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Fernando Marron is a highly rated Intuitive Channeler and Spiritual Teacher with hundreds of 5 Star reviews on Yelp, Facebook & Google. Helping others through the use of his intuitive abilities and spiritual teachings is his life's work and passion. He teaches others how to tap into their own abilities, understand spiritual concepts and develop their true, innate potential.

With the convenience of phone, video call and email options he is able to work one on one with each individual to meet their specific needs.

Fernando Marron is a certified Reiki healer, non-denominational minister, an intuitive reader with 8+ years of business management & coaching experience. He has been working in the field of spiritual counseling since 1998. He possesses the ability to connect with energy and tap into past, present and future events. He also possesses the ability to connect with people who have crossed over.

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See Fernando in action with his YouTube online series: https://www.youtube.com/c/fernandomarronpsychic

Available Services:

- Life Reading
- 15 Minute Specific Issue or Follow-up Reading
- Emergency Appointments
- eReadings (Email Readings)
- Spirit Communication (Mediumship)
- Spiritual Guidance & Life Coaching

Listed since: Dec 18, 2012


Fernando met and exceeded my expectations. He was very patient in explaining the process, and then introduced me to a world that I didn't believe was able to be interacted with. Although there is a part of me that has more questions now, than before, that is because of the possibilities that exist. I am VERY satisfied with my time with Fernando, and only wish I could do it again, sooner. Thank you, sir. 5-Stars...I HIGHLY Recommend Fernando!
I started consulting with Ferny in 2020 as I continued on the beginnings of my psychic journey. In my recent initial one on one class with Ferny, he was able to help me relax and hone in on the details of what spirit was showing me. As we continued our session, he was able to help me relax with the images and focus instead on what I was seeing. Ferny has a true talent to see through the crap, and make you feel comfortable with what spirit is showing you. Thank you Ferny.
I have had several readings by Ferny. He is always amazingly accurate. The answers he gives are very specific and would only make sense to the person he is connecting to. He is also a very inspirational and motivating spiritual teacher. I would recommend him over anyone else in the industry. His mediumship skills are awe inspiring.
Ferny is simply wonderful . There is no question that he is incredibly accurate and brilliantly gifted, but I am just as impressed by, and grateful for, his integrity and warmth . Speaking with him is like having a conversation with a close friend who somehow knows you better than you know yourself, won’t mince words, genuinely wants the best for you, and patiently encourages you to broaden your perspective without a hint of judgment. He is definitely a light in this world !
If you are having doubts about Fernando don’t because he is the real deal. I went into my appointment with Ferny nervous but he calmed me and made me feel comfortable, explained how the were going to go. After my reading was over he gave me closer and also my mother we will be making another appointment with him no regrets
Ferny is the real deal. I have been following his free readings, book club, and the resources on his page. Everything he has provided helped me through some difficult times. I recently received a life analysis reading. It was amazing. His predictions with the possible struggles I may see were on point with my current weaknesses. I am not interested in changing my path, but I am now prepared to handle life's curveballs. I am energized and excited for what is to come.
My visit with Fernando was outstanding! Almost everything discussed was spot on. Some things took having a second listen to the recording before they made sense. So much of the information wasn’t even known by my family members and was absolutely amazing what came through. I would recommend a visit with Fernando to anyone especially the skeptics among us. This is the third visit with Fernando from our family and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Great Job!
I had a reading with Ferny and he was Truly Amazing! He was so spot on that it brought tears to my eyes and he was very patient with me and it felt like I was talking to a friend. I have had other readings in the past that felt like a waste of time and money but with him I felt like I could talk for hours. I have never had a reading that was so on point and that I felt like someone was truly seeing my life! I look forward to booking my next reading
Had a great reading with Ferny! He was so spot on and brought up things that only close family would know. He was kind, patient, warm, and sensitive with his messages. He is truly gifted and uses his gift in such a positive way!
He came highly recommended from a friend and after my first spirit communication reading with him a couple years ago, I decided to do one with a different loved one. This one was a difficult one as I lost them during a sudden tragic event in which I was present. I was amazed and his insight! It was very unusual circumstances and he knew and described it almost exactly as it occurred and gave me further insight as to what my loved one was going through that I wasn't aware of. Highly recommend
I can not even begin to express how amazing, accurate, & mind-blowing my reading with Fernando Marron(Ferny) was! Before we started he was punctual & professional. When we began he was very welcoming, empathetic/sympathetic, & kind. He addressed my 1st series of questions regarding my 1st issue very quickly & very descriptive/in depth with his responses. With my 2nd issue he was able to highlight alot of key factors of the issue without any information & his advice was amazing
Ferny is amazing at what he does. He was spot on when it came to my financial and health. He doesn’t just say what you want to hear he tells you like it is. I have tried going to others in the past but he is the only one who has been right about what’s going on. Highly recommend ❤️
Absolutely one of the best experiences I have had in my entire life. Ferny feels like a friend and his spirit is comforting and he is a ray of light. I recommend that you not wait any longer and do not hesitate from scheduling your session.
Omg!!! I’ve been listening to Ferny for about 6-8 months before I finally decided to book with him. Due to his popularity had to wait another month for my appointment (well worth the wait). He was def on point and told it how it is no BS. I love that he gave it to me straight up. Love his energy and personality. Ferny keep on doing what your doing. Thank you mucho!!!
Blownnnnnnnnn away at Ferny’s talent... he is worth every-copper-penny!! One of most top of the line experiences I’ve had so far! God bless you Ferny!!
Ferny is unbelievably accurate, so personable and has a true gift. Absolutely recommend the life analysis reading!!
My best friend gifted me a session with Ferny and my mind was blown. First of all, the vibe and everything I was getting was so great and everything he said and everyone that came through was exactly what I needed. Truly one of the most amazing birthday gifts I’ve ever received. Totally would recommend 1,000%!!!
This was not my first reading but definitely one of the best. Fernando was very pleasant and he makes you feel comfortable. He was thorough and he took his time explaining in detail. I definitely got answers to those inside voice questions of uncertainty. Because of his detailed reading, I did not have many questions at the end. Great Experience!
I have been following Ferny for several years and have been amazed by his accuracy and charmed by his caring and loving spirit. His counsel has helped me through some difficult times and helped me find comfort and clarity.
I honestly can say that Fernando is best at what he does.I did my spiritual reading yesterday and it was amazing for all he told me about was true I didn't get at the moment ,well he was correct .I highly recommend him to anyone who wants answers or a message from your loved ones.i give him a five star .
I had the best reading ever and Fernie was spot on 100% ! I needed to hear these things from my baby girl and Fernie has helped me get through a hell no parent should have to live . Thank you for being a light in a very dark place and see you next time .
Honest, real, accurate, kind, compassionate, trustful, direct, transparent, talented, hardworking, caring, truthful.. some words that come to mind when I think of Ferny. I'm sure there are others but these are few that instantly come. Needless to say I trust Ferny completely & thank him wholeheartedly for always guiding me so well & providing all the insights!! If I could, I'd get in touch more often but thats not always practical.Thankful for all the times that I'm able to get his guidance❤
I am so happy that my friend told me about Ferny! My life analysis with him was amazing! The things that he was telling me, OMG it just put a smile on my face. I definitely recommend Ferny, you won't regret it! Love his energy.
Fernando is the most accurate psych. He blew me away.
Two years ago I lost my husband very unexpectedly. I immediately got busy searching for a medium. Thank God for Ferny. He truly possess an amazing gift. I’ve met with him several times and his accuracy and ability to bring spirit through is nothing short of a miracle. Some of the things he told me were nothing anyone on this earth could have known. I felt my husbands personality coming through Fernys words during my first session. I was blown away and the experience has brought me so much peace.
I don’t even know how to express the feelings I have. The reading was beautiful and so on point. It made me feel like my grandpa was really there again and it gave me the closure I needed. Thank you so much.
Ferny is amazing. His energy is incredibly kind and oh so positive. He does a great job explaining how things work and what to expect. I felt so at ease with him and appreciate his expertise!
I found Ferny about four years ago. I have spoken to him several times. He has always been extremely accurate. He started telling me two years that I would buy a new house in early 2021. With his guidance I knew when the time came and where to look. Bought the house right on time, because about three days later the prices of homes started rising dramatically!
I’ve seen Fernando twice now. The first time I visited him was about 6 years ago. He was right on the money about a lot of things that were happening in my life at the time. He’s very easy to talk to, personable, and gives as much information and clarity as possible. Another plus is that he records the Skype sessions and gives you a copy so that you can go back and rewatch the session. Can’t wait to visit with him again in about a year.
Absolutely professional. Very kind and understanding. Provides as much detail as possible quickly. Past readings have made sense over time. Highly recommend.


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