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John Cappello is an American psychic medium, author, lecturer, and radio talk show host from Texas. Practicing for over 25 years, he is a natural psychic medium and is consistently ranked among the world’s best. John is regarded as exceptional within the metaphysical community and by his worldwide clientele. He was voted the number one male psychic in the United States and number two medium for 2017 in the New York 6th International Vote: World’s Best Lightworkers and Practitioners of Divinatory Arts, organized annually by Times Square Press New York and Revue Voyance & Parapsychologie. He is certified by multiple organizations, including the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums, to be an authentic psychic and medium.
In addition, John’s books, Open the Mind Exercise the Soul, Soul Exercises for the Open Mind, and Open the Mind Heal the Heart, and his children’s book, Mom! There’s an Angel in the Kitchen, have won fourteen literary awards for their content and original material on the topics of psychic development, grief recovery, and values. He has several meditation recordings available for relaxation, past lives, and chakra care. A speaker and teacher of workshops and lectures on multiple metaphysical topics and disciplines he travels around the United States making over fifty public appearances a year.
John’s radio program, Beyond Metaphysics, on the Inception Radio Network, is considered one the best on the internet. The program discusses metaphysical topics along with other paranormal subjects. Guests are practitioners and authors of books in the realm of New Age thinking. In a recent poll, John was recognized as one of the top broadcasters of paranormal radio. He has made numerous television appearances such as “America’s Spookiest Homes” on HG TV and guest appearances on radio programs around the world.
John’s prior business experience includes his family’s food business and real estate interests. He was a food broker and landlord managing commercial and residential properties. This experience gives him a broad perspective of business issues and assists him with consulting on difficult problems small business owners face in today’s business environment.
In addition to his business experience, John served in a volunteer capacity as an advocate to end racial issues in the community, animal rescue groups, and on environmental projects in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency. He worked with government officials on public works projects for the area where his family’s business was located. He was a board member of the local YMCA and business association for many years. In 2007, he made an unsuccessful bid to become Mayor of Dallas. After the election, he served on many various committees for the City of Dallas and was chairman of one of the Mayor’s initiatives for economic development. He served as a commissioner of the City’s Productivity and Innovation Commission.
He is a founder of a chamber of commerce where he served in a dual role of president and chairman of the board. He is a scholar and has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Master of Business Administration in Business Management and Finance.

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Open the Mind Exercise the Soul is the first book written by John Cappello and has won the following awards for excellence:

Finalist, Adult Non Fiction category, North Texas Book Festival
Winner, Non Fiction New Age category, 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards
Finalist, Non Fiction New Age category, 2013 International Book Awards
Finalist, Non Fiction New Age category, 2013 USA Best Book Awards

Soul Exercises for the Open Mind is the psychic development workbook developed by John Cappello.

Finalist, Non Fiction, New Age Category, 2016 International Book Awards,
Finalist, Non Fiction, New Age Category, 2016 Bookvana Awards

Open the Mind Heal the Heart, A metaphysical discussion about grief and healing.

Kirkus Reviewed
Finalist, Non Fiction, New Age Category, 2017 International Book Awards
Winner, Non Fiction, New Age Category, 2017 BookVana Awards
Finalist, Grief Category, 2017 Book Excellence Awards
Finalist, Non Fiction, New Age Category, 2017 Best Book Awards

Mom! There's an Angel in the Kitchen! Children's Mind Body Spirit Book

Winner, Children's Mind Body Spirit, 2017 Bookvana Awards
Winner, Children's Novelty and Gift Category, 2017 Bookvana Awards
Finalist, Children's Mind, Body, Spirit, 2017 Best Books Awards
Finalist, Children's Novelty and Gift Category, 2017 Best Books Awards

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Blown away... immediately, my Mother came through whom I didn't have a good relationship. Through John, she apologized and showed remorse, etc. then my beloved husband and Dad came through as well. I left with a sense of immense forgiveness toward my Mother, which I needed and a sadness and burden has been lifted. I will continue each and every time, John comes to Wichita. I owe this man such gratitude for giving me a new lease on life!
John was AMAZING. John was not only accurate with the information he saw, but compassionate and kind too. I am a skeptic on this stuff so when I heard John share the messages of the person I absolutely had to speak with, I was floored! I recognized my husband's words immediately through John. I came out of the reading healed and at peace from some mind boggling and gut wrenching issues surrounding the death of my husband. I was totally at ease with John's capabilities. Highly recommend!
I was in a session with John Cappello at the white Dove in Wichita KS. He is really good. I would recommend anyone seek his services if you want more in the way of information about the existence of life after our physical death. If God didn't want us to have proof of the existence of our spiritual selves after death, we would not have the gift of clairvoyance, channeling or mediumship. His messages are of hope and love and what many skeptics really need more of in this world.
My journey started 2.5 years ago. I have had the good fortune of "great" physics and mediums just showing up (synchronicity) in the path of my journey. John shares the "top of my" list with one other Dallas medium. What I like most is his conversational style, stating what the "other side" is saying, and having me validate nearly 95% of everything he says. I have recommended John to many people, and every one of those people tell me "He is amazing."

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