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Fernando Marron
Fernando Marron


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$37.00 - $400.00

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Fernando Marron is a highly rated Intuitive Channeler and Spiritual Teacher with hundreds of 5 Star reviews on Yelp, Facebook & Google. Helping others through the use of his intuitive abilities and spiritual teachings is his life's work and passion. He teaches others how to tap into their own abilities, understand spiritual concepts and develop their true, innate potential.

With the convenience of phone, video call and email options he is able to work one on one with each individual to meet their specific needs.

Fernando Marron is a certified Reiki healer, non-denominational minister, an intuitive reader with 8+ years of business management & coaching experience. He has been working in the field of spiritual counseling since 1998. He possesses the ability to connect with energy and tap into past, present and future events. He also possesses the ability to connect with people who have crossed over.

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See Fernando in action with his YouTube online series: https://www.youtube.com/c/fernandomarronpsychic

Available Services:

- Life Reading
- 15 Minute Specific Issue or Follow-up Reading
- Emergency Appointments
- eReadings (Email Readings)
- Spirit Communication (Mediumship)
- Spiritual Guidance & Life Coaching

Listed since: Dec 18, 2012


Ferny has been so helpful and comforting to me. I'm very appreciative of every reading. Thank you SO MUCH!!! He's the BEST!!
Fernando was fantastic. I've had readings from other mediums and this was by far the most specific. He speaks in a way that is both easy to follow and gives great clarity on the topic. I was really unsure of how I was going to feel about this reading (it can always be a little nerve-wracking when you don't know what's coming!) but Fernando's way of handling the information was encouraging and caring.
Ferny is the best! I have had two readings with him. He is so professional and so spot on. He answers all of your questions and makes you feel extremely comfortable. If you are on the fence to get any type of reading please do it. You will not be disappointed.
Fernando was so kind and nice, even with my zoom not working properly in the beginning. He explained the process so thoroughly and made me feel at ease. I was super nervous for some reason. I really feel like he tapped into numerous people I wished to hear from. I laughed and cried. I hope to do another reading again one day. It gives me peace feeling that someone can correspond with people you love and miss ❤️
I’ve had many private readings with Ferny over the last 3 years or so and he is so on point. I love working with Ferny. I would say 9/10 times he’s been accurate with his readings of things going on in my life! Plus he’s so personable and I love his personality, straight forward attitude, but kind soul. I’ll always keep going back to Ferny for psychic or medium readings.
I had my first reading with Ferny on Thursday. He was very informative and gave a lot of insight to what the next few years will look like for me financially, professionally, health and relationship wise. Ferny made the experience very comfortable. Can’t wait to see how everything unfolds for me! :)
I had an amazing session with Ferny! I got insight on things that were concerning and received clarity! Can’t wait for the next one! Thanks Ferny!!
My reading was amazing, Fernando mentioned things and my life experiences that NO one knew about. He gave me hope but he also made me very aware of certain people and matters in my life that I should not sleep on. He is truly amazing and I will get another reading in 6 months.
Fernando is amazing. He is the real talented. He is caring and very supportive. I have recommended him to many of my friends and relatives and they all have good experience with him.
He connected with my late husband and gave me messages from my angel. He has been a wonderful help!
I was blown away by my session with Fernando. He helped me more than I can say. His warm delivery of even bad news is so genuine. He brought his own similar experience to the table as well, which helped my clarity. I highly recommend a reading with him. He also makes the reading affordable for everyone. I will be setting up future appointments for sure
This is perhaps my 6th reading. I am not "the type" to visit psychics, but Ferny is the Real Deal. I always feel very positive and hopeful after the sessions. If you've never done this before, try it! Ferny's warmth and sincerity will put you at ease within 5 seconds. There is absolutely no way this was a generic, could-apply-to-anybody reading; the things he picked up on were so specific and on-target.
Ferny’s amazing! Fortunate enough to have 2 separate Zoom meetings. ❤️ Needed a little help figuring out which regional art festivals to attend/apply for. There were some synchronicities with Santa Fe & he told me to look for an art festival traveling to multiple cities. Said to look for New York and maybe San Diego connections and it HAD to have an “online sales component.” Bingo! Just found/applied to Art Santa Fe that’s tied to shows in NY, San Diego, Miami & Dallas. Has online sales, too!
The real deal. He is detailed and yet big picture. Uncanny. And a deal for value.
I found Fernando to be one of the best, if not the best. Amazing how accurate he is.
My reading with Fernando was very interesting, the health information was right on target, amazing really! He’s very kind and puts you at ease right away. I’ll definitely be visiting Fernando again in the future. 5 stars and this is from someone who’s had many different readings in past years
I scheduled an emergency reading with Ferny and I’m beyond satisfied. He is one of a kind. Ferny’s energy is everything, and he is so kind. Although you have a timed session, he is patient with you. I‘m definitely looking forward to my next appointment. I am so happy my friend referred Ferny to me.
Ferny is as spiritual & gifted as they come... He listened to my concerns in the direction I wanted to go in my life. But child let me tell you... "I was not ready for his rebuttal".. Fast forward a few weeks later.. "He hit every mark"!! It was me on the wrong path.. But that Ferny got me on the right Ave, honey!!! "He saw it all coming!!! I'm now on Rodeo Drive, Winning, Winning, Winning.. Love Him 2 pieces !!
Fernando is an absolutely amazing and gifted individual, always on point and he does genuinely care for the people he speaks with; very intuitive, caring and precise. Thank you for everything Fernando!
OH MY GOODNESS, words cannot express how grateful I am for this experience. So much for me has been mended through this and I am forever grateful! I will definitely be booking other sessions with Fernie...he is so gifted!
I was totally blown away with his accuracy. I tend to be doubtful when it comes to this kind of thing but he came highly recommended by people I trust, so I thought, why not give it a try! He gave me detailed information about things that nobody knows about me. He is truly gifted!!!!
This was my second reading from Fernando. The first one was WOW, how did he know all that about me. The second one I was waiting to see what happened. I asked him about some health issues I am having. He told me I would probably find someone (Dr) in California. Well I did find a Dr who had been living in California and now lives in Taos, NM. That's the short version. Fernando was right! Thank you
I had a life reading with Ferny cuz the last few yrs I’ve felt stuck with no direction. I had an idea as a side hobby/business but hadn’t proceeded cuz a fear of failure. In the reading he able to pinpoint my endeavor and saw that it would be successful. When he was thinking of starting his own business he kept hesitating and said 1 day he heard a voice that said “stop being a bitch and do it”, that is what I needed to hear. This was my 1st reading from him and would definitely recommend him
I love him, he is so kind and he connected me with my son. I plan to schedule another reading as soon as I can. He is one of the best!
Fern is an amazing person and a great mentor. I had finally decided to take his class and let me tell you the amount of love he puts into his students are so amazing ! Keep up the amazing work you do Fern !!
I had the honor to have a medium reading with Ferny this past Friday . Honestly I can say that this was the best reading I had and Ferny is truly a very special person ! He was able to connect with my daughter and definitely help me with My grieving process ! I could say that I was overwhelmed and happy with the accuracy of my reading. Ferny was on point on every details about my daughter, that only my husband and I knew about ! Thank you so much Ferny for your help ! Ferny is very special !
Ferny is and has been phenomenal for years. He knows exactly how to break things down and his insights consistently are on point ! He is my go-to guy when life throws me a curve ball.
Fernando! You are phenomenal! Thank you for all of your help and for caring to take the time to give as many details as possible in your readings. That's not something that many can do. You have a life long follower here. Thank you again!! Best Wishes!
My daughter and I had the great opportunity to have a reading with Ferny. He is just amazing! Watching his live readings in instagram I could tell about his sensitivity, talent and charisma. In the reading it was that and more. He gave us great information and also guidance on specific situation. I am a fan! I will do future readings with him. I did recommended him to a friend and she was very satisfied with the experience. Thanks Ferny! You are the best! ❤️
I’ve been coming to Ferny since my son passed in 2017. He is always spot on. Love him dearly and he has such a sweet spirit. He is AWESOME!!!


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