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Seeking a Certified Clairvoyant Psychic, Medical Intuitive, or Intuitive Coach that will amaze you? Look no further! Christine McClendon is the “total package” as she is certified in different psychic specialties. She is an honest non-judgmental compassionate Christian. Get amazing insights, clarity, and guidance with relationships, health, career, pets, life path, or business with Christine.

Christine currently has over 800 clients worldwide. She have given thousands of Clairvoyant Psychic readings, Medium readings, Medical Intuitive readings, Pet readings, Pet Medium readings, Spiritual Life Path Chakra & Aura Readings, and Spiritual Life Coaching sessions. As well as, a unique way of doing Distant Energy Healing. Christine believes that true Energy Healing that will create positive and lasting changes is something YOU work at. Meaning she can teach you how to do several different types of Energy Healing Methods with the powerful energy of God, Christ, Holy Spirit, and your angels. This way as Christine does Distant Energy Healing on you, you can learn how to do that as well, and become empowered vs. dependent. For more information on the many ways she can assist you with different types of Distant Spiritual Energy Healings that empowers you simply check her out website or give her a call.

She is located in the Midland, TX.-Odessa, TX. area and is available world wide by phone, FaceTime, or Zoom. You can conveniently schedule and pay online on Christine's scheduling page at

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Her very first memory of her gifts was when she was a very young child, 3 years of age. She received a message from an angel that appeared to be hovering above her grandmother. At that age she naturally thought everyone could see such things. Christine could tell her Grandmother seem distracted by her looking above her grandmother's head. As her grandmother dried a cup with a flour sack towel that she had just washed. Christine remembers it as if it were yesterday. The message the angels gave Christine that day was to tell her grandfather was that he was going home to "your father’s house". No one knew her grandfather was even ill. Sadly, her grandfather did pass away that night. To get the details and read more on this, check out Christine's About Page at

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* Certified Clairvoyant Psychic and Distant Energy Healer
To assist you with Relationship readings, Intuitive Business Readings, Corporate
readings, Career Readings, Medical Intuitive Readings, Chakra Readings, and
distant Energy Healing

* In addition, Distant Spiritual Energy Healing that she teaches how to do on yourself
as she works on you. This allows you to empower yourself with positive energy any
time you need it. Energy she uses and teaches you to use is from
God, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, and your Angels.

* Certified Medium
Medium Readings to connect with loved ones and pets in spirit

* Certified Spiritual Life Coach
To have positive movement in your life and life path with more ease for healing
Spiritual Life Coaching
Women's Life Coaching

* Certified Animal Communicator
To give you the best Animal Communication Reading (Pet Psychic Reading) so
you may have a deeper understanding of what your animal companion does or
doesn't need/want.

* Certified Hypnotist for Spiritual Hypnosis
For true energy healing and overcome challenges

Listed since: Sep 23, 2012


Christine McClendon is truly is the best Christian & Certified Clairvoyant & Medium you could ever use. I hired her for a phone Clairvoyant Medium Reading to see who she would connect with and got more. She helped me connect with family and to my surprise also some pets that crossed over. She spoke of Relationships, Medical, Career issues no one knew about! She is the whole package!!! She is excellent at Medium Readings, Clairvoyant Readings, Medical Intuitive Readings, Pet Medium Readings.
My pet reading experience with Christine was simply mind blowing. She knew about my dog's aversion to eating, wincing when someone would try to pet her, and her deep sadness, all without my telling or asking about it. My 12 year old cat told her I dressed him up in Halloween costumes, and he is the ONLY pet I have dressed up in Halloween costumes. It confirmed that Christine is truly gifted in her ability to read people, pets, and communicate with those who have passed on.


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