Heavenly Grace

Heavenly Grace
Heavenly Grace


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I don’t predict or foretell your future.

But, if you’re looking to:
- find your best self…and inner peace
- gain clarity and greater connection to your Divine source, spirit, and power
- reduce stress, worry, negativity and pain…
I can help you.

Using my gifts of Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Clairvoyence, I offer the following services to deliver Heaven's messages to you:
- Personalized Guided Meditations for Restoration and Clarity
- Energy Work & Healing...Dissolving Blocks and Restoring Energy Flow
- Pain Release

My intuitive, empathic, and channeling abilities allow me to deliver services tailored specifically for you...for your life and issues today.

I'm able to feel where in your body you're holding tension and pain, where the energy is blocked from flowing, and I can guide you to release the tension, release the pain, and dissolve the blocks.

Listed since: Mar 22, 2019

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