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Nadine Rodriguez, Ph.D. is a 3rd generation Clairvoyant, Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Healer & Reiki Master. She channels Angels & Spirit guides to gain insight to individual issues. She can contact the deceased to get closure on unfinished business or profile the living to predict future possibilities. She prides herself in honesty & accuracy! She has helped thousands of people worldwide in matters of relationships, career, finances & business over the last 15 years.

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Nadine has a PhD & in addition utilizes various Universal Laws to help people learn to manifest their desires & improve their lives. Her purpose is to empower people by providing them with essential insight to help them on life's journey.

Listed since: May 29, 2007


Nadine is awesome. She really has a gift. She started off my reading with so many details that I felt like I was speaking to a confidant and old friend. I will recommend her unreservedly to anyone. I have been reading with psychics for years and she is amazing. Thanks and God Bless Nadine!!!
Nadine was great. So much of what she said conveyed accuracy and compassion to me. She picked me up, did not sugar coat the truth, but offered me ways to see my situation as a patch in the road. I feel she truly was tuned in to me and my needs. She did not use tarot cards or anything, just started saying things right off the bat.
Before meeting up w/ Nadine she had jotted down on paper things that she felt from me. I had never met her. Nadine had every single question I wanted to ask & ever feeling I felt on her notepad. Seriously, I was blown away. Hands down the most accurate reading I've ever encountered. Not only is she cool, but she's real & not just in her reading, but as a person. She will forever be my go to girl. Thank you so much Nadine!
Wow! Where do I begin?!! Nadine is not only a gifted psychic and medium, but what an authentic human being. Even if she did not have her gift, she would be a great friend. It meant so much to hear from my dad, and her validation of my new career path gave me the confidence to move forward. Her immediate identification of a past trauma to a loved one really shook me. She is gift herself.
Nadine is AWESOME. She told me things that there was NO WAY that she could have known. I got goose bumps when she described a special place that I have set up for my late husband that nobody else has seen. She made me feel like we were good friends that go way back. I am so looking forward to our next visit.
Nadine is simply great, she is honest, easy to talk to, and most of all accurate, almost scary accurate ;D. In addition, I look forward with excitement to the journey ahead and you can count on the fact that I'll be back with lot's more questions!
I could not fit my glowing review of Nadine within 500 characters. So I will say simply this - Uncanny, encouraging, motivational, and inspiring.
Nadine was remarkable. I now have a renewed outlook on life and know that I am moving forward in the right direction. I will definitly keep working with her in the future. I can't wait to see what is going to happen next. Thanks Nadine!!
Wow! Nadine gave me my first ever reading by a psychic, and I"m still trembling! She was able to put me in touch with three family members that have crossed over, and I am filled with such peace, and gratitude. Talking with Nadine was like chatting with an old friend, and her information was incredibly clear and accurate. I will definitley be contacting her again in the future!
Nadine has helped us in a very stressful test with our unborn child. We were in a high % for Mental disorder during our first trimester of 11 wks. Nadine predicted we would have a healthy girl. At 17 weeks our tests ruled out Down's & it is a girl. Nadine said I would receive a new job offer in 3 months. I thought she was crazy. I had the same job for 19 yrs and still had a yr to go for college. 3 days later I got a phone call offering me a position relating to my collegiate studies
Nadine is definitely the best psychic that I've come across. She is VERY accurate. She gave me the direction that I needed regarding a decision with my career and other areas of my life. She is professional, honest, and caring. She is the "real deal".
WOW! I have had several readings with psychics around the country & have never met someone as honest & down to earth as Nadine. She was chillingly accurate with things I could confirm right away & gave me specific details on deceased relatives that only I knew! Amazing! Will definately tell others about her!
Nadine is a gifted psychic that makes you feel as if you were speaking with an old friend. She is full of insight and is incredibly accurate but most of all she is full of love and positive energy. I consider Nadine a true blessing for those that come in contact with her and I plan on using her services for years to come.
We first met Nadine a couple years ago through mutual friends of ours. That night we were discussing babies & the desire for my fiance & I to start a family right away once married. Nadine told us that we would have a baby girl during my husband's senior year of his residency. My husband and I were married in May of 2005. Jim will be completing his senior year of his residency in July (2007) and we were blessed with a beautiful baby GIRL on February 5th, 2007! Nadine is amazing!
Nadine's guidance was exactly what I needed. I have been stuck in a rut for a bit with my career and just overall, and her insight was truly a blessing.
Nadine’s message from my brother gave me 100% confirmation of the authenticity of Nadine’s gift. After my brother passed, I asked him a question when I was quite alone, and told him he could get a message to me through Nadine. Nadine called me a short time later with a very precise answer to my question. I have no doubt Nadine is a very genuine and caring messenger from our Spirit Guides on the Other Side.
Even though I’ve had many readings from other psychics, no one has ever had the right on insight as Nadine. Her wonderful gift as an intuitive reader has helped me make many positive decisions. Through her angel messages, her advice and guidance have served to be a tremendous aid to myself and other members of my family, as well. Thank you, Nadine, for your patience and help with all of our situations. Your gift with the Angels is truly remarkable. Blessings~ Debbie (Oregon)


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