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Nancy Yearout

Nancy Yearout
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Hello and welcome,
My gift is the ability to channel God's word through myself to provide you with the information you need to help you through your life challenges with ease and grace though my psychic abilities and the oracle cards. I also use Angels cards in my readings. The cards are a tool to guide me to the information that i am am to reveal to you from God.

I am an accomplished business woman, author and spiritual intuitive. I have spend many years as a single mom and a business owner while working on my true love, Spiritual work on the side.About Ten years ago I was blessed to have the opportunity to do my Spiritual work full time! And I Absolutely love what I do.
There have been many times in my life as a single mom that I was counting on a sale to go through or a check for child support to arrive to go food shopping and i had a friend who was a psychic and I called her for advice. She always helped me and I am eternally grateful.
Now I am here to help you.

My background includes an extensive corporate career as Sales Coordinator with one of the Big Three Automakers in Detroit.
My corporate experience in sales and marketing have given me the edge to rise to the position of a successful real estate broker and owner of my own firm.

Even though I have been blessed to gained invaluable experience working with people over the years in many aspects of business, knowing all the while that My true calling is to be a spiritual leader.

Nancy is the author of;" Wake Up! The Universe Is Speaking to You." This book is an introductory to the benefits of positive energy use in our daily lives. Nancy shows us how to create what we desire and how to keep ourselves clear of negativity. She shows us how to tap into universal energy and utilize this energy as it was intended; to benefit our lives.
Utilizing both her intuitive abilities and she acquired spiritual education, she has been able to create the life she wants for herself. Now she teaches others hot to create what they want in their lives. Her spiritual schooling encompasses numerous energy and spiritual education classes and workshops over the years. Her teachers in Michigan, New Mexico and California have proved invaluable to her current energy work. Her path has developed through religious study and the acquisition of information about various cultures and their religious practices.
Nancy has been fortunate to acquire hands- on energy healing skills from an Aztec healer from Mexico. She has taught many how to balances their energy fields. She has received guidance from religious and spiritual teachers along the way, resulting in the development of her own skills as an intuitive. This knowledge has made her a natural helper to guide people who are looking for a more balanced and joyful lifetime.
She is blissfully married with two children and three grandchildren who light up her life. She has received guidance from religious and spiritual teachers along the way,
enhancing her skills as an intuitive.
My insight and faith in the lord have blessed me with the knowledge to assist many people to joyful successful lives
.My goal is to motivates you through my writing, classes, intuitive readings and speaking to create what you desire. I will demonstrate shows how to use the skills we possess to change our mindset to hold and project the energy of love
To view Nancy’s videos and hear her live via Radio and Podcast, visit her website; Here you will find information on upcoming webinars, workshops speaking engagements and live shows.

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You can see my series on How to change Your Life on YouTube.
Nancy Yearout is my channel.
Read my new book Wake Up! The Universe is Speaking to You
Available at Barnes &

Listed since: Feb 24, 2016

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