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Photo Medium Readings-

Losing my grandma at age 14, was one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with. When she came to me that night after the funeral, I had been crying all day. I was honestly thinking about ending it all that night, because I wanted to be with her so bad. Seeing her in such blissfulness literally gave me the spark that I needed to go on with my life. The comfort and peace that I got from her that night, was truly a divine gift from God. Please allow me to do the same for you.

The way I do my readings, I ask for a picture of the deceased loved one, preferably one where they are their happiest. It helps me to set the tone for the reading, and to make sure I am connecting with the correct person, as you never know who may come through, and with a clear picture I can then set my intention on the requested person. We can either do it by email, text or phone.

Intuitive photo/Tarot Relationship Readings-

Being an intuitive super empath, with a life path number 6, it is one of my soul's missions to help heal broken relationships. This just doesn't relate to romantic relationships, but relationships in general. Though it is hard sometimes I have to tell you the truth of what The Holy Spirit wants you to know. Which is not always what we want to hear sometimes, however, I strongly believe in being able to tell people the truth but in a loving, and nurturing way. WE are all HUMAN, and WE ALL make mistakes. It's not what you say, it's how you say it. I use tarot cards to help further facilitate the reading.

Intuitive Coaching-

My ideal client would be someone struggling with trying to gain their own understanding of who God is, and what that means to them, while also trying to figure out how to truly love themselves, and how to attain and maintain a healthy relationship with those around them. Being a certified professional life coach, specializing in spirituality and relationships with a background in chemical dependency studies, overcoming my own personal struggles with substance abuse, finding MY OWN understanding of who God is, and what that means to me, learning how to truly love myself, and attaining and maintaining a healthy relationship with those around me. I am able to confidently take my life lessons and turn them into blessings for you.

Appointment Times-

*Zelle, Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, Credit, and Debit Cards are accepted*

For your convenience all services are offered via E-Mail, Zoom, Phone or Skype
Monday - Saturday (Limited availability on Sunday, please visit my website for more info)
8Am to 8Pm CST (Texas).

My prices for the services listed are around the same, I wanted to keep my prices affordable, because I did not want cost to be a reason for you to not receive the healing you are looking for.

Additional Information: 

About Me-

After going through my own struggle with substance abuse and having to find a healthy alternative to cope with everyday life, I began to understand the importance of selfcare. We only have a certain amount of energy to give each day, so, why would I waste my valuable energy on things that are out of my control. Self-preservation is exactly what was needed at that time, but that required having a healthy relationship with myself, which I didn't have at that time.

That also required having to lean on a higher power, you see, the human side of me wants vengeance, but the spiritual side understood the karmic cycle. I am happy to say that I am two years free of prescription drugs, the magic pills that I used to abuse, in order for me to be able to function in the lie of a life that I had created.

Recovery isn't easy, but it is possible, I am living proof of that. My ideal client would be someone who is going through their own spiritual bankruptcy, and need to replenish themselves, as well as someone who is struggling with relationships in general. Whether it's because that person doesn't love themselves, or they just need help learning how to communicate their thoughts and feelings, in a more caring and understanding way. All of which I had to learn how to do, which wasn't easy, because I didn't have the perfect role model to learn from, growing up in my single parent home.

I made the CHOICE to do better, and that required ME to do something different. Loving MYSELF.

Listed since: Aug 16, 2022

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