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$37.00 - $400.00

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Fernando Marron is a highly rated Intuitive Channeler and Spiritual Teacher with hundreds of 5 Star reviews on Yelp, Facebook & Google. Helping others through the use of his intuitive abilities and spiritual teachings is his life's work and passion. He teaches others how to tap into their own abilities, understand spiritual concepts and develop their true, innate potential.

With the convenience of phone, video call and email options he is able to work one on one with each individual to meet their specific needs.

Fernando Marron is a certified Reiki healer, non-denominational minister, an intuitive reader with 8+ years of business management & coaching experience. He has been working in the field of spiritual counseling since 1998. He possesses the ability to connect with energy and tap into past, present and future events. He also possesses the ability to connect with people who have crossed over.

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See Fernando in action with his YouTube online series: https://www.youtube.com/c/fernandomarronpsychic

Available Services:

- Life Reading
- 15 Minute Specific Issue or Follow-up Reading
- Emergency Appointments
- eReadings (Email Readings)
- Spirit Communication (Mediumship)
- Spiritual Guidance & Life Coaching

Listed since: Dec 18, 2012


Ferny is so on point!!!! He was very accurate on my reading! I had forgotten a lot of the things he told me, so a year after my reading I listen to the recording he had mailed me and the accuracy was insane!! Not only is he amazing at what he does, Ferny also has an amazing energy that just makes you smile! I recommend him to everyone!
I had my life analysis reading with Ferny yesterday. He was spot on with everything occurring with and around me. He gave me a sense of direction, and confirmed some things I was unsure about. He is also very sweet and kind, it feels as if you’ve known him forever.
Mind blowing! I knew that my daughter was happy and no longer in pain before this, but it felt like finally got to talk to her 2 months after her death. It meant so much to me to hear from her, and the accuracy was astounding. If you're not sure just do it. It's so worth it!
I had 15 min Ask anything reading with Fernando.I prepared 2 questions thinking that 15 min would be barely enough for Fernando to answer. However, he was able to answer them quickly and I had time to ask many additional questions.I think I was expecting him to tune in to the energies for longer time and talk in vague terms so I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and “precise” he was in his answers.By “precise” I mean he named places,months etc.I will update my review in several months.
My experience with Ferny was nothing less than phenomenal! The session felt like I was having a conversation with a good friend. I felt genuine compassion from him during the entire reading. Ferny picked up on so much in the bigger scope of my life, but also the smaller details. He even knew what kind of shoes I wear based on a pain he sensed in my back and legs! I left the session with a deep sense of peace and genuine love that he was sending me. Ferny is 100% non-judgmental and truly gifted.
I had a Life Analysis Reading with Ferny recently and I was just so amazed and shocked at how detail and accurate he is! I am excited for whats to come even though its something I didn't expect at all! I am staying open, receptive and positive about everything he told me and I can't wait .
I had my first live coaching session with Ferny. Although I was nervous to the letter, he made me feel very comfortable. I was overthinking how the session would go, which was way off. Ferny helped me relax and feel at home. I was able to tune into the exercises and to his explanation to each. Ferny's explanation of my answers to the exercises helped me get a different vantage point. I recommend you come to Ferny for readings, mediumship, or coaching. He will not disappoint!
Ferry always made you fell as if your talking with big brother. Means he has very warm, happy, positive energy through his reading all the time. I had Life Analysis reading. It's covering not only all your matter, but he'd let you questions afterwards. With his high quality servise, it's worth more than I paid oh..btw, I have an heavy accent to speak English, but Ferry has no problem to understand me since he is good medium who can read my heart not words!
Fernando is amazing! He’s pretty spot on with a lot of information. I always feel at peace when I talk to him.
I needed closure with a loved one that passed away and not only got that but just an overall awesome experience! I give Ferny 5+stars he is super nice and has a really good vibe! He definitely knows what he is doing! Worth every cent I paid!! Thank you so much Ferny! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
What an amazing experience! Ferny was spot on, gentle, clear and direct. The entire life analysis reading felt deeply genuine and I left the session with answers and a feeling of validation. I would recommend to anyone!
Ferny is the best!! He gave me the answer I needed to hear and gave me so much information. I finally found peace within. Thank you very much Ferny and your assistant for all your help.
I read all of the great reviews and I had to see for myself. I was not disappointed!! Amazing person and an amazing reading! He is so accurate and it really brought me closure. I am excited for the future!
I had a great session with Fernando, he was really able to tap into many aspects of my life and was right on track with everything that is going on with me. I am looking forward to planning our next session.
Fernando is absolutely wonderful! I've only been working with him for a short time (6 months) but he is truly one of kind! So caring, positive, encouraging, and most importantly he speaks the truth- Thank you!!
Fernando has been the “calm” in my life. He’s accurate, compassionate and very calming. I had a zoom session with him recently. As I looked at him, I felt so much peace as if I was looking at an angel (not kidding and not crazy). Maybe he is. Thank you for all you do!
I quietly held on to every word Fernando said. So many times he would say something that I knew was 100% accurate. I wouldnt even say anything and I could kick myself for it now. But I didnt want to stop the flow of information he had come to deliver to me. I left our session with clarity and also confirmation on areas of my life. I appreciate the gift he has and that he created a safe place to display it and allowed me to be vulnerable and comfortable in it as well.
Awesome reading. Fernando is so authentic, friendly, and down to earth. He told me many exciting things about my future that I am looking forward too. I also did a life coaching session and he gave me a lot of tips and advice on how to navigate my current life situation and how to improve my life so I can become a better version of myself. I can't thank him enough.
Fernando is awesome. I highly recommend him as a medium. He has a positive attitude and he really takes time to connect with loved ones. He is right on target. I had my 1st reading and I was very pleased with my results. I hope to get another ready reading with Ferny. He is worth it.
I have had several spiritual connections with my daughter Macayla through Ferny. Since the first he knew I was fighting for justice for her passing due to medical negligence and malpractice. He is always spot on ! He helped me in so many ways!!! He’s connected with my daughter every reading! He’s also help me reach the signatures needed to push her law change! Ferny I love you deeply I advise anyone to seek out Ferny #justiceformimi
If you think this guy is mind reading, think again. He'll tell you things even you didn't know about your loved ones! I had to validate myself from many sources only to know it reconciled! He won't tell you generic things but the specific ones. Give him a try. :)
For Mother’s Day my kids paid for me to have a reading with Ferny. I had the most amazing reading. He was professional and dead on with everything he said. It made my Mother’s Day 100x better. Thank you so much and I can’t wait to have another reading with you.
Fernando was super professional during our call and I got a lot of information and clarity from him. I really liked that he sent a recording of our call afterward because I was able to go back and listen to things I might have missed at the moment. Also, his assistant Roxy helped me update the type of call, she was prompt and super helpful. I look forward to scheduling a call soon with Fernando. Thank you!
I had a reading with Fernando yesterday and it was great. He has such a lovely personality and really explained the process before we started. I got exactly what I needed out the experience and more. He’s the real deal! I found him through a friend who find him through a friend so he came highly recommended to me.
Had such a great experience with Ferny!! Thank you so much! He gave me all the clarity I needed. Would recommend to everyone! He was spot on for just about everything.
Fernando is amazing. I've had my second in depth reading 1.5 yrs after my first. I chose to work on my personal growth before reaching out to him again and glad i did. He was very accurate in my first reading, most of what he told me came to being in the timeline given and a few did not. They actually happened a year later... Nonetheless true. So my message to impatient people is to please trust the process, if something didn't happen then you've changed your timeline. Ferny speaks Truth!
Fernando is as authentic and spot-on as they come. His guidance is sincere, practical, clear and helpful in every way! I'd gladly work with him again, and plan to do so.
I had a very pleasant experience with Ferny. His energy is sooo positive and warm. He’s extremely genuine and his reading was spot on. I will definitely be back for future readings.
I had a reading (mediumship) on 4/10/2020. I had high hopes as I am 100% believer that there are people who can legitimately communicate with the deceased and that are psychic. Fernando more than exceeded my expectations. He knew things that I hadn’t told anyone and mentioned things that no one could have known. I know he was communicating with my deceased husband because I could feel his personality (husband) through what Fernando was telling me. Fernando has a very kind and caring demeanor.
We had a great experience with our reading with Fernando. Thank you!!


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