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I offer ANIMAL COMMUNICATION readings * PSYCHIC MEDIUM readings * PET MEDIUM readings * PET MEDICAL INTUITIVE readings * EQUINE COMMUNICATION readings via Zoom, phone, FaceTime in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Ft Worth, Weatherford, Odessa, and Midland, Texas. As well as, nationwide USA, Canada, UK. So that I can help you have a deeper understanding and connection with your animal companions, pets and loved ones in spirit, and yourself. Helping you create more happiness, ease, and joy in your life with your fur babies! In person Pet Psychic readings, Horse communication readings are only offered at animal or horse events and classes that I may offer in Texas.

As a non-judgmental Christian I use my many gifts I have developed over 20 years and I call upon the God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirt to assist and guide me with every session I offer. This gives me the purest and strongest energy, intuition, telepathic and empathic abilities to assist you or your animal companion.

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Be sure and check out my website. So you can find out more about me and how I can serve you or an animal companion you have have!

Listed since: Sep 23, 2012


I had the pleasure of having a first time reading with Christine today. I can't begin to tell you how accommodating she was about fitting me into her schedule when I was in desperate need of a medical intuitive reading. She exceeded all of my expectations and verified to me what I was already suspecting was going on in my body. This kind of clarification is exactly what I needed. I will not hesitate to have another reading with her in the future.
This was my first reading with Christine. She was so helpful answering my questions and concerns. Christine is a loving and very gifted person. She made me feel calm, comfortable and confident with her information. I highly recommend Christine.
Christine is fantastic very accurate. I did a pet medical reading and she got every single point of health issues I knew about on my dogs and told me things I knew to be true. She really is fantastic and we will use her again.
Christine was more than helpful. She was 100% in all she interpreted! She went above and beyond what she had to do, and I'm so grateful. I cannot reccomend her enough.
I found Christine to be very welcoming and warm. I felt her genuine interest in my well being and her concern about a certain medical aspect was appreciated. We finished the session with Christine giving me examples of how I might be able to help myself with guided imagery. I would try to have another session in a few months time should funds allow.
I had a very positive session with Christine today. I have a sick pet and Christine was able to give me clarity of thought and offered advice on ways to help my pet. She went out of her way to offer suggestions and make sure I understood her advice.
Christine is an angel, her gift of being able to reach my beloved husband gave me so much peace. She knew things about him that weren’t something anyone would know unless they really knew him, I think maybe he gave her that info to confirm to me that she was in contact with him, and it did exactly that. She also knew about the deep connection that him and I shared, and about our twin flame love. She answered some questions that I had, that I hadn’t spoken to anyone else. She is real
I have been using Christine for the past few months. I have had her read my pets for me to better understand them and to be able to give them the Best life they deserve. I have used her in other readings as well to help me deal with issues in my life to help me become a better person. Her readings are spot on and have help me understand a lot of things they have help me but things in perspective and be positive. Give her a try, You wont Regret it. Love Her!!!! Thank you so much Christine, :)
Christine is the real deal! First, she’s caring and down to Earth like a country gal. She may get pictures, smells, sounds, and feelings from the spirit world. You need to be open-minded. She told me things I hadn’t considered in the death of my deceased aunt. Many things she saw and felt were so real and spot-on that I knew she was communicating with my daughter and my aunt. Her Spiritual Life Coaching was also very inspirational and helpful for me, plus her ideas to build my jewelry business!
Amazing as always! I feel SO much better after talking with Christine. Our reading was over the phone. I have had a reading in person years ago and the energy and things she picked up on were just as intense. Highly recommend!! ✨
I scheduled with Christine hoping to find some way to be more at peace with my son's death and to accept the reality of my life as it is today. She definitely got my son, his personality and his energy. It was amazing to hear her relay the things he said and then giggled about. I knew I was talking to him. She also understood that I was struggling with a separate issue in my life/marriage that I needed to see and respond to in a new way. I highly recommend her!
Had my first meeting with Christine today about some difficult relationship issues I am going through. She was very honest, even if it wasn't what I wanted to hear. She was spot on with details that I hadn't disclosed. She even spent more time with me as she knew I needed it. I will be going to her again and even considering her as a life coach. She was very insightful.
My session with Christine was very enlightening ! She is very compassionate intuitive and friendly. My session with Christine opened my heart to help me love myself and others. Her intuition showed me the things that I needed to do in order to change mistakes of the past. Our spiritual energy coaching session was via zoom . She was in Texas and I was home in Louisiana. I have had in-person sessions with Christine and I felt the energy just as much. Thank you Christine!
Very helpful, patient, kind. Gave very helpful advice, and was patient to explain what she was telling me when I didn't understand. Will be using again, and highly recommend.
Christine was so sweet and accommodating. I got a lot of insight from her intuitive reading with my situation, and she was able to convey what she saw in a compassionate manner. I was very pleased particularly by her being able to connect to my dogs. I believe the reading helped me be a better pet owner, and provided me more clarity moving forward in my life in general. Thank you, Christine!
Christine is professional, kind, and very gifted! I appreciate her 'tell it like it is' style that gets straight to the heart of the matter. She provided me with several important tips that have empowered me to move forward in my business and also gave me some guidance regarding a difficult family relationship. I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again!
Christine was more than amazing! We all have things going on, and sometimes we need a sense of direction, that would make us feel more at peace with one self. She confirmed a lot of things, with my career. She was also able to describe and give a message from a loved one that passed away and described him very well. Her visions, her vibe is very positive. She gave me a lot of information without me telling her anything. Amazing experience!
This Women is an absolute blessing for god I’ve had two sessions with her and she gives the absolute best readings and advice she’s completely honest and best of all she walks with god. If you are having any doubts in your life or you are lost like I myself was. She is the go to. Thank you so much Christine I am grateful for you and your services. We will talk soon..
I had been suffering from severe headaches and dizziness for over a year and a half. I went to several specialists having tests from head to toe. Drs treated me like I was a hypochondriac or a pill seeker. I knew I needed to find a Medical Intuitive person and I was lucky and fortunate to find Christine on this site. She was spot on and helped me figure out truly what was wrong with me. Everything fit and made sense. She also did a healing energy excercise on me....tremendously helped. Thank you
I had an amazing session with Christine tonight. She gave me amazing insight into myself. She also gave me great clarity on a situation I am presently dealing with. Much better than expected. I am at peace after our meeting.
It was an amazing time. First time for this kind of reading, it was pretty unique and felt great during the reading. I would definitely be keeping in touch. Thank you so much
Christine read both my health and my short-term future career prospects. The medical reading did not yield nearly as much actionable information as I'd hoped it would, but I would say that all her observations were accurate. Of all the psychics that have read for me, she is the only one to date that has given me an actual name as to who my next employer will be, and she correctly predicted that who I assumed would hire me next won't be able to for another year or so.
Highly recommend getting a reading done from Christine, such an amazing person and an amazing reading. Will definitely be returning.
I have been going to Christine for the last 10 years for clairvoyant psychic readings. She is amazingly accurate in the information she has provided me during our sessions. She has helped me with many major life decisions. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for guidance.
I have lost my wife,best friend and soul mate this year(2020). I was truly beside myself with grief. I reached out to Christine for her help. Her abilities to connect with my wife's spirit was fantastic and so accurate. She is truly blessed with a gift. I highly recommend her services if you ever find yourself in a situation. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her help.
She confirmed a lot for me. As an intuitive empath, it was nice to have confirmation from someone with similar gifts regarding what paths to choose in terms of career, life, etc. The reading with her was mind opening and exuded positivity. Thankful!
She was absolutely amazing! She made me feel so comfortable it’s like I’ve known her for years and it was my first session. She helped me with all the problems I was experiencing and made sure I understood everything she was telling me. I love how she ensures me that my faith in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit will always be there to protect me! I love how she works with the Holy Spirit at her side! She was very clear on what she was going to do to help and what my part would be.
Had several readings with Christine, last one of which was making a connection with my mom. Was truly a blessing to have Christine interpret my mom’s connection. My Grandfather also came through. Totally awesome! She is my go to when in need of direction or just simple clarity. I will continue to work with her and I am seriously considering working with her as a life coach as well. Trust is huge and she has earned it wholeheartedly. Thank you Christine!
I had my first reading with Christine today. She is absolutely incredible! She could not have more more accurate if I had sent her a list of everything I am dealing with! After a short intro, she scanned my body, ck, ck-every issue she found was spot-on. She is so kind and helpful. She had so many great suggestions for my path to wellness. She recommended supplements and relaxation techniques and so much more! I feel better just having talked to her. If you need help..she's the one!
I highly recommend Christine for any type of reading you are looking for. I had a medical intuitive session with her and she was spot on, helping me feel so much better. Her response time is fast and she was able to get me on her schedule the very same day. I was really feeling at my wits end, in a personal health crisis and she alleviated my level of stress immediately. Her compassion, kindness, direct approach with out any judgement put me at ease right away. I am well again thanks to her.


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