Karen Gresham



* There is no death * Your loved ones are trying to connect with you.

Karen is an Afterlife Messenger who is very nurturing. Her readings provide clarity and information from your loved ones who have made their transition. This applies to humans or animals.


Take the first steps to living the life YOU choose.

• Receive accurate information about what is going on in your life
• Uncover blocks that prevent you from getting what you want
• Receive guidance and tools to help you create the life you love

Tap into your energy and learn how to become the architect of your life!

We all have a mission in this lifetime. Discovering that mission can be liberating and rewarding. I have helped writers, artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs achieve their goals.


As a world-renown Psychic Empath, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Afterlife Messenger, Karen provides insights, guides your self-discovery and develops personalized tools to assist you in transforming your life.

Listed since: Feb 22, 2018


Karen is the real deal in afterlife readings! She has helped me for several years connect with my grandfather from Sicily. It's very comforting to feel his presence I even can smell his pipe from time to time. She has taught me that when a loved one makes the transition and the physical body is released, that they connect with us through signs, symbols, synchronicities, and sometimes lights. There is true happiness being communicated from him through the divine light of higher dimensions.
Karen is truly gifted. She provides precise information in a compassionate and loving manner. You can feel the love and authenticity radiate from her being. I highly recommend her as you will be guided in a gentle and beneficial way that is applicable to your life today.
I am honored to have worked with and known Karen for many years. She helped me break down barriers that kept me from believing in my real purpose in this life, and she has expertly guided me personally, professionally and spiritually in our time together. I believe her guidance and love have helped me to become who I truly am in my soul, and I fully trust her to work with me on very deep levels there. I highly recommend Karen to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of themselves.She is magic!
I have worked with Karen Gresham for several years and I would like to tell everyone how wonderful she is in her ability to help others achieve their goals. I highly recommend her to those who are seeking their direction of their hearts desire.

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