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A 2hr. Medium reading + Digital Recording + 1 free guest - $145 (additional guests @ $40/ea) Book your reading today!

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Marcel Cairo is an evidence-driven, science-based afterlife medium respected by both scientists and skeptics alike for his work to prove life after death. Recognized as "one of the most trusted afterlife mediums in America," Marcel Cairo originated 'The Medium's O.A.T.H™'- a professional pledge to be Objective, Authentic, Transparent and Honest, with a zero tolerance for the clever tricks and bad habits used by many practicing psychic/mediums today.

"My experience was amazing. I am so glad I booked my session with Marcel.
He was kind, compassionate, friendly and truly able to connect with my loved
ones beyond. I am so grateful for my experience, words can not explain. I highly
recommend him if you need some healing!"
-Kelly Nenezian

Marcel Cairo has lectured at "Exploring the Extraordinary" a science-based conference out of the UK, and has been the host of three popular spiritual podcasts: AfterlifeFM, In Good Spirit and Life Goes On Radio. His mediumship has taken him to South America, Europe, Africa and Australia, and he has held offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Columbus, OH. He now works and resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area.

A reading with Marcel Cairo is a comprehensive two hours of connections and communication that will leave you uplifted and inspired. Affordable and guaranteed, all readings include a reading for you plus one guest, and a high-quality, digital recording of the session.

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Marcel Cairo collaborates with scientists, researchers and thinkers investigating the deeper questions of consciousness and mind. Listen to an interview with Marcel Cairo on Skeptiko at

Listed since: Sep 26, 2007


Marcel is a very kind and caring medium. He was able to contact our loved ones, and answer the questions we had. It was very fulfilling!
I have immensely enjoyed every session I have had with Marcel. My experiences have proven more to me that my Spirit Team is with me all the time and is rooting for me. I just need to listen more carefully and Marcel is that link! I will only recommend HIM as a medium for others. Book your appointment today- I promise you won’t be disappointed!
VERY honest about his readings & he took his time with me. He didn't want me to lead him; he wanted the spirits to lead him. Marcel put me at ease over connecting with my lost loved one that I wanted to connect with. I was very satisfied with my reading & would use him again.
Not enough time in the world to express my gratitude for my consultation with Marcel. I went to have a visit to get some sort of confirmation of afterlife existence. I was able to connect with my best friend who just recently passed and inside jokes were brought up that no one could have known. All my skepticisms were shut down and now I have more faith than ever that our loved ones are always and forever around us. It was amazing and my broken heart has healed tremendously.
He is very professional and knowledgeable. He helped me with solving my unknown questions. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for spirytu awaken.Thank you very much Marcel.YH
It never fails! Marcel always knows exactly what I need the most help on in my life and has helped me navigate the most challenging of situations. I credit him for helping save my marriage, help me navigate impossible business decisions, and he’s brought me unexplainable comfort by connecting me directly to my family I love so much but have lost. God definitely brought him into my life and I will cherish him and the guidance he gives for the rest of my life.
I highly recommend Marcel Cairo as an evidential medium. He was very clear in the way he communicated with me and with my loved ones. I appreciate the extra time and effort given to make sure my experience was meaningful and beneficial to me.
My daughter and I had a reading recently with Marcel Cairo. While I’m definitely no authority on mediums, I have used several since the death of my son over the last 5 years. Many of my previous readings have been good and some kind of vague. Marcel’s reading captured my son’s personality to a t. Some other family members came through as well. Marcel was quite entertaining in his process. We were impressed with his integrity and learned a lot about our own journey. Highly recommend!
Marcel has a true gift in his ability not only to connect with spirit but to decipher their language and methods of communication so we may receive what they want us to hear. I was in a deep psychologically abyss of pain and turmoil after the unexpected and early passing of my soulmate and Marcel not only relieved my suffering through 100% confirmation of contact but made me willing and able to embrace life again with a brand new perspective I didn't have before. I could never thank him enough.
This was my 2nd visit with Marcel and was as exciting and on the mark as the first reading. My spirit team certainly came through and Marcel was receiving the valuable info that I needed to hear. I am so grateful for his abilities and that he is willing to share those talents with everyone. I will certainly see Marcel again in the future as the need arises.
We went into our session not expecting anything. What we did get was beyond our what we had hoped.
I just began my mapping sessions w/ Marcel and walked away feeling a positive shift. Connecting w/ my spirit team has been so amazing! The guidance and direction I have been wanting for as long as I can remember!
I was very surprised by my reading! Marcel told me things that no one ever would have known. It has truly opened my eyes to life’s possibilities! I am very excited to know I have a spirit team who will share with me some missing pieces and has helped to me more aware of these messages!
Connecting with spirit is a beautiful, vulnerable and validating experience like no other. If you are feeling called to have a reading done, know that you can trust Marcel to safely guide you through this process with integrity, compassion and even humor! I had a reading done with Marcel a year ago. I was so impressed by the authenticity and joy from that experience, that this year I bought my mother session for her 84th birthday and it was more than she had even hoped for.
The best reading ever. This Inspiritive mapping reading was a game changer. I feel light as a feather. Marcel is without a doubt the best Medium. I reccomend Marcel for all types of readings. He is the real deal.
I have been on something of a spiritual quest since the death of several loved ones. I tried readings with a couple other mediums but they were vague and unremarkable, so with no real expectation, I booked a session with Marcel. Halfway through it, I glanced at the clock and desperately wished time would stop so the reading would not end. It is rare to have an experience that resonates with such truth and clarity. Doubts have vanished. Thank you, Marcel.
I had a wonderful reading with Medium Marcel Cairo. His command of language was as amazing as his reading. The expression, "words have meaning" typified his usage. I was so pleased. Marcel left me feeling lighter than I have in many years. He captured and responded to the reasons for my request to have him read for me. Upon reflection the following day I realized so many more messages he brought to me that I hadn't seen in session. I heartily recommend Marcel and thank him for sharing his gift.
This is by far the best reading I have ever had. He was spot on for everything he said. Two hour reading for 2 people, can't beat the quality of the reading or the price. I highly recommend Marcel to everyone. I loved the reading, plus you get an audio of the entire reading.
My experience with Marcel was truly awesome. I have never talked with a medium before and he was so kind and explained everything. After my session I felt a real connection to my spirit team. I highly recommend him.
Fascinating experience! My sister and I had our first session w/ Marcel just yesterday and it will not be our last. We were both in need of closure w/ a variety of family who had passed on and we didn't think it was achievable in this lifetime. Amazing session and it will not be our last. Booking a Inspiritive Mapping Session now!
Simply amazing - I was gifted the session and did not know what to expect. I was stunned at the accuracy of the information that Marcel learned from my spirit team. It is reassuring to know that I have a family spirit team. This makes life easier. I am grateful to Marcel for sharing his gift with the rest of us. Connecting with my family is a wonderful experience.
I want to thank Marcel it was a great experience I left the experience feeling like I had had a great family reunion I talked to people that I haven't talked to in years thank you again
I was very happy with my meeting! This was my first time. It was so breathtaking. I would definitely recommend this experience.
I went to Marcel with a very open mind and have no regrets about my visit. Was I convinced 100% about communication with spirits? Maybe not, but I wasn’t convinced otherwise either. Marcel was very kind and very insightful and I enjoyed the session and our conversation. I would happily see him again.
The experience I had with Marcel yesterday was amazing. He was able to tell me things that no one else could have known. There was a lot of crying, but even more laughter. For the first time in months I feel close to my Mom and I now know that she is always there with me, helping to guide me.I have already recommended Marcel to many of my friends and family and I would recommend him to anyone looking to reconnect with someone they’ve lost. This reading has changed my life. Thank you Marcel.
Marcel, a.k.a. The Good Medium is not only legit but honest, kind, and fun. It was my first and only reading and he made the experience easy and genuine. I highly recommend his service.
Well what an entertaining reading! Very skilled in what he does. Yes I cried! Yes I cried when I listened to the tape again. I have wondered since the reading what it would be like to tell my story, so he knows the team spirits and how they relate to me. Seems like this would be a meaningful session, as there was, is a lot more to sort out! On my journey still...... Kathy (Resident Witch) :-}
There are no words for the amazing experience with Marcel . In the first 5-7 minutes I was in tears there was absolutely no way he could say what he did if he wasn’t connected to my loved ones. He was genuine caring and the only medium experience I’ve had that I walked away from feeling like I truly experienced a connection to my family. Marcel’s gift is real and a blessing to all who trust him to walk them through this experience. Thank you Marcel I feel loved and surrounded by my family now.
Marcel was able to help me move on and find joy again after the death of my son. The phone reading went WAY more than 2 hours, but Marcel stayed as long as my son was there. Without telling Marcel ANYTHING, he was able to validate all the family members in the hereafter. My jaw dropped at the things he was relaying from my son as there was no way for Marcel to know that kind of information. He was very organized & thorough in his reading. I recommend him to all seeking answers and closure
Second time working with Marcel and my Spirit Team; this time with Inspiritive Mapping. As with my first reading ; again much evidence came through that Marcel was truly working with my son who is now 'across the veil'. With , professionalism , kindness, compassion and above all honesty it is truly a blessing to spend such special, and personal time with such a caring and remarkable individual. As before, he goes above and beyond in all ways, always.


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