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Doyle is a gifted spiritual intuitive and evidential medium with an amazing ability to quickly connect and provide intuitive insight pertaining to all areas of a person’s life and to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over. He has spent over 25 years developing his spiritual gifts. Some of his extensive mediumship training include the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England and Shirley Williams' School of Transformation and Healing. Doyle is known for his amazing insight into the various psychic and intuitive arts. He has been leading intuitive development circles continuously for more than ten years. He teaches several workshops each year where he shares information and exercises to help identify and strengthen the students’ skills. To extend his reach and help others understand and develop their own intuitive abilities and experiences he created his podcast, Blissful Quests with Doyle Ward. The podcasts are available through Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, iHeart Radio and He is currently continuing his education through the Morris Pratt Institute and is presently conducting platform mediumship at a local Spiritualist church. Doyle has spent over 25 years developing his spiritual gifts and is now available to help you discover and develop the skills necessary to live a happier life. Check out for further information about workshops and to schedule a private session!

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During a mediumship reading with Doyle, you will be provided with specific evidence and detailed messages from your departed family members, loved ones and friends. The best way to gain the most from your reading is to have an open mind and heart. An intuitive session with Doyle can provide benefits on many different levels:•Obtain guidance concerning difficult issues•Provide insight into important decisions•Clarify next steps•Insight into relationship issues•Career Trends•Insight concerning happiness and your spiritual progress•Empowerment when feeling stuck or seeking direction.

Listed since: Apr 19, 2011


I met with Doyle about a year ago. What he communicated was 100% relevant. He communicated things that nobody "living" could have known. Some things he'd said didn't make sense at the moment. But I've come to realize a year later those thin I didn't understand have again become 100% relevant "specifically". Doyle is good people and he's no joke.
Doyle demystified the whole process, and put me right at ease. He was matter-of-fact with a wry sense of humor. Once he settled in, he began to give descriptors that he was being shown and told. He described physical and personality characteristics with uncanny accuracy. He had connected with both my grandmother AND grandfather, and the way he was conveying what they were giving, it was like they were ‘jockeying’ for position to communicate with him (which is how they were in life!).

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