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Jamie Compton
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Jamie Compton is the owner & founder of InnerGoddess Healing and is a psychic medium, energy practitioner, and spiritual coach. Jamie always felt spiritually connected since she was a young child, experiencing strong intuition and prophetic dreams. She also could sense spirits, or ghosts as she thought them. It wasn't until her spiritual and psychic awakening during her masters program at university that she became more aware of the spiritual world and understood her psychic, intuitive self. Since then, she's discovered one of her purposes includes assisting people with their spiritual needs while also promoting their spiritual wellbeing and divine empowerment. Jamie Compton produces and hosts the Ignite Your Fire Podcast, available on most podcast platforms--including Apple, Google, and Spotify--and the InnerGoddess Healing YouTube Channel. You can follow Jamie (InnerGoddess Healing) on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Visit her website and subscribe to her monthly newsletter to stay informed on new services, special offers, events, and new content. Please email InnerGoddess Healing if you have any questions or would like information on group or event services.

Psychic Medium & Energy Practitioner:

As a psychic medium, I act as a spiritual guide to empower clients with insight, clarity, and (when appropriate) spiritual coaching for when they face life changes and challenges and have questions related to life path, purpose, spiritual ascension or awakening, paranormal experiences, and other spiritual needs and topics. My spiritual and psychic connection also allows me connect to passed loved ones, spirit guides, angels, and other light beings. I often channel messages from such beings during psychic readings when the light beings feel their messages are pertinent to the clients' reading or need. For now, I offer online and recorded psychic and online mediumship readings. In-person readings are not currently available until further notice.

As an energy practitioner, I currently offer remote (distance) energy healing and will eventually offer Reiki Healing as well. For those interested in group online classes, I often lead a practice that clears chakras and grounds the participants' energies. Check my website for class availability. In-person sessions are currently unavailable until further notice. When I perform an energy healing session, I tune into divine/universal energies to support the highest and best of the client, and I ask Spirit, my angels, and spirit guides to assist me as well. Please note that I do not diagnose, proscribe, or treat medical illness. Do not use any coaching or other information in place of medical and other professional advice.

Additional Information: 

My spiritual and psychic abilities consists of clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairaudience, meaning I can receive psychic information as a mental image of an object, person, place, or word. I also receive information as an emotion or feeling or as an audible word or phrase. Sometimes, I just know a piece of information. My strongest clairs are clairvoyance (clear seeing) and clairsentience (clear emotional & physical feeling).

I am also an empath, which means I sense and feel emotional energies from people, places, and things and experience them as if they were my own. Because I have a strong ability to feel information, I can read energies or pick up information by touching objects and people. This is known as psychometry. During some of my psychic readings, I use oracle and/or tarot cards to clarify psychic information I receive or to supplement the reading by generating additional information when I touch the cards.

Listed since: Apr 11, 2021

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