definitely has a gift! I was very skeptic and anxious at first, but then after a few minutes into the readings I knew she was the real deal. She mentioned things that no one could have known. Her techniques are unique! Pamela, thank you for this experience. God Bless!
Love her!!!
I heard about Pam through my girlfriend who raved about her so I contacted her right away as I have some urgent matters I need help with. She was so easy to contact and get reading with! It was like talking with my long time friend. She keeps it real but was very sweet when I would get emotional which is always embarrassing. She is SO RIGHT ON and super cool! If you haven't had an appt with her you MUST try her. Just referred someone who called & was floored at her amazing reading with Pam!!
My reading with Pam was great. My grandmother came through and gave me advice. It wasn't what I wanted to hear but it was the truth. She validated things with my grandmother that let me know it was really her. I will call Pam again. :)
Great reading by a professional who was very concise and I hope (only the future will tell) very accurate. Wonderful personality and I will be calling her again. I recommend her to all of you reading this as she I'd very detailed oriented.
Pamela is a phenomenal psychic. She has been not only guiding me now for the last 9 yrs. but she is also been a spiritual teacher to me as well. I originally came to her is emotional shambles. With her help I've grown tremendously. You cant go wrong with Pamela. Call her now & see for yourself.. Also Congradulations Pam on CBS naming you as a top 5 psychic in the Houston area.. Im proud of you. :)
Her chat reading was so accurate I was truly amazed. She immediately mentioned the right name of the person I was referring to in my question. I will be back for more for sure and can highly recommend her. Thank you Pamela.
whoa!!! This lady here knows what she is talking about! I have had 2 different readings from 2 other so called psychics.....that were not accurate at all! Pamela is the real deal...she is down to earth and very easy to talk to...this was my first reading from her but it WONT be my last she was right on the money about everything we spoke about ....I will get another reading soon! Thank you Pamela!
I've received multiple readings from Pamela regarding relationships, career, and finance, she is spot on every time. Additionally, she is trustworthy and really cares about her clients. I higly reccomend her,,, you definitely won't be disappointed... She is worth every penny!!!
Had my first phone session with Pamela today and it was very enlightening. In fact, her reading was very life-changing and now I have some very important decisions to make in the near future.
I came to Pamela to seek answers that I thought could never be answered. I had just recently lost my bf and during those times I really didn't know who or where to turn to for advice less actually make contact with him. Ms. Pamela definitely is a genuine person that is honest and is there to help. I have had many readings with her just so I can connect to him. I appreciate everything that she had to offer. So if you're looking for an honest and down to earth person, she is definitely the one.
If you ca't take it when someone is straight up and candid, don't call Pamela. She is like tequila without a chaser. Very easy to talk to, but can come off a little harsh. she is a teacher and a master at her craft. She is also one of the only people on here that actually answer the phone when you call and is ready to go to work immediately. She didn't rush. She was honest and real.
Pamela came into our life through what now seems like a force of destiny more than whim. We found her through the great reviews online and took to calling her to set up an appointment. Of the several people we called, Only Pam answered. I see this as the same mantra Pam lives by: where others ignore, she hears. We went from a phone call, to several meetings, to referring friends, to deferring our questions to no other. Pamela is a gift, one I'm so grateful to have in my life.
Pamela has read as a medium for me several times, I have found that when I am unsure of my path, she puts me write back on track. She has also helped me when I came to her as an emotional cripple and pulled me from the darkness into the light. I tell you know, if you need the real thing, not a fake bone in her body, she will be straight with you, tell you the things she sees and sees so much. She is amazing. I feel everyone should have a guide like Pamela. thank you Pamela for being there for me
I cant say enough about Pam...I was very hesitate on seeing a medium until my son passed away. I went to see Pam 3 weeks after he passed. I went to her with an open mind and was BLOWN away with the details of my son she shared with me. There is NO WAY she could of known these things that only my son and I shared unless she was speaking with him. She was so accurate and gave me peace knowing that he was OK..She is amazing..she is the real deal!!!
As an intuitive myself and a student of an eclectic pagan path, I am no stranger to psychics. I am also no stranger to fraudulent ones. I can tell you with absolute certainly that her abilities are not only genuine, they are astounding. She is the most gifted intuitive I have ever met. I have difficulty reading for myself. I can only read for others. Pam helped me out by doing a reading for me, and her techniques far surpass my own. She is very honest and straight-forward. Give her a try!
I contacted Pamela Rivette for a private reading about 6 months ago regarding a issue between my husband and I. My concern is that I wanted to know if he was ever unfaithful to me and if we were going to stay together long term. She informed me that he cheated on me three times and that we would not be together long term, but that he would linger on no matter what! I went home confronted my husband and he told me it happened three times. To this day, we are not together and he still calls me.
Pamela gave me a reading of me and husband that was spot on! Like she had known me on a personal level! Will reccomend her to anyone!

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