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Fernando Marron is a highly rated Intuitive Channeler and Spiritual Teacher with hundreds of 5 Star reviews on Yelp, Facebook & Google. Helping others through the use of his intuitive abilities and spiritual teachings is his life's work and passion. He teaches others how to tap into their own abilities, understand spiritual concepts and develop their true, innate potential.

With the convenience of phone, video call and email options he is able to work one on one with each individual to meet their specific needs.

Fernando Marron is a certified Reiki healer, non-denominational minister, an intuitive reader with 8+ years of business management & coaching experience. He has been working in the field of spiritual counseling since 1998. He possesses the ability to connect with energy and tap into past, present and future events. He also possesses the ability to connect with people who have crossed over.

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See Fernando in action with his YouTube online series: https://www.youtube.com/c/fernandomarronpsychic

Available Services:

- Life Reading
- 15 Minute Specific Issue or Follow-up Reading
- Emergency Appointments
- eReadings (Email Readings)
- Spirit Communication (Mediumship)
- Spiritual Guidance & Life Coaching

Listed since: Dec 18, 2012


For my boyfriend’s birthday I arranged a reading with Franny in hopes of him being able to connect my boyfriend with his mother who had passed. It was more than we expected!! The experience was so special and moving. I’m looking forward to booking my own reading soon! Thank you so much for making Perry’s birthday one of the most memorable yet :) You are truly gifted and we appreciate you very much!
I am always amazed at how gifted psychic Fernando is. Things which no one would have ever known, when he relays it in session, confirms how true all connections are. He is also very honest and humble and extremely trustworthy. It's truly my luck I found him and now dont have to go anywhere else as and when I need such connections to be made. I had readings done by Fernando and he is on the dot there too! Simply amazing person with such great abilities!
Best reading I’ve ever had! Ferny was so on point. He told me things about my deceased family members that I had to ask about but he was 100% accurate! I was so discouraged about some things in my life but after discussing them with him he gave me a big sigh of relief! I will definitely be contacting him again. Thank u Fermy for being so amazing! May God continue to bless u! Much love!
Had my first Spirit session with Ferny and it was beyond amazing. No words can describe how thankful I am for his blessed abilities. I would definitely refer him to anyone wanting to connect with a passed loved one.. I finally have some peace in my heart.. thank you Ferny for all that you do!
Let me just start by saying this, as long as ferrnys alive I will only be going to him! He is the best, always acurate and ive been going to him for years. Highly recommended!
i've had two mediumships, ereading and my very first psychic reading with Ferny. He is so amazing and so on point. When I had my life analysis with him, he asked me did I have any questions, and he was so on point, I honestly didn't have any questions for him. I guess I was in shock, but I don't know why I was because he's always been spot on with the mediumships. I highly recommend Ferny and he is a wonderful spirit.
This was the first time I have spoken with a psychic and he was great! He answered all the questions I had and I feel like I’m more on track now with my main purpose in life. I will recommend Fernando to family and friends. So glad I found you! Thank you so much!
My experience was amazing. So much detail. My spirit is simply soaring.
Fernando was awesome! He was so accurate with so many things he brought up in my reading. I was crying by the end of our session! He has an amazing gift that I truly appreciated. Thank you Fernando, you are an angel!
Fernando is amazing, accurate and thorough in his readings. He is the only psychic I will go to.
Spot on about everything. Will definitely use again! Already referred to friends!
Fernando has never steered me wrong! I love this guy. He truly has a beautiful gift from above.
Words can’t describe how thankful I am for Fernando’s help he is amazing. I am beyond grateful for everything he is doing for my family and I. Will definitely suggest him to people who need help like I did .. very very thankful for coming across him
Fernando was so cued in. I amazed at how detailed my reading was - I’m a believer - I immediately felt like he is someone trustworthy and he gave me tons of clarity. Thank you Fernando!
I was nervous about the mediumship, but it became the best thing I’ve done for myself. Being able to receive messages from those you couldn’t say goodbye lifts a huge weight off your shoulders. Ferny made me feel like it was just a phone call. It all goes by so fast. I’m ready to do another session soon!
I've been to my fare share of psychic and he is one of the best. I also have to say I appreciate that he's fees are so reasonable.
It was one of the best experiences I ever had in my life, the communication, his words keeps me so mentally open. My experience with Ferny ,,, just great! Thank you and see you next time.
I was skeptical about talking to Fernando. I’m not like some of my friends that believe in psychic/ spiritual readings. I gave Fernando a try and without even saying a word he focused in on everything I have been questioning in my life. His attitude, personality, and just the way he talks to you is so positive. This will definitely not be the only time we will talk. It is too early to validate my future readings now, but I’m hopeful I am going up the positive path he saw for me.
Ferny was amazing!! Totally felt like I’ve known him forever! He was very accurate and worked to be as specific as possible as he could about everything he saw. He def told it like it was which I loved. He felt like my family except he has really good advice. I was able to get clarity on things that I was feeling and why. After the reading I def felt as if I knew myself so much more. I am a total believer in to love yourself is to know yourself. Thanks so much for everything you do Fernando.
Guy is legit!!! Been speaking to him for years. From medium/psychic readings to life coaching today. Don’t know what I would do without him! Thank you for all your help!
He is amazing! He is so gifted, and accurate! You feel so comfortable speaking with him! The best of all is: I can tell all the things he has predicted me, was fullfilled! He is the best!
Fernando is truly gifted. He has brought so much comfort and clarity, I will be using his services again!
I did a reading with Fernando a couple months back... A friend of mine's told me about him and after watching him a few times live on Facebook I decided to go ahead and schedule a call reading... If you're reading my post right now and you're wondering and your debating should you? Does he know what he's talking about? Is this real? All I have to say is stop reading right now and book your appointment you will not be disappointed... follow him on Facebook so you can see and hear that he is real
I have known Ferny since 2016 and his predictions have come to pass. Besides being an amazing and accurate psychic he gives me the best angel messages that I try to follow as mush as possible. It’s so unreal that before speaking with him I asked my spirit guides to send me a message through him, and that’s exactly what happened without me saying a word to Ferny! He is gifted and I love speaking with him especially because he is such a kind and non-judgmental soul! I highly highly recommend Ferny
I spoke to Fernando the other day, which was my second session with him, and I felt so comfortable in our session. He helped me realise more of what I was truly feeling about a situation that I didn't even had reached inside myself. He is very real and insightful! I honestly have nothing but good feedback to say about him :)
This was an amazing experience to help find closure in my sons mysterious death. Finally starting the healing process and feeling at peace with his passing. Thank you again
Fernando has good energy and a calming sense about him. He was very accurate as well as helpful. I did a phone reading and was very pleased.
Fernando is amazing. He read myself and brought closure to my dad about his moms death, and where he and his dad stand. He even hit on my grandpas tattoo he had. Fernando is amazing and helped our family more than he will ever understand. He also gave me closure on a good friend of mine who passed in high school. This man is simply amazing everything was so on point and he is such a pleasure! Thank you so much Fernando!
I think my Angel loves you as much as I do. I would be lost without you Fernando- you are awesome.
This will be my second reading with Fernando. Fernando is accurate and clear - it is scary how spot-on he is with health, career, relationship and messages. Providing positive energy and input, I enjoy my time with him - he is the REAL DEAL! Definitely my psychic medium for life. Thank you Fernando for your blessings!


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