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A 2hr. Medium reading + Digital Recording + 1 free guest - $125 (additional guests @ $40/ea) Book your reading online at

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(469) 269-5161


Marcel Cairo is an evidence-driven, science-based medium respected by both scientists and skeptics for his work to prove the afterlife is real. Known as "One of the most trusted afterlife mediums in America," Marcel is the originator of The Medium's O.A.T.H™- a professional pledge to be Objective, Authentic, Transparent and Honest, with a zero tolerance for the clever tricks and bad habits used by many practicing psychic/mediums today.

"Marcel is exceptionally gifted and compassionate in his role as a medium.
His ability to accurately and thoroughly connect with departed loved ones
brings much comfort and closure to those of us still on earth."
-Kelly Kinkel

Marcel Cairo has lectured at "Exploring the Extraordinary" a science-based conference out of the UK, and has been the host of three popular spiritual podcasts: AfterlifeFM, In Good Spirit and Life Goes On Radio. His mediumship has taken him to South America, Europe, Africa and Australia, and he has held offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Columbus, OH. He now works and resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area.

A reading with Marcel Cairo is a comprehensive two hours of connections and communication that will leave you uplifted and inspired. Affordable and guaranteed, all readings include a reading for you plus one guest, and a high-quality, digital recording of the session.

**Marcel offers a money-back guarantee.**

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Marcel Cairo collaborates with scientists, researchers and thinkers investigating the deeper questions of consciousness and mind. Listen to an interview with Marcel Cairo on Skeptiko at

Listed since: Sep 26, 2007


I went to Marcel with a very open mind and have no regrets about my visit. Was I convinced 100% about communication with spirits? Maybe not, but I wasn’t convinced otherwise either. Marcel was very kind and very insightful and I enjoyed the session and our conversation. I would happily see him again.
The experience I had with Marcel yesterday was amazing. He was able to tell me things that no one else could have known. There was a lot of crying, but even more laughter. For the first time in months I feel close to my Mom and I now know that she is always there with me, helping to guide me.I have already recommended Marcel to many of my friends and family and I would recommend him to anyone looking to reconnect with someone they’ve lost. This reading has changed my life. Thank you Marcel.
Marcel, a.k.a. The Good Medium is not only legit but honest, kind, and fun. It was my first and only reading and he made the experience easy and genuine. I highly recommend his service.
Well what an entertaining reading! Very skilled in what he does. Yes I cried! Yes I cried when I listened to the tape again. I have wondered since the reading what it would be like to tell my story, so he knows the team spirits and how they relate to me. Seems like this would be a meaningful session, as there was, is a lot more to sort out! On my journey still...... Kathy (Resident Witch) :-}
There are no words for the amazing experience with Marcel . In the first 5-7 minutes I was in tears there was absolutely no way he could say what he did if he wasn’t connected to my loved ones. He was genuine caring and the only medium experience I’ve had that I walked away from feeling like I truly experienced a connection to my family. Marcel’s gift is real and a blessing to all who trust him to walk them through this experience. Thank you Marcel I feel loved and surrounded by my family now.
Marcel was able to help me move on and find joy again after the death of my son. The phone reading went WAY more than 2 hours, but Marcel stayed as long as my son was there. Without telling Marcel ANYTHING, he was able to validate all the family members in the hereafter. My jaw dropped at the things he was relaying from my son as there was no way for Marcel to know that kind of information. He was very organized & thorough in his reading. I recommend him to all seeking answers and closure
Second time working with Marcel and my Spirit Team; this time with Inspiritive Mapping. As with my first reading ; again much evidence came through that Marcel was truly working with my son who is now 'across the veil'. With , professionalism , kindness, compassion and above all honesty it is truly a blessing to spend such special, and personal time with such a caring and remarkable individual. As before, he goes above and beyond in all ways, always.
What a great experience, come expecting, there is truly so much more to learn in life. If you have any doubts please be assured they will be answered. Marcel is a kind soul with an awesome gift, his delivery method is thoughtful and tender, no one could possibly know the things that were shared with us. You will leave with a sense of peace, especially if you have suffered a great loss. Marcel thank you so very much, we really appreciated our time with you. Stay blessed
After the recent death of my son, I had been agonizing over his afterlife wellbeing. Marcel's reading gave me peace of mind and allowed me to understand that my son's spirit is still with me by validating details that only I could have known. Marcel clearly communicated that the purpose of the reading was to have me learn spirit's language so that I can connect with my son at all times.
He told me things he couldn't have possibly guessed. I've no doubt my daughter and husband were coming through. I'll definitely use him again!
Marcel was an amazing experience for me and my mom. After losing many people unexpectedly in our family, he was able to connect us with them and provide some closure. He offered an all around great experience and provided us with some extremely accurate and personal information to help us with closure. Thank you Marcel!!!!
I scheduled a reading with Marcel after my wife recently passed away. I went into it skeptical at first but soon realized he is the real deal. Marcel was very kind and he was able to tell me things not only about my wife but other family members and friends that had passed away.He couldn't have known these things by doing a internet search. He was able to tell me things that i had recently been doing at home that no one could known unless they had bugged in my house. I highly recommend Marcel.
He truly is the real deal! He was very professional and explained everything well . Was amazed by the things he knew from my loved ones .Thank you so much for the experience
I left his office with two truths. He is a deeply gifted individual. He uses his gift to heal. The validations he provided immediately disallowed disbelief in the authenticity of the collaboration we were spiritually embarking on. He is so clearly a healer amongst a world not so kind or so generous as he. I am profoundly thankful for him and my experience with him. I can't imagine going to anyone else for matters of the heart and soul, and I won't be. Many thanks to him and his healing.
Amazing! Marcel was great and my reading was so fulfilling. Going to definently go back for mapping.
Wow! I don’t do reviews, but my experience yesterday with Marcel did more for me than the months I’ve spent in grief therapy from the loss of my teenager. I feel a sense of peace and comfort that I haven’t felt since my loss. He was extremely accurate and the personalities of my contacts were on point. He relayed things about me and my own personal struggles that no one knows. Highly recommended. I intend on returning for a mapping session soon.
Marcel was incredible!! I was a little skeptical and nervous at first......but by the end of the session I was in awe!!!! I've already reached out to suggest others go visit him!! I truly believe everyone will leave their session in awe of Marcel!
I believe only a small percentage of psychics/mediums are real. My girlfriend went to see Marcel Cairo, and the info he was able to tell her would be impossible to know if he wasn't truly speaking to her spirit team. With her experience, and my own recent spiritual "awakening" to certain universal truths, I decided to take a leap of faith and see Marcel. And I am glad I did! Marcel is 100% the real deal, and you will not be disappointed! The entire experience was amazing! Go see him!
Every visit, for inspiritive mapping or to meet with someone who is on the other side is a healing experience with Marcel. The time I spent recently, convinced me those that have passed are still very much a part of my life. You will be amazed at the insights he is able to share beyond what we can see. He is professional, ethical, and compassionate in his efforts to deliver information from spirit you need and will be so grateful for. Thank you Marcel.
My session with Marcel was incredible! Everything brought up was accurate. The specific things communicated truly validated that my loved ones who have passed are with me still and very aware of my thoughts and actions. This was a very healing session for my soul! I feel confident in their continued love and support. Marcel made me feel like we were all sitting down at a table visiting. I am very grateful and will use what was shared to continue in my journey and the evolvement of my soul!
I had never been to a Medium before I met with Marcel. I've seen him twice now. Marcel is fantastic at what he does. He tells you flat out what he's getting and it is 100% accurate. The last reading I had with Marcel was so good and detailed, I actually felt like a weight had been lifted off of me. I will definitely go back and be sending my friends and family to him. Thanks again Marcel! -Christy Chambers
I am seriously speechless. Words can’t even describe how talented Marcel is. He was able to not only pick up on the people I wanted to connect with, but brought through their personality. He even brought up my current living dog. Marcel was able to validate for me what I thought would happen really does happen.
It was a pleasure to have a reading with Marcel last week. I’d met with one other medium before, and Marcel presented as very authentic. Marcel also takes the time to explain his process. He is focused on making sure his interpretation of information is accurate and makes sense for the person he’s reading. There were details Marcel provided related to my “spiritual team” that were very specific, and helped me feel more connected to them. I highly recommend Marcel to anyone!
Thank you for pointing out the fact that a previous reading with someone else was absolutely invalid regarding my husband. And, most importantly, the fact that my husband is happy and healed.
This was my first Inspiritive Mapping session with Marcel. And similarly to the first session, right on point. He is a gifted medium with a great sense of humor. In the I M session there will be things that your spirit guides bring up that definitely surprise both Marcel and you. Well, at least they did for me. They truly do want to help us navigate this earthly plane.Marcel is helpful and non-judgmental, as any medium should be. Definitely worth the time and expense. I will follow up.
I had the pleasure of seeing Marcel at the Rialto in Denison Tx in September 2019. I was very impressed with his gift. I saw him for a private reading this month - Nov. 2019. Again I was amazed and so very thankful for his connection to my family on the other side. I know he is not fond of the word closure, but that is what he helped me find due to the information that he was able to give me. Now the healing can begin for me. I would most certainly go to him again. He is the real deal.
This is one of the most healing people you can see if you are missing people you love. Marcel has a gift, and he is very ethical in the ways he uses it. He is genuine, honest, and caring. I am so grateful for the family experience we had, which also led to important medical insights for us. Marcel is a unique, gifted, human being with a heart the size of Texas. This is time well spent so don't hesitate.
Marcel is so amazing! He went above and beyond. He told me things that only my family would have known and somethings that only I would have known. He was spot on with personalities. I have and will continue to recommend Marcel. His power is truly a gift and a blessing.
Marcel is a truly gifted channel who never fails to bring in my deceased loved ones with very helpful messages for me. He even relates the person how they would act if they were directly talking to me, with their essence and personality. Thanks to people like Marcel I am able to continue having loving relationships with my parents from the other side. I can honestly say my relationship with my mother has even improved (not cause she's dead, but because she has apoligized for stuff ;)


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