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Greetings! I am an Angel Channeler, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Healer and Spiritual Mentor. Originally from England and a Houston resident since 1980, I have done readings for clients around the world including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Jamaica, Trinidad, Mexico, Nepal, Singapore, New Zealand, Norway, Great Britain and the United States.

All my readings are guided by Angels with whom I communicate telepathically (thought transference). In addition, I am shown images and video clips of people, places and objects, colors and number sequences also transmitted to me telepathically. Readings include guidance about career, finances, life path, family, love, relationships and spiritual awakenings.


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All I can say is wow. This was my very first reading from Cynthia and I am very happy that I chose her. Cynthia started the reading telling me things no one would know and I was amazed. She also gave me good deep insight to the questions I had about to my romantic love life. The reading from Cynthia made me feel at ease and confident that I am on the right path… I will definitely get another reading from her as I know she was accurate about many situations in my life… I totally recommend her!!!
I have known Cynthia for many years. She is always spot on. Her kindness is infectious and I would highly recommend her for a reading.
This weekend Cynthia took me on a Journey for over an hour, and it was amazing. Cynthia has a wonderful spirit, and the most understanding of these worlds that I have ever seen. Her divine matrix site is very enlightening! If you have questions about your life that you are struggling with, then let Cynthia guide you to some answers. Don't be surprised if the answers aren't what you expected. You have to be willing to trust God's plan, and accept what comes. Thanks fo everything Cynthia!
I have known Cynthia for over forty years, and over the last ten years I have consulted her as an angel channeler to assist with my spiritual journey. Her straightforward and encouraging guidance has been a comfort and a compass. Cynthia's predictions invariably come to pass - from unplanned relocations, to relationships, to recovering my lost dog, and even events on the world stage. Cynthia's angel guidance has deepened my own spiritual growth and enlightenment tremendously. Angels have my back
I can't say enough good things about my experience with Cynthia. Not only was I surprised at things she knew that she couldnt possibly have known,but the advice given for me to her from my angels was always spot on and highly accurate. She went through one of the most trying time of my life with me and was a genuine comfort and truly did care how was getting along and would check with me often. I can't say enough positive things about Cynthia and recommend her highly for angel guidance.
I had the honor of my 1st reading with Cynthia in 2016 & was instantly amazed by her abilities & accuracy. She has validated MANY issues in my life - ALL of which were spot on! Her insight, knowledge, direct honesty, warm energy, & sense of humor made me feel so comfortable. It would be impossible to count the times she guided me on the right path. There is NO question in my mind that she has a Gift. I leave each chat time with a sense of peace. I am truly blessed & grateful for you Cynthia XO
Cynthia is a very gifted lady, who's insight into Angel's and spirit world, is spot on. Cynthia you have helped me in connecting with my Angels, and helped me to open up to understanding how Angel's can help me in my life. God bless you cynthia in your spiritual work. ❤
I am so grateful that the universe led me to Cynthia! She is authentic, very intuitively on track and is a joy to speak with. She is incredibly gracious and she truly cares about her clients, their experience and sharing her gifts with them. I recommend you looking through her website before your reading. I received many signs & validations during our session and after as well. She will guide you to a better understanding of your truth and path in life. I highly recommend her!
Cynthia is a beautiful soul. I always recommend her to my family and friends. I have gone to Cynthia for years now. She has helped me with so much in all areas of my life. She is always my number one go to whenever I am in need of some guidance. Not only does she have incredible intuitive abilities but she has a huge heart and is full of so much love. I am forever grateful for Cynthia!
Good Morning! Thank you for the privilege of submitting a review. I have known Cynthia Silk for years and my family longer. She is not only a great medium but has become a great friend. Cynthia is very dialed in, very passionate about her work and your outcome and very blessed to give amazing and spot on information and data. We all go to her for solving issues, she not only solves that issue but gives insight on issues or challenges ahead, preparing you how to handle. Thank you Cynthia!
Incredible is an understatement! Cynthia combines highly accurate, personable readings with genuine humor and a down-to-earth approach that make her messages both uplifting and practical. As a medium myself, I can honestly say that Cynthia's gift is real, and her earnest drive to help her clients is palpable. 1,000 out of 10! I wouldn't be where I am today if not for Cynthia :)
Cynthia Silk is not only an Angel channeler, she Is an Angel! She’s amazingly accurate. 2021 will be my 4th year calling on Cynthia to reach my Angels for guidance to the most Positive Avenue of Expression and Outcomes in my life. Heaven wants only the best for you. Dreams do come true if you trust your Angels. ✌♥️ ✌♥️✌♥️✌♥️✌♥️
I cannot say enough good things about Cynthia Silk, not only about her uncanny psychic abilities which were 100% accurate but also her caring and compassion when it comes to her clients. She has been there for me every time I have needed her for over 2 years now. I now feel I have a personal relationship with my guardian Angels after she introduced me to them. I will never be able repay her for the peace of mind she has given me. If you are looking for a Medium or psychic shes the one for you
I found the reading with Cynthia to be excellent! I have had a lot of experience with psychics, over the years, and Cynthia is, as they say, "The real thing!". Five minutes with her is worth half and hour with many others. Thank you so much for your help, Cynthia!
Where to even start? She blew me away right from the beginning without me saying anything. I feel at peace knowing what I know now. Im excited and anxious for my future. All n all it was beyond my favorite readings. Very gifted and friendly. She brought up things without asking questions I love that. I cant wait to have another reading and share her to other people to help! <3
I had two readings with Cynthia in August 2016. Both times she gave me the same exact answers. I wanted her to be wrong- several other trusted readers had given me the answer I wanted to hear. In the end- SHE WAS 100 PERCENT RIGHT. About everything. Literally I could go down the list of things that she told me and say "correct" about every outcome. I am blown away. In the end, I am so happy she was right, but I did not know I would feel this way seven months ago! She is amazing!! TY!!
I've spoken to Cynthia twice. The first time I had specific questions about my family that crossed over before me. Actually, she is quite amazing! She knew people's names and subjects there is no way she could have known. I am planning to make an appointment again real soon! The second time I was asking for a friend. That is difficult, I believe, because she's not actually communicating directly with them. That was my mistake. She's quite remarkable!R
Cynthia is remarkable! Her readings have been both accurate and informative! I have also attended her Angel Channeling classes wherein she has become a great mentor to me. She has assisted in helping me develop my own psychic medium abilities. as a result, I have begun to read clients of my own. Cynthia has a peaceful and loving manner and I always feel uplifted and as if I've been on a restful vacation after having a reading with her. Warmest wishes, Dearest Cynthia!
I just wanted to thank you for the awesome reading last week. The reading was very helpful as well as very healing. I am now less doubtful of what guidance/visions I am given. The session was a huge confidence builder for me. It has helped me to step out of the box that I have been in for way too long. I still have some work to do before I can say "I'm there", but with your reading it has helped me to build my confidence in my gifts and use them as they are meant to be used: to heal. Thank you!
I have worked with Cynthia Silk several times over the last year. Each time its involved business. I am an entrepreneur. This last time I have to say I was absolutely shocked at how specific Cynthia was able to get. She literally solved a complex problem that no one not even not even our Phd's could solve. Again what was amazing was this unique skill set of hers: true psychic, business minded, problem solving, huge initiative and a nurturing interest to follow up. Thank you Cynthia! Jim L.
I just got a reading with Cynthia and had to write about this Awesome Experience!!! First of all, I have to say she is professional and genuine. I was also like many of the clients here, blown away with the information that she gave me. She was able to tell me things about myself that no one knows, other than me and I certainly didn't have to tell her anything. I would highly recommend a reading with her as she is able to truly connect with The Other Side!!!
Cynthia your reading blew me away. From the moment the session started truth after truth after truth flowed through you! I have yet to meet a channel as clear as you! You have honed your gifts and those who are blessed to come across your path are in for a treat that will leave them buzzing afterwards! I cannot thank you enough for sharing your gifts w/us. I look forward to working w/you more. Wishing you blessings beyond belief! Deana
500 characters is not enough to truly describe my reading with Cynthia. After a year of ignoring my angels guidance to see Cynthia I finally threw my hands in the air and went for a 30 minute reading that turned into an hour. Cynthia was amazing. She knew about dreams I had as a child and so many other things that wouldn't be possible without my angels. She is also full of positive and warm energy which means a lot to my intuition. I will definitely be seeing her soon. Lots of love!
Loved my reading from you. Just validated what my heart and soul already knew. Will most likely get another reading soon to delve deeper. You are amazing.
Hi Cynthia - I wanted to thank you for the reading you did for me over the phone last week. You have such a wonderful gift, and are using it to help so many others like myself. I will be back soon to order a longer reading, perhaps to understand my past, current and future live(s). When you told me I had been an angel in past lives, things slowly started making sense. I am now engrossed in reading all about Angels and the spiritual realm, almost like a spiritual awakening. Thank you so much! Lex
Hi Cynthia!!! I just wanted to thank you for an extraordinary reading. I had cried for a few minutes before in the way I do when I really feel the Angels. Now I know why. It was amazing. You connect in a way that similar to what I have experienced but your talent is amazing. You give me courage to grow, along with a beautiful reading. Thank you!!! Christie.
Hi Cynthia! I just wanted to thank you for an extraordinary reading yesterday! The things that you knew were incredible and the information you shared about my brother may have saved him in many ways. You made references to things you could have never known about. I also wanted to tell you that pac man had very special significance to me regarding healing work. You are a beautiful, kind soul and a clear channel. You delivered the messages with compassion and clarity. Thank you!
Cynthia is fantastic and amazing. She is very knowledgeable about the realm of the universe/metaphysical, and very accurate in her reading with me. Her ability to see what cannot be seen by others is quite astounding, and is truly a gift. Cynthia is also a wonderful person who is generous, considerate, and professional from beginning to end. I would definitely recommend Cynthia highly to anyone who is thinking of getting a reading.
I got my reading the other day and it was so right on the money - it was scary. I could have talked to Ms. Silk forever. We are so much alike. But the time went so fast but she gave me so much information - some I already knew but nice to have it validated. After talking to her even more was validated when I spoke with my family. She said my Archangel was Kam; my sister said my "make believe" playmate when i was young was someone named cammie!
Thank you Cynthia, you are a true messenger of the Most High God, created to bring relief, love and guidance to humanity. I love you so much and want to thank you and all the angels that offered me guidance and assistance on my reading last year. Every message I received came to pass exactly at the time you said it and all you said will come, came on time. Thanks a million I will like to join your June class, but am in Dallas, can I join by Skype. Please let me know.


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