Lee Ann Saska

Lee Ann Saska
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You found me! I look forward to the opportunity of being your new spiritual mentor and coach. I understand you may have a variety of spiritual teachers, psychic advisors, and life coaches to choose from in the McKinney/Dallas/North Texas area. I am thankful you have chosen to preview my page. I have studied the spiritual/metaphysical/Pagan-Wiccan/mystical paths for many years and I am confident in my ability to assist you in your journey of self discovery.

I work from a place of light and gratitude. I employ nature's gifts to assist in the healing process and to promote mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial prosperity in all aspects of life. As a spiritual teacher, I enjoy watching my students blossom and heal as they discover or reawaken their connection to the natural world around them. 

I believe what Dr. Wayne Dyer said, "Ego translates into ~ Edging God Out" and I remain mindful, grateful, and prayerful for all that which God and the Goddess has gifted me.

Lee Ann

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I am an ordained and licensed Universal Life Church Minister. Through ULC, I have completed coursework in Spiritual Awareness and Master of Spirituality for life coaching enhancement. I am also Reiki I and II attuned for energy work although I am not currently focusing on that area of my spiritual intuitive coaching.

I continue my development through ULC and Hay House coursework, weekend conferences and retreats, as well as enhancing my growth with personal instruction. I recently completed coursework in the Certified Assertiveness Coaching program through Hay House and I am a Certified Assertiveness Coach.

When you stop learning, you stop growing.

I utilize many aspects and elements from a variety of spiritual modalities in my daily living to keep centered and balanced. I like to start each day with a positive affirmation and to ask, "How may I be of service to humanity today?

I am sure you and I, together, can develop a strategy for success. As Steven Aitchison says, "There is never a shortage of success, only a shortage of belief."

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I have worked with Lee Ann near 2 years on self awareness, grounding meditations and the elements via phone consults. She has been inspiring, thorough, down to earth and specific to my needs in seeking guidance from spirit all while helping me realize my own potential. Her time with me has been life changing and really allowed me to use the tools she has provided to reach my higher self while continuing to learn new information and evolve, all this while sprinkling in humor and smiles. Thank U !
Lee Ann is wonderful! She recently predicted the exact due date of our second son. She also predicted years before that I would meet my husband (even guessed his name) and that we would have 2 children. She has always been spot on and an incredible resource.

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