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A 2hr. Medium reading + Digital Recording + 1 free guest - $145 (additional guests @ $40/ea) Book your reading today!

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(469) 269-5161


Marcel Cairo is an evidence-driven, science-based afterlife medium respected by both scientists and skeptics alike for his work to prove life after death. Recognized as "one of the most trusted afterlife mediums in America," Marcel Cairo originated 'The Medium's O.A.T.H™'- a professional pledge to be Objective, Authentic, Transparent and Honest, with a zero tolerance for the clever tricks and bad habits used by many practicing psychic/mediums today.

"My experience was amazing. I am so glad I booked my session with Marcel.
He was kind, compassionate, friendly and truly able to connect with my loved
ones beyond. I am so grateful for my experience, words can not explain. I highly
recommend him if you need some healing!"
-Kelly Nenezian

Marcel Cairo has lectured at "Exploring the Extraordinary" a science-based conference out of the UK, and has been the host of three popular spiritual podcasts: AfterlifeFM, In Good Spirit and Life Goes On Radio. His mediumship has taken him to South America, Europe, Africa and Australia, and he has held offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Columbus, OH. He now works and resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area.

A reading with Marcel Cairo is a comprehensive two hours of connections and communication that will leave you uplifted and inspired. Affordable and guaranteed, all readings include a reading for you plus one guest, and a high-quality, digital recording of the session.

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Marcel Cairo collaborates with scientists, researchers and thinkers investigating the deeper questions of consciousness and mind. Listen to an interview with Marcel Cairo on Skeptiko at

Listed since: Sep 26, 2007


Really went above and beyond to communicate what I needed to hear. Will be back. Wonderful experience. Thanks Marcel!
Marcel blew my mind! My friends and I had such a great time and were all very impressed! He knew stuff even some of us in our group didn’t know about each other!! Definitely recommend him!
Marcel was a very personable medium with such good energy! My reading was insightful and such a positive experience. this was my first reading with a medium and I couldn’t of imagined it to be any better. He really helped me understand the afterlife and events that have happened which lead me to where I am today. He didn’t rush me or make me feel uncomfortable at all! Will definitely go back!
I was deeply touched and encouraged by Marcel’s caring and sensitivity. His very accurate reading connected me with those I love best and he revealed some facts only known by pby9cme. He is one hundred percent authentic and additionally conveyed a sense of warmth and reassurance during the reading. I am so glad I had this opportunity. Thank you Marcel.
Marcel was really wonderful and thorough . he does his best to be honest and lay out the rules of his readings and lets you know this is not some bedazzled hollywood reading where youll hear all the typical cliches. he was spot on and he contacted with my spirit team after quite a bit of frustration because my family and background is truly confusing, and i am in awe he got it right . he really wants us to learn how we ourseleves can contact our loved ones. in one word : authentic.
Give thanks if you have found your way to Marcel. He is a genuine, compassionate, conduit to the spirit realm. He exudes love and will persevere in connecting with your loved ones. You can't go wrong with Marcel. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking a trustworthy, honorable, loving medium to share such a personal experience with.
Marcel is truly amazing. His service is amply recommended. I would love to repeat the experience.
Marcel is exceptionally gifted and compassionate in his role as a medium. His ability to accurately and thoroughly connect with departed loved ones brings much comfort and closure to those of us still on earth. I've sent several friends to see him as a testament to the depth and breadth of healing possible in a reading. One session with Marcel brought about more understanding and acceptance than years of talk therapy ever could.
Marcel is an excellent medium. To start he gave us directions about what to expect of the session. He made sure we were connecting with our family members and we felt so happy to hear from them. It is a misterious universe!
I have seen Marcel Cairo a few times. He is real. He is informative and fun. He has passion about people and those that have passed on. His session isn't just about telling you what you want to here. It's a lesson on how to accept the messages our loved ones have for us. Those that have passed are still with us. If you have any doubt, visit Marcel. Don't go expecting a particular person to come thru.Go with an open mind and be surprised at who does come thru.Exciting and emotional.❤️
Marcel is gifted. He's also compassionate, trustworthy, honest, and humble. His knowledge/insight proved my mother and family/friends go on, and remain aware of our ongoing lives without doubt. I'm spiritual but scientific minded. I question everything, but not this. This year was tough. Knowing that life goes on and my mother and others are beside us, kept me going. He passed on health information leading to vital treatment too. Everyday, I am grateful for Marcel and you will be too!
Marcel has a gift. Few of the incidents in a reading I had took me by surprise and wanted to share. Out of blue, Marcel mentioned seeing a Tesla with license plate "No Mo Gas". Just the previous day, we went over the license plates and finalized on "No Gas" for our electric car. Also during our reading, I was just thinking in my mind "Montessori school" and after a few, Marcel asked if my kid went to Montessori school :).
Marcel is not only a truly gifted medium but a teacher. He guides and teaches that love never dies nor is it far away. Our loved ones remain near and ever present in our lives. Thank you Marcel.
Marcel’s reading was amazing! His knowledge and skill make him a master at what he does. His integrity is beyond approach. I found him to be honest and sincere. His accuracy was 100%. He delivered twice the value he promoted and took his time to make sure we understood the process. He was patient and understanding. We got so much out of our time with Marcel, we are still processing all the information and learning so much more than we ever thought possible. I would highly recommend Marcel!
Marcel is the real deal. After my Mom and boyfriend's death, I was lost, Marcel helped me realize that there is life after death. The messages he gave me proved that they are still with me. It is an enlightening experience. Loved hearing from my loved ones on the other side. Hope it will warm your heart like it did mine. I wish you well.
The real deal and a great guy too. Highly recommend!
I went to see Marcel when he came to Austin, Tx to do a group reading. I really enjoyed the event and even got lucky enough to receive a reading.He was spot on and told me things I needed to hear to help me move forward on my path. He was also kind enough to let other people in the audience that had untapped abilities have an opportunity to read, to help them embrace their gift. Truly, compassionate and kind person. Being a professional medium myself, I can tell you he is the real deal!
I have visited with Marcel on three occasions and each time I have left with a better understanding of spirit and how they surround us. I wasn't there for 30 seconds on my fist visit when he told me my mother was there as well, then told me her name. I learned that two friends who died decades ago had been pushing me to go in order to "let go of baggage". I knew who Marcel was talking about since he told me the years that they passed. Marcel is the real deal!
very interesting experience, pleasantly surprised by the messages and meeting, as with an old friend (this was really the feeling as I knew him). I will go back for sure. Highly recommend him.
Amazing experience. Enlightening & healing. Hamds down best decision I have made to have a reading by Marcel. I reccomend him to every one thats needs spiritual enlightening.
A truly incredible experience! Marcel is the real deal. He is so genuine, patient and the depth of his reading was beyond amazing! I am so grateful for his insight and I’m still processing all the information. Definitely well worth the money and time spent. I will absolutely be going back. I would highly recommend Marcel to anyone wanting to connect anyone passed.
Marcel is an incredibly gifted medium. I've had the pleasure of seeing him at a gallery demonstration in addition to a one-on-one meeting. His messages are very accurate and he's unique in that he walks you through the mechanics of mediumship and how Spirit relays these messages through him to the sitter. I would highly recommend Marcel without hesitation.
My visit with Marel was a wonderful experience. He told me stuff about myself and my kids that no one would have known but us. He also told me some things about my deceased spouse that only I knew. I had a great reading and have recommended him to others.
We had an amazing experience with Marcel. I took my mother in law and sisters in law. They had so much told to them it was amazing. It's a experience I still tell people about. Marcel is so warm and friendly. He is truly gifted. I would go back to him to have a reading and highly recommend him to anyone needing the experience. Just do it! It can change you!
Me and my daughter went to see him and we just blown away with the whole experience. There were things that he said that there was just no way he could have found out about us unless he had a conversation with the person who had passed away. I truly believe and would recommend him in a heart beat. We are wanting to go back for a spiritual guidance. I took my friend to a group type reading at a restaurant and she was blown away herself and thanked me for taking her. It will be worth your time!!!
My reading with Marcel was the most satisfying and comprehensive reading I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a fair share over the years). He does not let you accidentally lead him or reveal anything to him. Marcel is the real deal. I highly recommend you experience this for yourself!
My experience was unforgettable, My daughter and I went and it was very fulfilling and healing. I want to do it again and really recommend it to anyone.
Marcel is an AMAZING Medium. Twice, I have consulted him, and twice, he has connected me with the departed loved one I needed so desperately to hear from. His connection is immediate, genuine, stunning, heart-lifting, and life-changing. So, I guess you could say that, twice, Marcel has healed me.
This has been my first reading. He initially blew my mind, by asking whether I am a lesbian (I am). Several other things he pinpointed, but I realized afterwards. Amazing... How could he know?
I went to see Marcel after a close friend passed away. I wanted to connect with him, along with others I had lost, as well as get some guidance about my current life path. Marcel well exceeded my expectations! I heard from every loved one on the list I had only in my head. In every message he delivered, he brought through their personality. It was truly amazing! Whether you’re seeking connection, guidance or wisdom, Marcel delivers!


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