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Nadine Rodriguez, Ph.D. is a 3rd generation Clairvoyant, Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Healer & Reiki Master. She channels Angels & Spirit guides to gain insight to individual issues. She can contact the deceased to get closure on unfinished business or profile the living to predict future possibilities. She prides herself in honesty & accuracy! She has helped thousands of people worldwide in matters of relationships, career, finances & business over the last 15 years.

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Nadine has a PhD & in addition utilizes various Universal Laws to help people learn to manifest their desires & improve their lives. Her purpose is to empower people by providing them with essential insight to help them on life's journey.

Listed since: May 29, 2007


Nadine is simply THE BEST. She is extraordinarily gifted, incredibly kind, and blessedly honest. A recent loss left me desolate and without hope, and Nadine literally guided me back to the light.
Nadine is awesome, this is my 2nd visit with her & she feels like family. I highly recommend her to everyone, she is such an angel and very compassionate and fun to talk with. She hits home with everything we talk to her about.. Please reach out to her, (5) stars in our books.
I am so thankful for my reading with Nadine. Not only did she communicate with deceased loved ones, she also gave some very specific predictions and a time frame within which they will happen. My husband passed 5 years ago so I was delighted he came through. There is no way Nadine could have known the things she did. She was very specific so that I had no doubt it was him. I am curious to see what happens with her predictions. Maybe I'll be able to post again in a few months and let you know.
I am extremely excited to write this review I had my 1 hour reading today with Nadine, my focus was the current relationship I'm in, business and finances. Nadine was able to bring so much clarity to all the questions I had and feel she was able to give specific guidance to each area. I feel very satisfied and well at the end of the day thank you for all of your help. I recommend anyone to use her services, your the best !!
Nadine was awesome..she showed me that I am the person that I work at to be..she was right on point with everything important going on in my life..she calmed my heart lifted my spirits and got my life back on track..I would recommend a reading from Nadine 100%..if you have questions in your life ..uncertainty..or just want some insight from the outside looking in please contact was a great reading and a great investment..plan on another reading in the near future:) Aloha
I lost my husband almost a year ago to cancer after 37 years. Before my reading I cried a lot, did not feel him around or with me, I felt lost, afraid, and lonely. Nadine was able to give to me VERY specific and personal messages from my husband. There was no way Nadine could have known any of those things. I am a true believer and now feel that my husband is with me always. Thank you Nadine! I would recommend her to everyone. It is the best feeling ever!
Nadine told me that 2016 is going to be a much better year than the years I've been having, so right now I'm optimistic about my future.
Nadine is a truly gifted psychic. Since December 2014, she has been my constant go to for spot on psychic advice. I even stopped going to other psychics because her predictions for me have come true (eg the love of my life reconnected with me and I finally got the new job). Also, her advice have taught me on how to become better at handling myself and the situations I am in (eg NEVER accuse my guy of ignoring me; trust him more and to not pressure him). Nadine is both a great psychic and advisor
Nadine was absolutely amazing and SO much fun to talk to! She made me feel like we were old friends. I was super comfortable talking to her and she knew things without me even saying a word! I was kind of skeptical at first, but with any crisis going on in life- you start wondering what can give you the answers you haven't gotten yet. Nadine helped me so much and truly has a gift. I'll definitely be coming back to her!
Nadine was wonderful!! I can't thank her enough! Her responses let me know how gifted she is, even offering things that she had no way of knowing. She put me at ease, answered all my questions about my true path and even offered some suggestions of how I could get this started. I truly recommend her!
Best reading I've ever had! She knew exactly what I wanted to talk about before I even mentioned a word. She really hit everything spot on and gave amazing advice. I highly recommend Nadine!
First of all, I was very skeptical about human beings being able to talk to the dead, predict events or give guidance when you are unknown to then. But I decided to contact Nadine for a reading. I found her to be caring, friendly and more importantly unbelievable accurate in describing the loved ones. She answered the questions I had for my loved ones in most cases without me asking the question. needless to say I am now a believer and will be contacting this gifted woman again.
I have had 3 readings with Nadine and she is amazing and on point.
I had a phone reading with Nadine on 10/18/2014. She was so amazing! She knew the important questions that I was going to ask before I asked them. She was very compassionate and very honest with her answers. I would recommend a reading with her because she will relate what your angels and loved ones have to say to you. She also records the reading for a small extra charge. It was nice to have the mp3 recording to listen to later. Thank you Nadine for the answers I received!
Just had my phone reading with Nadine and she was great. She was really easy to talk to, honest, and quick to answer the questions of my current concerns. I heard about her from my cousin who listens to her on the radio. I never heard of you until she told me about Nadine. I figured, why not try and see what she has to tell me about. She was open to giving me advice and I'm grateful and appreciative. A definite genuine psychic in my book :) thanks again Nadine!
Nadine was awesome...she knew what I wanted to talk about right away and confirmed many things that I felt were the truth about my situation. It was amazing how much she knew about my concerns and I feel really hopeful about the future!
Words cannot express how impressed I was with Nadine's reading. She was on target, honest & very considerate of the messages/answers/advice she had for me. Although I am not in the best situation now, I know that the future is brighter. By visiting past & current issues, Nadine was able to confirm some of the things that I knew & a lot of what I didn't know until later. I advise anyone to go in with an open mind & to be prepared for the truth. As the saying goes, the TRUTH will set you free.
Nadine is amazing! Everything she said was accurate, with added details that I didn't provide, and there is no way she could have known. She confirmed everything that needed to be and gave me so much hope. She is now my go to person. I feel as if we've known each other for ever.
Literally, I just got off the phone and NEVER felt this good in my LIFE! I learned so much today! To hear from my Grandmother and Mother today was HEALING! There is NO way that she could have known any of what she said unless she actually talked to them...and we've never met Nadine a day our lives! She is SO personable and kind, and doesn't speak in riddles. Really, thank you SO much for your help Nadine. 6 month checkup will be in store and the misses will be NEXT for a joint call! #MUCHLOVE
I had been listening to Nadine on a local radio station for a while. I finally gave into that "should I or shouldn't I" call to her. I'm glad I did, to say the least. Nadine had covered my topic without me telling her a hint of what it would be. She then helped heal a spiritual whole that's been with me for 11 years since my Mom's passing. Contentment and clarity is what surrounded me after our conversation. I'm humbled by her gift and grateful to have had the opportunity to speakwith Nadine.
Nadine, you are as awesome as ever!!! You are a gem among "men".
Nadine is a gift to people. She is AMAZING! I knew of Nadine from listening to her on Hawaii radio on Island 98.5. I've heard numerous callers looking for anwsers to questions and Nadine would give them the anwsers they seek. The callers would call back testifying Nadine's wonders and how she has changed their lives through the anwsers she's given. When I needed anwsers, I called Nadine! Everything she said was true. I thank her for helping me become a changed person in a positive way.
I was so overwhelmed with the reading that I received that I know I will be calling again. The 'little' info that I gave Nadine turned into her telling me things about my situation that was so true and factual that it was uncanny!! I was now able to believe in the 'gut feelings' that I had been having about the individuals involved in my situation. It has helped me cope more easily and to know that it's not all in my mind or that I'm nuts! Nadine is the 'real' thing!!
I have been a client of Nadine's for a while now, and as a testimony to her skill, I will remain a client for as long as she makes her gifts available. We all want to know exactly WHEN things will manifest, as humans we are an impatient lot. We MUST remember that God does not know time constraints as we do, since He have no beginning nor end, unlike us, time has no meaning to Him. If I am told something will happen, it usually does. Exactly when, only God really knows. Have PATIENCE & BELIEVE!
Just had a psyhic reading with Nadine and it was the most wonderful experience ever. I am glad that I chose Nadine to have a reading done. I felt like she knew What I answers I was searching for and gave me honest feedback that I can say was right. I will for sure use Nadine in the future
Nadine is more that a psychic to me. I consider has as my life coach/guidance counselor that helps me stay on azimuth in all facets of my life for almost 3 years. She's been pleasantly accurate and most importantly candid during her readings; definitely not someone who is going to sugar coat anything because she's afraid to lose you as a client or say what you want to hear instead of the hard or necessary truth. I highly recommend Nadine's services to everyone that wants 2 be guided correctly.
I have been in "awe"of Nadine, for over two years now. Her guidance and friendship has been remarkable. Her guidance has been 100% accurate. Everything she has ever told me has come to pass. Her gifts are real, ane will continue to use her for years to come. Her insight has helped me to look at life through differnt eyes and make better decisions in my life. She is the most truthful indivudla i have come in contact with. I will continue using her . Thank you so very very much Nadine.
I just had the pleasure of another wonderful and insightful reading with Nadine. She has given me guidance regarding future events that are unfolding in my life. She has been correct in so many predictions, that even to this day it "blows my mind" when each prediction comes to pass, yet I should be used to it by now. NADINE CONTINUES TO BE UNBELIEVABLY ACCURATE!!!!!! TRY HER, YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT, THOUGH I MAY WHEN I TRY T GET ANOTHER APPOINTMENT FOR A READING.
Nadine is by far the BEST PSYCHIC I have had the pleasure to be associated with. We just "click" and she is spot on in her predictions. I hope to have a long and successful relationship with Nadine. Somehow, I feel like we are "friends" and she has my best interests at heart.
Nadine is a top notch psychic medium. She is very accurate and compassionate with her readings. I highly recommend her for her work.


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