Jonathan Garcia

Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia


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$195 (30 Min) $350 (60min)


Psychic | Intuitive | Clairvoyant | Energy Reader | Empath | Remote Viewer

Jonathan is a renowned Professional Psychic celebrated for his precise timelines, pertinent insights, and foresight into future events. With a diverse clientele spanning the globe, Leveraging his psychic gifts, he provides invaluable guidance, empowering clients to navigate life's challenges with positivity and resilience.

Jonathan adeptly interprets messages to offer guidance across various life situations. His specialty lies in delivering precise predictions, including dates and sequences of events, concerning relationships, careers, investments, health, and more.

When you book a psychic reading with Jonathan, expect immediate validation with minimal information shared. He'll delve into the aspects of your life where you seek guidance most, providing clarity and direction.

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Throughout my life, I've been attuned to the realms of psychic intuition, empathy, and remote viewing. Over time, these gifts have matured and deepened. Sensing energies around me has become second nature—I can discern emotions like anxiety, panic, fear, depression, happiness, and more in those around me.

Listed since: Apr 24, 2024


I’ve gone to him now for a couple months and I can’t believe his accuracy is so on point I was sure I lost my wallet and I couldn’t find it and he kept insisting that it was in the car and sure enough it was it was shoved down in a bag that I would’ve never even looked in. In the short amount of time that I’ve saw him for guidance the amount of things that he’s accurate about is outstanding and it’s so nice to have somebody that’s a real reader
amazing, compassionate, professional. he is my go-to for advice and guidance
Having a reading with Jonathan was the clearest, most direct path to answers than any reading I have had. After lots of readings that felt like a scam, I left feeling he is trustworthy, caring, and accurate. Jonathan is a beautiful soul with a distinct ability to provide guidance. Highly recommend.

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