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Nadine Rodriguez
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Nadine Rodriguez, Ph.D. is a 3rd generation Clairvoyant, Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Healer & Reiki Master. She channels Angels & Spirit guides to gain insight to individual issues. She can contact the deceased to get closure on unfinished business or profile the living to predict future possibilities. She prides herself in honesty & accuracy! She has helped thousands of people worldwide in matters of relationships, career, finances & business over the last 15 years.

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Nadine has a PhD & in addition utilizes various Universal Laws to help people learn to manifest their desires & improve their lives. Her purpose is to empower people by providing them with essential insight to help them on life's journey.

Listed since: May 29, 2007


I've had numerous readings done with Nadine and each time I feel so much better after speaking to her! Speaking to her is like speaking to a long time friend or family member who shows love, concern and support but also keeps things 100% real with sugar coating! I can't wait for our next reading!!
Ms. Nadine is awesome, she really answered some of my questions,and put my concerns to rest ,I wanted to know about my mom who died unexpectedly,she let me know my mom was doing, fine, and that it was ok to let her go. Thank you Nadine, I really needed this relief.
First time for a reading. Overwhelmed to learn that my mom is ok, happy, and at peace. Also hoping for the sale of the house, so to move forward with my life. Looking to the new chapter to come. Thank you, so much.
This was the first time I had a reading done and I'll admit I was very skeptical BUT my reading with Nadine was beyond what I expected. I felt a peace and calmness come over me after our reading. She didnt sugar coat anything with me. She let me ask anything I wanted even if I thought it was stupid. She made me feel comfortable and really made my over thinking mind feel at ease. I've already told family and friends about her and I will DEFINITELY be back. Thank you so much Nadine.
Nadine was amazing! She knew exactly why I was calling before I said anything. I had been weighing on what career to make and felt pretty confused. She helped me see a meaningful career path that gave me hope, direction and confidence. She is also really nurturing and comfortable in her approach. I will definitely see Nadine for a reading again and I highly recommend her!
Wonderful and uplifting. Helpful, specific, practical insights and tips.
My first call to Nadine went very well. I wanted to communicate with my teenager that recently passed. The first word out of her mouth was on point with a recent event. She seemed to get the vibe and personality of my son and I really believe she is the real deal. It gave me some comfort and I’m so happy that I had the option of getting a recording of our session. Definitely recommend and I plan on calling her again. Thank you Nadine for helping me connect to my beautiful son.
I had a great first time experience talking with Nadine. This was my first time doing anything of this sort with a medium. She made me feel very comfortable and it almost felt as if I had known Nadine or she was apart of my family or something because it felt as if you were talking to a family member with how she made me feel comfortable in the situation. I really recommend Nadine for anyone who had questions that a medium can help with. I am really happy that I took the step and made the call.
Nadine was very easy to talk to and very warm. She was able to articulate a lot of what has been going on with me and was nothing short of supportive. She served as an angelic guidance to my needs and even affirmed much of how I felt. She was able to tap into my a love one, see my immediate future based upon my current path, and her energy was very uplifting.
I'm skeptic about alot of things and after experiencing my first reading with NADINE I must admit I didn't believe in the whole psychic reading but after everything she explained to me without me having to tell her in details about my questions I am a firm believer in her readings. All my questions that been a burden on me for 2 years has finally been answered and now I no longer carry. Her feedbacks and advice's were genuine and so helpful, thank you NADINE may GOD continue to bless you.
I had my first reading with Nadine on Friday and I must say she knew what I was thinking prior to me bringing it up. She gave me a suggestion to try and that worked as well. Highly recommend her for anyone in need of the facts.
Great reading! Nadine connected with many people on the other side for me and amazingly, all of their very different personalities and even they exact way they used to talk came through - sometimes down to the very phrases they used! She was accurate on so many little details that I would have forgotten about if she hadn't reminded me of them. Wonderful, warm experience!
Nadine is my childhood friend so of course, I felt comfortable when we did our reading. She was able to connected with both of my Grandmothers and the things she relayed to me there was no way she would've known that based on our history. Nadine had also gave me insight to medical issues re: my son. OMG! What a revelation and not to mention a relief! I am TRULY grateful to, Nadine...she is the best!
Nadine was so amazing. She's so down to earth and completely easy to talk to. I was super nervous when the session started but she made me feel so comfortable that all the questions I had just came out. 10/10 would recommend.
I've listened to Nadine on Island 98.5 for a very long time and thought it was about time that I scheduled a reading. I've left my career of 30 years and I was unsure of my future path. Nadine was so very helpful. She not only connected with my spirit guide, but she was also truly tuned in to me and my situation. She shared with me exactly what I needed to hear which helped ease my worries and set me on my new path. I'm so very grateful for this reading. Thank you Nadine :)
Nadine is such a wonderful human being. When I was doing my reading, she was very calming and reassuring. I got all my questions answered and was able to be at peace because of Nadine's reading.
I highly recommend scheduling a reading with Nadine. Her insight was right on regarding many aspects of my life. I truly value our conversation and the tips she gave me to pursue. I have put several suggestions in place that have instantly made me feel better.
Nadine is heaven sent! She has given me so much on point readings. She told me that I was going to pass my final exam with a high score, and OMG she was right! I doubted myself the whole time but she was right! My readings have been accurate, and Nadine is very compassionate but will tell you straight if she needs to. I always recommend her to everyone who wants a “real” Medium!
She is truly a blessing! Nadine brought tears to our eyes the moment she started our reading! She was accurate the entire time! She asked if one of the questions I wanted to ask was about babies before I could even say hello!!! The purpose of the call really was to ask how my parents were doing and she told me stuff that really made this call worth it. Nadine is truly a blessing and I’m so glad for the opportunity to speak with her!
My first reading with Nadine was in about 2014 .. after my Sister died suddenly, lost my heart. I have been a nurse for 35 years, have been very close to death in my profession but this was a soul shattering experience for me . What made me contact her was she didn’t choose her gift was handed to her by her family. Nadine is very intelligent , professional Lady and extremely gifted. I think God Blesses Some People with the ability to help others, she does. Thank you Nadine
Wow! A little skeptical to schedule but was so pleasantly surprised with Nadine’s insight and ability to read my current situation. Quick, direct responses to all of my questions and her responses were spot on. Thanks so much for your insight Nadine. I have just what I need to see face the challenges ahead of me. I was hesitant but shouldn’t have been. It the best money I’ve spent and won’t hesitate to schedule again.
Two thumbs up. Nadine was right on target in helping me connect with my wife in the afterlife. Highly recommended.
My reading with Nadine blew my mind. There were very clear and specific messages from my dad that totally made sense. I would highly recommend!
I was amazed with Nadine. I contacted her to connect with my husband that died 5 months ago. She only asked who I wanted to connect too. In our conversation information she gave me, I knew he was there. His since of humor came out which she could not have known. He talked about a situation with shoes and our son that had happened just days before. It gives me peace to know he is with us and that he is at peace. I will be keeping in touch with through Nadine.
I would like to recommend "Nadine "for medium communications For me it was like therapy for my soul to be able to communicate dearly departed wife who is in the spiritual world, who is waiting for me. I am very pleased with my reading, because Nadine is a genuine spiritual medium, and I am looking forward in perscribing her services again.
Nadine has an amazing gift. She was specific about my situation when I told her only few details. She helped me on my path in life. She gave me a message from a loved one who passed that was so accurate I was speechless. Even I had forgotten that specific detail about my brother. I will be contacting her in the future. The reading was so positive and uplifting that there is no doubt in my mind that Nadine's gift is from God. May her beautiful light shine bright in this world!
She’s amazing!!!! I’ve been so confused and unbalanced these last two years since my accident and dealing with so much change. She has given me the right balance and guidance that I needed in my life. She is sweet sincere and has an amazing charm. Amazing!!! Amazing!!! I Will always consult her from now on. Thank you so much!!!!☺️☺️☺️
Nadine was so genuine. She was able to tell you up front why you were calling. It's like she was able to answer all those questions you were thinking of in your head. I am true believer and what she was able to read got to me. I was in shock! Believe in her!
I had my very first reading today with Nadine. I felt she was very accurate her information and very compassionate. Overall it was a great experience and I would defiantly call her again. Thank you Nadine
Nadine was such a positive comfort to me! She enlightened me with things I wanted to know and wanted to hear in order for me to move on in life. She is such a blessing!


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