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Internationally recognized psychic medium and author Kathleen Tucci, has assisted countless individuals reconnecting them with loved ones crossed over. She uses her gifts to pass on detailed information of healing and inspiration. An inductee into America's Who's Who for distinguished professionals, she has authored three books, lectured extensively on the paranormal, teaches psychic development, and is the resident psychic on KLLI FM’s radio station 105.3 in Dallas, Texas.

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Several years ago a profound experience led Kathleen to search for answers about her own spirituality after many years of receiving visions and clairaudient messages. Since that experience she has dedicated her life to the spiritual growth and development of others. In May of 2005, Kathleen formed The Column Center, a metaphysical education resource facility focusing on development of the higher consciousness and enlightening of the mind, body and spirit. With professional instructors of all types it is a platform for metaphysical training including; psychic awareness, remote viewing, past life regression, kinesiology, meditation, psychometry, medical intuition, and more. In giving back to the community the Column Center partners with non-profit organizations to raise money, collect clothing and food donations for the less fortunate.

Listed since: Jun 20, 2007


We first met Kathleen in Feb 2019 after our son had passed. She gave us several validating and beautiful messages that you would only know if you were standing by our side. The things she tells you are not public or on the Internet or able to be google searched. She’s done 3 gallery readings with 3 separate groups of my friends. I’ve had a few Taro card reading’s and a few coaching sessions. Kathleen is a compassionate caring person who just wants to help. I now consider her a great friend.
My daughter went to Kathleen and she was able to get some closure about my son. He passed six months ago and we were able to find out he was ok. I sould like to find out more she was very in tune. Amazing.
I met Kathleen nov 08 at an open gallery reading. After 2 or 3 readings she pointed directly at me and said,"You, in the blue shirt, I have someone here for you." I was skeptical but she immediately started laughing and said , "this can't be right . He is showing me a Christmas tree in a basement." That was totally correct. We had a full basement in our house in Amarillo and always had our tree there. I found out he really was watching over me and my siblings. I highly recommend her

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