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Hello, I'm Gary Champion. I'm a Psychic Medium from the Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas area and have been since the age of six when my grandmother Vera passed. From the moment she passed I was aware that there were spirits around me guiding and helping me from the other side just as they are for everyone. Knowing what they are saying and passing it on to you is what being a psychic medium is all about.

I offer private and phone reading sessions of various lengths for you to pick from on my Private and Phone pages. All readings are confidential. The information I receive has always been accurate with clarity and direction being an integral part. Please call me if you think that I might help.
The price for a reading is $100 for 30 minutes, $150 for 45 minutes and $200 for an hour. Call 214-636-7546 for card processing or use the Pay Pal buttons on the site. I can only process Discover, Visa or Mastercard by phone. Any other card can be processed by the optional Pay Pal button at the bottom of the Phone Readings page.

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Listed since: Jun 6, 2008


A few months ago Gary gave me a reading. Before it even started, he told me about a condition that only 2 people knew of. My physician and myself. I was blown away. It was a very good reading, helpful. This man is the real deal. Should have done this much sooner.
He came to the Wholistic Festival to help us there also. Even though I mentioned to him I had lots of conversations with God, he pinpointed things exactly. Words I said he could repeat. like "Where ever I am God is." He also understood other things of a personal nature with out me saying it. As a developing psychic medium myself, I felt he helped me with that also.We were able to synchronize in order for me to understand more of myself on that level too. I feel he's the real deal.
Gary, I was a total skeptic before I spoke with you last night. You called me on it, which I appreciate because I began to listen and finally to believe. The peace that I felt after our call is priceless. I got physical confirmation last night after I went to bed. I slept like a baby for the first night in two months. No words are adequate to express my thanks. God Bless You.
Some of the stuff he mention was correct and some were not at all. However, he is answer person and tell you like it is
I thought our reading was fascinating. I'm dealing with an issue right now and without me even mentioning it, it was the first thing you made reference to. I really appreciate it because with out you even knowing it you helped me to complete it in my mind. You confirmed so many things and seemed to understand who i am in a way that most people don't get. Because of this it feels like there is a lot more support "out there" then we can understand from this 3D world. U R awesome Thank you!
I had the splendid opportunity to first meet Gary about 4 years ago. At that time my new husband of about a month and I had a reading with Gary. He was very accurate about so many things, including telling us about our pregnancy (we knew for about 1 week). He told us the gender of the baby and so many more things that no one knew. He even answered one of our questions before we could ask about it. He is truly amazing and would go to Gary for anything before anyone else. Thank you Gary!!!
Gary is definitely for real. He disclosed facts that the average person could never know. He gave me closure and peace about my mother and stepdad's passings.
I have had many readings with Gary. He has helped me cope with the death of my husband, find a job, and find a house. Right before I moved, I had a phone reading where Gary warned me about the danger of a house fire. I got up one morning and it was chilly so I put the heat on and started to get ready for work. The smoke alarm went off. I turned the heat off and called the repairman. It turns out that natural gas was hooked up to a propane heater. Thank you Gary.
I have had three readings with Gary Champion – one in person and two by phone. Each time, he conveyed helpful messages. I took notes at each reading. In some cases, it was only months or weeks later – after other events unfolded – that I came to understand the meaning or accuracy of the information. Other messages were immediately relevant and comforting. I encourage anyone who is curious and open-minded to seek a reading with this sincere, genuinely and powerfully talented psychic medium.
this guy is the real deal, i wont say anything else. dont waste your money anywhere else.
I had the opportunity to have a reading by Gary Champion while I was in Minnesota last February. He was able to pin-point many facts about myself and my family (living and those who have passed over). I would HIGHLY recommend him to everyone. Connie in Texas

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