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Jody is extremely accurate, concise and detailed. Information comes quickly so expect a lot of answers in a short period of time. Her readings are quite different from other psychics. Messages include counseling, coaching, energy work, tools and techniques to assist in deeper understanding and complete integration.

All readings are done over my conference line.

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With Jody, you'll not only receive divine guidance and advice, but understand what negative patterns or belief systems are getting in the way of following through with it. Sometimes psychic readings make no sense to our logical mind, or the advice sounds good but becomes difficult to follow through with. That is because we are not totally aligned with it emotionally and mentally or because we have blocks locked into our energy that get in the way. Jody's sessions provide insights for total alignment so you can move forward in harmony with your soul’s desire.

Jody is the author of A Soul's Guide to Abundance, Health and Happiness. For the past 15 years she has been a professional psychic, energy healer, spiritual teacher & speaker. Predictions and prophecies for the future are channeled through her. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant. Her path is to help others rise above struggle, suppression and pain so they clearly understand their purpose and live a life rich with love, joy, abundance and good health.

Listed since: Aug 10, 2009


Jody was so what / who I needed. I knew I had been drawn to the right medium for me. Her messages held the peace and relief I needed to find. She was very easy to understand and I felt so calm and light, as if a huge weight had been lifted off of me after the session. I will definitely call on Jody again, and I recommend her with my whole heart.
I’ve talked to Jody now multiple times over a 4 yr period. She speaks with your Angels and Guides in order to give you the best advice for that period of your life. She also connects with animals and pets, which is super important to me because I’m into rescuing many animals. I highly recommend her. She has the most down to Earth personality which I totally vibe with. I like checking in with her randomly to make sure I’m on the right path. She will tell you what you NEED to hear.
She helped me realize that I have a gift also. She is amazing!
Jody has such a pure heart, so full of light and compassion. She is extremely intuitive and seems to immediately understand everything about your situation, even the feelings of other people involved. I love the detail she receives and how she explains everything in a way that I can understand what to do next. Jody is definitely an Earth Angel.
Jody is the best!!!! You will not be disappointed!!!!
Jody is honest and clear and she gives you messages directly from your Angels and Guides. In the past couple months, I had been going through a rather difficult time in my relationship and I'm so thankful for Jody, she really helped me to see the situation from a different persepective and I can't wait for her predictions to come to light. I highly recommend Jody, she's the real deal!
She is amazing. Out of the few I've spoken to.. she was accurate.. so I called again.. and she picked up fast on the situation. Very gifted
Absolutely outstanding! Does not waste your time or dawdle. She get's RIGHT to the point, an tells you exactly what's going on, even things you hadn't mentioned to a soul. Can't wait for what she told me to come true! Will update when it does!
I had a reading with Jody and words can not describe how wonderful she is. I have spoken to quite a few different psychics and I was so happy with Jody. She makes you feel so comfortable and she tells you what you need to hear. She helped me with my issues and I feel as though a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders. You just feel so peaceful and calm after talking with her. I believe that she has a gift. And I am glad that she is sharing it with people like me. Thank you Jody!!
I called Jody in May of 2011 and she had such an amazing reading!!! Many things have already transpired just as she has said, and I have had many, many readings with others in my life and most are never accurate. She has a great ability to get the big picture for you. I also had a family situation that I was very upset about and she was right there for me and was great. She is the best I have ever talked to. You will be blessed to talk to her:-)
I just called her a few days ago about a little family emergency. She gave me advice about how to deal with it myself and how to deal with each individual family member. I tried my best to take her advice and when I fallowed it..things worked out. One time I lost my temper with one of them, and it acted out EXACTLY as she advised me it would. Know everyone is loving each other and there is piece at home again. Thank you Jody, & thanks for the availability of instant readings. I needed advise 911
Thank you Jody for my reading. She picked up on things that she wouldn't had known unless I told her. The outcome wasn't what I wanted to hear but I rather know the truth than a lie :) Give Jody a call if you want the truth and nothing but the truth!
What struck me about Jody is how her many years of experience comes through as clear, concise information. You really get a sense of what your angels and guides are telling you. Jody gets right to the point. She channels the information without hesitation. Which really gives you the sense of how connected she really is. I recommend Jody to anyone who wants to clearly hear their angels and guides. I've always enjoyed her readings. And I know you will too.
Jody Howard first read for me in January 2007. She is very accurate. Not all psychics are able to accurately translate what your guides/angels are trying to tell you. Their messages are always open to a certain amount of interpretation by the psychic. Jody is excellent at conveying the correct message(s) to you. She doesn’t guess. If she feels the message is unclear she confirms it with your guides to make sure it is delivered to you accurately. I highly recommend Jody Howard as a psychic.

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