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Cynthia A. Silk
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1-713-412-7081, email me at or visit my website


Greetings! I am an Angel Channeler and Psychic Medium. I have always believed in angels and the 'afterlife'.

When I do readings I am given information about the past, present and future. Readings include guidance on career, finances, life path, love and relationships.

I receive a great deal of information during readings and I always do my best to make sure that the outcome of the reading is both a meaningful and an enlightening one!

Through my work I have met some of the most wonderful people from all walks of life who have made me realize just how significant my Angel connection is becoming. I love my Angel connection and helping people through readings which I consider to be a privilege.


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Cynthia...I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how amazing you are in your abilities. When I read with you about a year ago, I did not want to believe the harsh truth regarding a certain Frenchmen. You also predicted a new love. As much as I didn't want to believe you, you were right. Now I am in a much better place with the person that I should have been with the whole time. The others are all blips on the screen at this point. God Bless you and your phenomenal angels.
Cynthia is the most amazing person I have ever met. Over the last 3 years I have used her for angel channel readings, past life regressions, spiritual guidance, physic validations and physic development classes. She genuinely cares about giving her clients the best reading. She is accurate, honest & compassionate. Cynthia is an exceptionally gifted Medium & Angel Channeler! She connects with individuals and is able to deliver messages that help heal and console her clients. Blessings, Margie.
I recently had a reading with Cynthia and it was GREAT. Thank you Cynthia for sharing your gift and providing clarity to my concerns. I have had readings in the past that were good but nothing like the one I received from Cynthia. If you've ever thought of having an Angel reading I recommend Cynthia, you will not be disappointed.
I came to Cynthia at a time when I had experienced a sudden loss and was overcome with grief. I can hardly put into words the relief that comes from being able to experience the angel realm through Cynthia. The messages from her angels ring so true. She was able to share so much with me that put me at peace and healed my pain. Get to know your angels with Cynthia's channeling. A whole new world just might open up for you too!
Cynthia's channeling abilities are just AWESOME and she will amaze you with the messages that she gets from the Angels. When I first met her she gave me all the names of my main Angels. This has been extremely helpful for me and has allow me to better communicate with my Angels. Don't take my word for it. Call her and setup an appointment and you will meet a super nice lady from England that will blow you away with the messages from your Angels. Ciao! Jose.
Cynthia has given me something that nobody else in this world could - faith. The first time I had a reading by Cynthia I was a bit skeptical in the beginning but throughout the session she told me things that only I could know and I was astounded by her knowledge of my past and present. She gave me hope and advice that has made a world of difference in my life. Thank you Cynthia for all that you have given me. Do not hesitate on contacting Cynthia for a reading you will be glad that you did.
Cynthia's Angel Channeling abilities have astounded me and others I might add. Her warmth and her passion with the Angels have indeed impressed the world not just in America. Cynthia is a lovely lady to know and she is kind as well as thoughtful and will help you in so many ways as her Angel Channeling is so strong. I just want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for helping me as well as teaching and also guiding me. Bless you, Cynthia and our dear Angels.
I have known Cynthia for 2 years. And I have known a few Medium's and channler's in my time,Cynthia is truely unique and gifted at what she does she is all so a great mentor to me. You will never get a more caring and loving reading from Cynthia being guided by our Angel's and spirit guide's. Some times words can't say enough about cynthia because it is truely amazing how she can help us. Love and light Chuck
If you believe in Angels, or want to and would like to know more, or would simply like some help and guidence and advice on where or what to do next with your life then you need the best and Cynthia is that person. Believe me I know. Get a session and you will be amazed


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