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Internationally esteemed Psychic Channel, Hypnotherapist, and Spiritualist known for her high accuracy, extensive knowledge and integrity. Nicknamed the “Psychic’s Psychic” by top experts in her field, she is a trusted advisor to professional athletes, celebrities, well published authors, Healers, Psychics and Astrologers. Sought after by the Discovery Channel, documentary film makers, youtube channels with large followings and ESP research institutes. Hanane makes raising collective consciousness on earth her top priority, rather than fame or status. A descendant of a long line of Berber Shamans, Clairvoyant healers, learned mystics and ancient wisdom keepers. Her birth and life were predicted by her great uncle, a renowned Berber Astrologer and Mystic, two decades before she was born. Initiated as a Shaman and wisdom keeper herself by her tribal elders at a very early age in Morocco, she skillfully combines ancient spiritual knowledge with modern science In her work as a Psychic, Spiritual Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, and Coach. Hanane was an Army/Navy ESP study subject for years, and served as a top Remote Viewer and Telepath under observation on base. She has helped many talented psychics worldwide enhance their abilities, and gives readings to other highly skilled psychics regularly. Her true passion is helping others open up spiritually and discovering their true self and purpose on Earth.

Hanane is certified by The International Association Of Counselors and Therapists, in Regression Therapy and Hypnotherapy. She is also trained in several Energy Healing methods, such as Reiki, Sound and Vibrational Healing, Color Therapy, Crystal Therapy, and Different Shamanic practices from around the world.

"I have had several readings over the past year with Hanane. She is very precise, detailed with her vision and very specific. I have made decisions last year according to what she has seen for me and everything has turned out to be correct. Hanane is truly impressive, totally accurate and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to others. Hanane is a real psychic, superb and talented. Do try her out as you will not regret it!" Laura, USA

"My cat, who usually is gone for a few hours at most, was gone 11 hours today. I had been out looking for her and calling her several times. I called Hanane, she said she's alive and not stolen. She's 4 houses down, should I telephatically tell her to meet you? I said yes. I went out and looked for her calling her, but she didn't meet me outside. When I got home, she was standing in the kitchen like, "here I am, were you worried?" THANK YOU ;-)" Caddie, USA

"Hanane is an amazingly talented hypnotherapist and psychic. She is also sincere, gentle and very committed to helping her clients. Put all these skills and qualities together and you have someone who has a unique ability to help others transform themselves - which is what she did with me. I cannot recommend her enough. " Jamie, London UK

Abilities include:
Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Remote Viewing, Astral projection, Psychometry, Interpreting Dreams, Auras and Numeric messages/Number Divination.

So why Channeling? It is a telepathic, very direct form of communication between the Channeler and the spirit of the living as well as the departed.

* Conscious Interactive Channeling: Hanane telepathically communicates with the higher self of the POI and/or Spirit Guides to receive answers to your questions.

*In addition to Channelling, Hanane's highly advanced Telepathic and Remote Viewing abilities allow her to:

1. View relevant scenes, places and people with a high level of detail

2. Directly tap into the energy fields, feelings, thoughts, and intentions of others (ALWAYS with permission from their higher self and guides with positive intent)

3. Describe aspects of a situation you may not be aware of to better guide you towards the right path

4. Help you identify opportunities and potentials in the present/future while giving you specific insight on how to realize them.

5. Identify patterns that could be sabotaging your life and compromising your emotional, physical and spiritual health.

6. Go beyond this life into another life that is relevant to your journey here and now. This will help you identify repeated patterns, phobias, past traumas carried in your cell memory, soul groups, and even reclaim past life skills and talents.

7. Provide specific ways to find balance, harmony and connect with higher consciousness in ways that work for you.

Hanane offers readings in the following:

* Love - Relationships - Marriage - Family
* Career - Business
* Animal Communication
* Dream Interpretation
* Life Purpose - Self Awareness - Self Mastery
* Auras, Colors & Meaning - Assess The Health Of Your Chakras and Energy Field
* Numerology - Interpreting Numeric Patterns & Codes
* Spiritual Psychic Development - Which Psychic Abilities Do You Possess
* Identifying and Overcoming Self Destructive patterns

Healing services:

* Hypnotherapy
* Regression Therapy
* Past Life Regression
* Reiki Healing
* Vibrational Sound Healing
* Crystal Therapy
* Color Therapy
* Self Sabotage coaching
* Life Coaching

Additional Information: 

Mediumship with animals, Source Realm and the Sigher Self of the living only.

Mediumship by appointment only.

NO MEDIUMSHIP with the spirits in the astral realm, as this realm has now been compromised by impure energy and no longer safe to connect with.

Listed since: Jul 18, 2018


One of the most influential and beautiful souls I have come across in my life. She is a true God send and her abilities are profound! She is so accurate, eye opening and connected in ways I never knew existed. If you are contemplating ANY type of reading, please do it. You will be amazed and how much you can benefit and heal. I am forever thankful for Hanane! <3
I've had many readings, some were good. However, Hanane by far is one of the BEST!!! Hanane, is unequivocally authentic! After I ONLY gave names and asked particular questions without giving one ounce of details of the situation... Hanane; was able to give clear and accurate details of the situation. I'm still BLOWN AWAY with her accuracy! Thank you very much!
My friend swears by her and highly recommended her I see why. New favorite for sure straight to the point and very detailed. Provided a lot of information without me having to ask. Picked up on poi’s traits very well, so accurate about events and timelines. Will definitely be speaking with Hanane again.
Hana is by far the best channeler & psychic that I have ever come across. As a channeler myself I like to get guidance as I cannot always read myself, but Hana is immaculate. I know that her predictions will come to pass. She will be the only reader that I will consult with moving forward through this next chapter of life. She is honest, caring, direct, and has a beautiful energy. She is incredibly detailed and can predict exact timelines & descriptions. Her guides are amazing.
I had five readings with Hannah since last year, things she saw with no input from me or without me even asking, have all come to pass in the exact order she described them. I wish I had written everything down, because there is no way on earth she would have known what just happened today, like months ago unless she has uncanny psychic abilities and by golly she does! Speechless...
I spoke with Hanane in Nov about my job search after months of applying and interviews I was discouraged but she gave me hope and was right on the money.She predicted I’d get hired in Jan/22 by a company I really wanted, which I did! She also got the follow up email date and what my last interview would entail.She said the questionnaire is about networking strategies and marketing.Guess what? It was about a fundraiser and digital marketing template! Her predictions and timelines are immaculate.
My readings with Ms.Hana are so enlightening, I love that she’s so good at getting you in a grounded place while she works with you.She’s just different in a great way, gives you very accurate psychic insights and great advise.She reads my aura too and does a guided meditation that calms me down for days.Never had experiences like this with anyone else it’s deep, cant wait to try her dream interpretation reading.I Definitely recommend her to anyone looking for more than just a typical reading.
I have had several readings from Hana and they are always spot on . She is extremely compassionate and does this out of the goodness of her heart to help people . One of the best Psycic’s and Mediums I have ever run across , not only is she gifted from god but she always delivers information to you in a caring matter . She has helped my friends and family in times of stress even if it’s a holiday , weekend or late at night . I love her and would highly recommend… ♥️ Wendy Lewis
I have recently had the pleasure of speaking with Mrs. Ouazzani. What I am going through is quite a process of so many emotions. She was able to help me feel lightened, at ease, and allowed me to see that moving forward IS possible. I have a long one, but with Mrs. Oazzani's help, it will not be as difficult. For the skeptical, I can only say that it doesn't hurt to try. Her very empathetic nature is just an example of how gifted truly she is. Thank you, Mrs. Ouazzani!
I had the privilege of a reading from Hana and her guides Sam and Ally. It was literally an awakening & healing experience. Hana read for me prior in August describing my next job following a company acquisition. Her guides described a timeline & a series of interviews. I was offered a new position exactly as spirit guided. Regarding my new consultation, a the guides immediately addressed some of my job insecurities that kept me up at night and I feel confident & so much more alive. Thank you!
Hana you gave me an amazing reading at the end of last summer. You told me I will get pregnant Dec/Jan and that’s exactly happened!!! I was skeptical back then but I am now 9weeks! Also I received from you huge help during my grieving process after my mom past away. I definitely feel lighter also I keep having visitation dreams with her as you told me I would, I now try to actually have a conversation during the dreams and it works thank you! Aggie
Hanane is highly professional and compassionate, with very high personal and professional integrity. You will learn a lot about yourself and also learn from Hanane as a human being.
Another one of Hana's predictions came to pass, this time I was simply stunned because nobody else saw it coming! Her predictions about my business unfolded exactly as she said down to the the buyer's physical description, personality and the timeline. She laid out the psychological profile of the broker which helped me tremendously in my negotiations. She can read with laser like precision and articulates the person's personality traits in a way that only a skilled psychoanalyst can!
Hana is truly like no other not only with her abilities, but the genuine concern, care and compassion with what her abilities allow her to see. When she sees/feels any pain you may be dealing with she does not just leave you hanging in pain and confusion. She goes above and beyond to truly help you and guide you. She is extremely intelligent, has tons of helpful knowledge/experience, is in tune with whatever you're dealing with and can piece together all the parts to any complicated situation.
I’ve had several readings with Hanane and my review is way past due. She jumps right in and the information flows without any sugarcoating. She will mention things that will have you thinking “there’s no way” and over time you’ll see it right in front of you. Have a notepad with you because she brings tons of details to the table.
I had my reading today with Hana, she was to the point and very precise. I was in pain for years and didn't know why? She pointed me to the answers and solutions, provided me with measures and tools and the impact is immediate. She also presented me to the personality I didn't know existed within me. Her accuracy to the facts and direction to the possible future for me was phenomenal. Her guidance helped me to relax and love myself. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for answers.
WHAT AN AMAZING READING I HAD WITH HUNANE- I asked her one question and she went off like a rocket describing my relationship and my life to a T - I have had many readings but nothing like that thank you Hunane for such an amazing read !!!
Having never left a review about anything or anyone before, I HAD to submit one after my session with Hana, because everyone deserves peace of mind.Her guidance and clarity was 100%.I’ve spoken to many psychics and wish I found her first. She’s more than that, it's like talking to my best friend she blew me away with her abilities I have peace of mind I hadn’t had before there’s no price for that. I am truly blessed to have found you and had the privilege of experiencing your GOD given abilities
What a tremendous gift to have! First and foremost, all her predictions for myself and my daughter have come true, timing as well as outcomes. I contacted her while I was pregnant in order to communicate with my today five-months old baby girl. Both of them have been chatting ever since and it is so beautiful! Hana is the verbal bridge betWeen my baby and I, She telepathically communicates with Her and all the information I received has helped me understand behaviors and moods of my baby! TY
I had another reading with Hana tonight. She is absolutely one of the most gifted advisors I have ever spoken with. The amount of detail, insight and accuracy she provides about a situation is nothing short of astounding. It's hard to keep to the desired questions for the reading b/c she sees so much it makes you want to explore the areas you had not been shown before. I cannot recommend her strongly enough.
My experience with Hana has been life changing. I had never seen a medium before, when I came upon her name on Bob Olsen's directory, it felt right to choose her. She told me things that only I know about my loved ones. I could feel that she connected with them, I walked away from her readings (I went back a second time she's that good!), with an overwhelming feeling of calm that I've never experienced before, I am a different person now because of her. She's genuine I whole-heartedly recommend!
I’m so I found Hananae for my 1st reading. I was very scared and sceptic to do so earlier due to my religion believes and I simply didn’t want to be scammed. Nothing like that happened and I regret I haven’t contact her sooner. Hananae helped me connect with my beloved mom on the other side and now I feel so much lighter since she past suddenly and I wasn’t prepared. Whatever she told me was true and made total sense. I’m very thankful and I will definitely use Hananae help next time I need!
I've had several readings with Hanane now. She is not only keenly insightful and very specific, but she is deeply emphatic, caring, and delivers her messages with a positive beacon of hope, and is extremely generous with her time and advice. Very grateful to have connected with her and will definitely continue to work with her.
I spoke with Hanane last night for the first time and I was BLOWN AWAY at her abilities. She was able to see into issues that I was not even aware of - but made perfect sense. She also provided detailed timelines which was really appreciated and impressive. Many times I've heard the timing can't be predicted accurately, but she was very confident and detailed in her predictions and insights. I will be calling her again!
Something that you had mentioned in your telepathic session unexpectedly unfolded. I wasn’t searching for answers and a few major things you mentioned were confirmed today. The person , location with lots of windows, cafe you were seeing in our telepathic session showed up on a business newspaper. As well, your reiki healing did work and I was having a healing crisis which is normal and which meant the distant reiki was very effective.
I have spoken with Hana twice this year already and she has been spot on with my person of interests characteristics and insights. She provides accurate details and descriptions and is extremely kind and you can tell she genuinely cares about her clients. She doesn’t sugar coat which I appreciate and is very honest. I love how she doesn’t fish for any details. I definitely recommend her for everyone wanting a whole hearted reading. Try her once and you’ll see why.
Hanane was delightful to work with. I received a psychic reading from her and a guided meditation. She was patient and thorough with me and made sure that all of my questions were addressed and answered before ending any of the sessions. If you feel like you are stuck or lost, I highly recommend Hanane.
It was so nice to speak with you today. Thank you so much for the 2020 forecast. I didn’t tell you but I was feeling really down earlier today. After speaking with you I felt instantly uplifted and confident again. Thank you so much and happy new year !!!!
I have had several readings over the past year with Hanane Ouazzani. She is very precise, detailed with her vision and very specific. I have made decisions last year according what she has seen for me and everything has turned out to be correct. Hanane is truly impressive, totally accurate and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to others. Hanane is a real psychic, superb and talented. Do try her out as you will not regret it!
This woman blew me away. She gave me such an empowering reading- it was totally amazing. Not all of the information was exactly what I wanted to hear - but it all made so much sense!! She is truly a gifted seer- she has quite a gift. My favorite part of this connection was I felt so calm and empowered at the end of the call. I left it armed with fabulous information to make better decisions. She is truly amazing.


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