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A 2hr. (weekday) Medium Reading + Digital Recording + 1 free guest - $195 (additional guests @ $40/ea) • Weekend/Nights also available. Book your reading today!

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Marcel Cairo is an evidence-driven, science-based medium respected by scientists and skeptics alike as "one of the most trusted afterlife mediums in America," In 2006, Marcel originated 'The Medium's O.A.T.H™'- a professional pledge to be Objective, Authentic, Transparent and Honest, with a zero tolerance for any fraud, deception or scams used by many practicing psychic/mediums today. Office visits and phone sessions available.

"My experience was amazing. I am so glad I booked my session with Marcel.
He was kind, compassionate, friendly and truly able to connect with my loved
ones beyond. I am so grateful for my experience, words can not explain. I highly
recommend him if you need some healing!"
-Kelly Nenezian

Marcel Cairo has lectured at "Exploring the Extraordinary" a science-based conference out of the UK, and has been the host of three popular spiritual podcasts: AfterlifeFM, In Good Spirit and Life Goes On Radio. His mediumship has taken him to South America, Europe, Africa and Australia, and he has held offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Columbus, OH. He now works and resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area.

A reading with Marcel Cairo is a comprehensive two hours of connections and communication that will leave you uplifted and inspired. Affordable and guaranteed, all readings include a reading for you plus one guest, and a high-quality, digital recording of the session.

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Marcel Cairo collaborates with scientists, researchers and thinkers investigating the deeper questions of consciousness and mind. Listen to an interview with Marcel Cairo on Skeptiko at

Listed since: Sep 26, 2007


Marcel validated everything I have felt to be true about my loved ones always being around me. He was spot on with everything he conveyed to me from them. I will be recommending him to other friends and family.
Marcel is awesome. He made me feel so at ease and comfortable. He spent time explaining how he interacts with the spirit world and really what the spirit world is. The way he explains it really makes sense to an analytical mind like mine. He is very open and transparent. I really had a good time and got a lot out of my reading.
Marcel is amazing at connecting and explaining each step. I went in unsure of what to expect. I was blown away by some of the things he told me from my childhood. Only my mom would have known these things. I went in carrying the weight of my son's death and left feeling much lighter. I know my family that has passed is with me and I will continue to have fun, stay in the moment, and collaborate while noticing the apple trees. Thanks Marcel!
I first met Marcel at a gathering he had in Plano where he talked about developing your own spiritual awareness. His talk was fascinating and the interaction he had with the friends I went with convinced me that he had a special gift. I scheduled a reading with him and was so impressed that I went back again for a mapping session with him. My husband had died a few years earlier and Marcel spoke of things that only my husband and I knew about. The whole experience was amazing and energizing.
My siblings and I were happy with our reading. Marcel was very kind and genuine from the moment we stepped into his office! He went above and beyond for us during our reading which we appreciated so much! He amazed us with the things he said because there was no way he could've known these things. We would definitely recommend him to everyone and anyone! I can truly say I left his office feeling so much comfort after our reading.
I found Marcel online shortly after losing my son and after a brief conversation over the phone, I made an appointment. I felt my sons presence the moment I walked in. I could feel my son's personality coming through Marcel and the relationship that we shared. Throughout the reading, he talked about my entire life, he talked about things I have never said out loud. The whole experience was very personal and comforting. It's hard to put into words. I have sent multiple people to see him!
This is my second review because I have now seen Marcel for the 2nd time for the mapping. I do not know how to properly explain this soul God has put on this earth to educate us on so many levels. His heart ♥️ is huge. His compassion for others unmeasurable. I have never met anyone like him. The gift he was given is beyond my understanding. I highly suggest you go meet Marcel just to be in his beautiful loving light. After all is said and done. It’s all about ❤️. I felt this peace with my mom.
Marcel was wonderful! We had a very positive experience with him. It was our first time and he was spot on. I would definitely recommend him to friends, family, and every one.
I had 2 different experiences with Marcel & they were both incredible. He's very funny & the way he brings through messages are so much like how my loved ones would have expressed. I highly recommend him to everyone I know.
I have had two readings with Marcel, a phone reading and inspirative mapping. Both left me feeling that Marcel was in touch with my loved ones and was relaying messages that were healing, inspiring and truthful. For the mapping, I sought guidance about my career, and it was fascinating to hear which family members stepped forward and the messages they wanted me to hear. I truly believe in Marcel's gift and plan on future readings with him.
Marcel definitely has a gift. He helped me so much in communicating with my loved ones. Losing a loved one is so difficult but being able to communicate with those that have passed on is an amazing opportunity. For me, the reading was life changing in a very positive way. I would recommend anyone who is looking at getting a reading to see Marcel. He is very helpful and kind.
I lost my son and did not know how to move on anymore. So I decided to look for a medium and found Marcel. He knew things only we knew. Not just vague things anyone could apply, but very personal things. I was a little skeptic and kept my identity private even paid with a gift card visa. Mentioned no names, and my son validated himself and my life has changed! I will never be able to thank him. So please consider him, your life Will change :)
Marcel Your simply the Best My Friend!!! I know!
I have tagged along to two readings with Marcel with two different family members. I was not sure what to expect and was skeptical going in, though open to the experience. Both readings blew me away. Marcel is extremely professional, straightforward, and honest. Family members who had passed away came through loud and clear with personalities and senses of humor right on point. For the skeptics out there, Marcel communicated things even my family and close friends didn't and couldn't know.
I had a very positive experience with Marcel. I wasn’t really sure what to expect so i was a little nervous. Once I met him and started to engage I felt at ease and very comfortable. I do not consider myself to be naive or gullible, but I am a believer after my reading. It was an amazing experience. There were things shared with me that no one could possibly know outside of my spirit team. I highly recommend it.
Marcel Cairo brought affirmed connection and healing to my heart. I began living the worst nightmare for a mother when my beloved son was involved in a fatal car accident last summer. The heart wrenching sorrow and pain has been immense. We were referred to Marcel and I am beyond grateful. He undeniably delivered messages from my son that have changed our family. He is dedicated to work ethically and honestly. Marcel uses his gifts with respect for all involved. I recommend him from my heart.
I can honestly say that this was far more than I even hoped. From the initial greeting to the minute I walked out the door, I had a sense of warmth & comfort. Like I was home. Marcel taught me so much. not only about me but my family & friends. I really didn't want my time to end. Two hours went so fast. NO ONE could possibly know the things that were relayed/uncovered. It can't be found on the internet. No leading questions. Just revelations of healing and understanding. This is REAL.
Marcel is an amazingly gifted medium. He connected me with many of my loved ones which was confirmed by details no one else would know. The reading was a delight and a blessing which brought me peace in a profound way. I cannot recommend getting a reading with Marcel enough! Five stars.
My daughter and I met with Marcel for our first meeting with a Medium . He did not have any of our information prior to the session. The atmosphere was very comfortable and fun. Throughout the session Marcel worked hard to connect with our loved ones. The information he received from our spirit teams was very accurate and comforting. I would definitely recommend Marcel.
A comfortable environment where I felt felt safe and relaxed. Marcel explained fully expectations and was kind and caring. It was a great experience with a calming atmosphere.
Marcel has an amazing talent! This reading was a gift for my birthday. It has brought me the closure and peace that I need to live the rest of my life to the fullest. If you have ever thought about doing a reading, DO IT! Marcel is super funny and makes you feel comfortable the whole time. I will definitely be back to see him again soon!
I was led to marcel by my brother who has passed. I went to a event. Loved it. I went home and scheduled a private reading. Durning that time before my reading I was led to bring my brothers daughter with me. Her father came through loud and clear. He was aware of her current path in life and wanted to make he gave her his fatherly advice. It was unbelievable. It was though he was sitting in the room with us. If you need help connecting with some that has passed please go see Marcel.
This was a great experience and gave me a lot of answers. I had never gone to anyone like Marcel Cairo. He was very patient and was able to tell me things that no one else knew. I highly recommend Marcel. He has given me the confidence to really listen to my many loved ones that have passed from this dimension. Now I know it was them I heard and not just a gut feeling or rationalization of what I thought or wanted at the time. If you ever thought about a reading by a medium-don’t delay-GO!
My reading with Marcel was different than with other readings. The personalities and personal ties with my spiritual family came through, and he read them well. I was left with a sense of peace after hearing what my late husband had to say. His sense of humor is intact and true to form. An amazing experience.
I've never been a skeptic, but now that I myself have witnessed this amazing gift firsthand... All I want to do is spread the word about Marcel! "Hit the nail on the head" is an understatement! He truly has changed my life, filled my heart, and after twelve long years reconnected me with my mother! My reading was not what I expected, but MORE! I'm forever thankful! He's healed my broken heart! Can't wait to go back. Thank you soooo much! MUAH!!
At first I was skeptical about going and then when I got there he definitely told me things that NO ONE else knew. I was afraid no one would come thru but little did I know I would get a message from my dad, step dad, brother and son. This literally changed my life forever and I and beyond thankful for the personal messages I received. I believe it 1000000% now! Marcel is very professional and he met with me & my mom on such short notice and went out of his way on a weekend! Thank You!!
Marcel's connection to spirit is amazing. I love how direct he is and he guides you through the process. I highly recommend Marcel to anyone looking to connect with their loved ones who have crossed over.
I'm on a career path that requires me to question and research everything- and this has carried over to my personal life. Marcel has an undeniable talent for connecting with the spirit world and has no problem associating the proper message with the intended individual even within group readings. I highly recommend a reading and inspiritive mapping. I know he didn't create this crazy adventure I'm currently on but my meeting with him gave me the confidence to know I'm where I'm suppose to be.
Prior to my first reading, I’d define myself as an optimistic skeptic. Marcel was warm and endearing, but initially insistent that I give yes/no responses and elaborate only as necessary. I probably spoke 10 words for the first hour. I was so impressed by his persistence and commitment to integrity! My family came through with their trademark personalities, and revealed detail that no one could know. I still find it hard to wrap my mind around it all; but feel very loved, supported and grateful!
Had a wonderful sitting over phone with Marcel he is such a honest and legitimate Medium he works hard at connecting to your loved ones and he does not want you to give him any information. It’s just him giving you what he receives from spirit. I would definitely recommend anyone that wants a medium don’t hesitate Marcel is really amazing and the validation you receive are very real and wonderful. Thank You


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