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Donna Henry

Donna Henry
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$50 for 30 minutes

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I specialize in love, relationships, family, career and life challenges of all sorts. I contact your spirit guides and share their insight on what is occurring in your life at present and where this current path is leading you. We work together to provide you with the knowledge to better your life and those around you. I am highly skilled in life paths, dream interpretation, divination, psychic development, spiritual counseling, contacting the spirit realm and parapsychology.

I can help you communicate more efficiently to fix and enhance your relationships, get that job you want and have a happier, more rewarding life! Helping people is my number one goal. I am a personal and professional spiritual advisor/psychic with affordable rates.

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I have been spiritually employed for over 11 years. I am a natural empath – meaning that I can actually “feel” what others are feeling – even at a great distance. I hear you speak and hear what question you have, what your situation is and then it’s as if I’m transported there. I can read the other person and feel what they are thinking and their intentions. I can read you and help you make those all-important life decisions on money, love, relationships and family. I take the time to really get to know the person I am reading and this is why I believe I have kept many of my clients for so long. I am here to help and to listen. The more I can help the happier it makes me along my own spiritual path in life.

We are all here for the same reasons. We are spiritual beings who chose to come into this unique human experience. We are all here to learn, grow and love. Just because we each have a different personal path to experience does not mean that we are on our own! We have a team of guides who are assigned to us, who love us and want to help. All we need to do is learn to hear and receive their messages for us!

I hope that you will allow me to help you along your individual spiritual path and better your connection to Spirit! I would truly love the chance to help you grow.

Listed since: Oct 5, 2014


Donna is amazing! I felt very comfortable with her. She is honest and you can tell she is not just telling you what you want to hear. Everything she said was accurate. I definitely recommend her to anyone and look forward to another reading with her!
Donna is absolutely AMAZING!! She tells you exactly what you need to know, she inspires and has a genuine heart of gold!!! She goes out of her way to make sure you had the best quality session she could give to you! I promise you won't be let down when you speak with her!! :)
Wow!!!! is all i can say.....Donna and her guides were spot on and she was very honest and I cannot believe how She pegged the situation "dead on"...Not only that she gave incredible advice which I will take with me and use. She is one that I will continue to use for advice and other aspects of my life. You will not be disappointed. Thank you again Donna!!!!!

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