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Christine McClendon
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For over 18 years I have been helping people just like you. I am here to help you heal your life through holistic practices. Such as different types of Psychic Readings, Intuitive Coaching, and Spiritual Hypnosis with an amazing distant chakra energy healing for your life or business! As a Clairvoyant Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, and Intuitive Coach for over 18 years, It is my pleasure in assisting people like you with practical guidance for life and business; answering medical and animal companion questions; communicating with loved ones or pets who have crossed over. So that you may receive the inspiration and peace of mind you need to move forward and let go of any type of grief or uncertainty in your life. It is an honor in helping you to create the life you love to live again. I use only God given tools of Intuition and Mediumship that have been enhanced over the years with Psychic Development Classes and Certifications.

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My very first memory of my gifts was when I was a very young child, 3 years of age. I got a message from an angel I seen hovering above my grandmother. The message I gave him was that he was going home to my father’s house. No one knew he was even ill. Sadly, he did pass away that night. To read more on this, check out my About Page at

I currently have over 500 clients worldwide that I have given Clairvoyant Psychic or Medium reading to by phone or locally in person in the Midland, TX. and Odessa, TX. area.

You can conveniently schedule and pay online on my scheduling page at You may have your Clairvoyant Psychic, Medium, or Intuitive Coaching session in person in the Midland, TX. or Odessa, TX. area, by phone, Skype, or FaceTime. Please be sure to “like” me on my Facebook Page for great inspiration and informative blog post to help you get the best out Psychic Readings, your life, and more!

* Certified Clairvoyant Psychic and Distant Energy Healer
To assist you with Relationship readings, Business Readings, Corporate
readings, Career Readings, Medical Intuitive Readings, Chakra Readings, and
distant Energy Healing

* Certified Medium
Medium Readings to connect with loved ones and pets in spirit

* Certified Life Coach
To have positive movement in your life and life path with more ease

* Certified Animal Communicator
To give you the best Animal Communication Reading (Pet Psychic Reading) so
you may have a deeper understanding of what your animal companion does or
doesn't need/want.

* Certified Hypnotist for Spiritual Hypnosis
For better connect with God and your true self so you maybe empower you to make better
choices and decisions

Listed since: Sep 23, 2012


I heard many things from Christine that rang true. Such as many details I had not said before regarding her medium reading for those who have crossed over.
I'm so glad that I found Christine. She is totally amazing and very gifted. In our first reading she revealed several things to me regarding my current relationship, things I was going through. She gave me the clarity I needed to make some steps in the right direction. She also brought to the surface some things that I had pushed deep down that I now see I need to deal with in order to have a happy fulfilling life. I'm on the road to a happier me thanks to her. Her reading was so accurate.
Christine is totally amazing. Every session is always a great experience. Christine was the only psychic where everything she told me matched my life. She did not ask me any questions but was spot on. Her readings make sense and are honest.
I had an amazing experience with Christine. She helped me see the truth about my “relationship”. She was accurate on the details and knew exactly what I was going through. She definitely opened my eyes and made me realize the person I love did not feel the same towards me and it was healthier if I just move on. I see myself coming back to her with my future problems :)
Christian is amazing. She was scary accurate. She told me about my miscarriages and even their names. They were the names that I would have used if I was able to have them. She was able to connect with my mom and my husband that had passed just last year. She gave me advice on my new relationship and made me feel much better. I will definitely call on Christine again in the future. She was able to give me the peace of mind that I needed to continue on.
This was my first clairvoyant reading with Christine, I was really blown away with her accuracy. She knew everything before I told her anything about my situation. She really made me feel comfortable and answered many of my questions. Christine is kind, non judgmental and speaks to you like a friend. Thank you so much Christine :)
This was my 1st reading ever, I wasn't sure how It would go but Christine help guide me with questions of feelings that I had. My grandpa has recently passed and Ive been having trouble coping she was able to connect with as well as with my brother, I feel so much peace of mind and heart. She was also able to touch on subjects I didn't even mention but made me feel comfortable discussing them. I can't wait to meet with her again.. Thank you Christine!
Went to see Christine for a psychic medium reading and I was blown away ! She was so kind and friendly and had no trouble at all connecting to my loved ones ! She brought up things that nobody could have known besides my family! So happy I went to see her and will definitely be back again !!!!!
and my husband was there! I can’t even explain the surprise, joy, and emotions. Everything she told me that came out of his mouth and her perception of his personality was “spot on”! She's a gifted Christian lady sharing her gifts through her heart!
All I can say is completely amazing. I wasn't sure I believed in this sort of thing until Christine started what she does. I told her very little to no information what so ever about a very personal situation I have going and she knew details that only I would have known. Her patients and helpfulness is off the charts. She actually cares. She's an A++++ I will definitely be talking with her again to help me though my problems.
Christine McClendon is truly is the best Christian & Certified Clairvoyant & Medium you could ever use. I hired her for a phone Clairvoyant Medium Reading to see who she would connect with and got more. She helped me connect with family and to my surprise also some pets that crossed over. She spoke of Relationships, Medical, Career issues no one knew about! She is the whole package!!! She is excellent at Medium Readings, Clairvoyant Readings, Medical Intuitive Readings, Pet Medium Readings.
My pet reading experience with Christine was simply mind blowing. She knew about my dog's aversion to eating, wincing when someone would try to pet her, and her deep sadness, all without my telling or asking about it. My 12 year old cat told her I dressed him up in Halloween costumes, and he is the ONLY pet I have dressed up in Halloween costumes. It confirmed that Christine is truly gifted in her ability to read people, pets, and communicate with those who have passed on.

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