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Seeking a Certified Clairvoyant Psychic, Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive, or Intuitive Life Coach that will amaze you? Look no further! Christine McClendon is the "total package" as she is certified in different psychic specialties. Christine is a honest non-judgmental compassionate Christian. Get amazing insights, clarity, and guidance with relationships, health, career, pets, life path, or with Christine. Or, connect with a loved one or pet in spirit for more peace and closure.

Since 2001 Christine has assist people to help heal their lives and business through Intuitive and psychic insights. She started out with just Animal Communication Readings. Then quickly realized the pet parents wanted insights on their lives and businesses too. So, through out the years she has added Clairvoyant Psychic Reading, Medical Intuitive Readings, Psychic Medium Readings, Pet Psychic Medium readings, and Intuitive Life Coaching. She now has over 800 clients world wide, including large corporate clients and investors. She currently resides in Odessa, TX. She offers in person psychic readings in Midland, Texas and Odessa, Texas by phone or Zoom in Texas, USA, Canada, and UK, and world-wide. So come and "see" how Christine can assist you to create the life you love to live! For insights, guidance, and healing you life and career.

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Her very first memory of her gifts was when she was a very young child, 3 years of age. She received a message from an angel that appeared to be hovering above her grandmother. At that age she naturally thought everyone could see such things. Christine could tell her Grandmother seem distracted by her looking above her grandmother's head. As her grandmother dried a cup with a flour sack towel that she had just washed. Christine remembers it as if it were yesterday. The message the angels gave Christine that day was to tell her grandfather was that he was going home to "your father’s house". No one knew her grandfather was even ill. Sadly, her grandfather did pass away that night. To get the details and read more on this, check out Christine's About Page at

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Christine McClendon has spent many years and a lot of money to take classes and certification course to give you best readings, guidance, and healing in your life or career. Below is just a few things, of many she can help you with.

* Certified Clairvoyant Psychic

To assist you with...
Relationship readings to help you better understand how you can improve relationships with spouse, family, co-workers, friends, and neighbors.
Intuitive Business Readings to help with starting up a new business, improving existing business, or expanding a new business. Also, Christine McClendon Intuitive business reading can help with selecting staff and best possible vendors.
Corporate can help with a new perspective on strategies and investments.
Investment readings on stocks, real estate, and more!
Career Readings with Christine can help with upcoming career or current career. Such as, interviews, which corporation or business is best fit for you, potential positive and negative things about job.

* Medical Intuitive Readings and Pet Medical Intuitive readings

Christine's Medical Intuitive readings can possibly give you a perspective, insights, and clarity on strengths and weakness for you, family member, or pet.
Few things you can expect in a Medical Intuitive reading with Christine McClendon is a clairvoyant body scan in the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Also, Possible insights on ways to improve your health. Or, another person's or pet's health. For more details, please refer to Christine's website about this fascinating type of intuitive reading. Please book for an 1 1/2 hours session when getting a Medical Intuitive reading for yourself or your pet.

* Certified Psychic Medium and Pet Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium Readings can help you connect with loved ones and pets in spirit. Sometime Psychic Medium readings Christine just might be the one thing to help you begin the healing process, closure, and inner peace, Please call Christine prior to booking your Psychic Medium reading with her. This way she can explain how she does Psychic Medium readings and if she feels you are ready for a proper Psychic Medium reading with her.

* Certified Animal Communicator (some call Pet Psychic)

Animal Communication Reading (Pet Psychic Reading) with Christine McClendon can give you a deeper understanding of your pets may wants, needs, and behavior.
Enhancing training
Behavioral issues such as separation anxiety
Resolve food issues
Enhanced competition training with horses or farm animals
Adoption or rescue concerns or questions
Wishes or concerns about death and closure
Health concerns...when booking for a Medical Intuitive reading for your pet, please book 1 1/2 hours to give adequate time for session. Christine McClendon also offers Pet Psychic Medium Reading and you must contact her as stated above prior a Pet Psychic Medium reading is booked.

* Certified Intuitive Life Coach

Let Christine McClendon help you create the life you love to live with Intuitive Life Coaching for women. Call today to start creating positive movement in your life and life path with more ease!

Listed since: Sep 23, 2012


Christine McClendon, gifted and truly has a connection with the angels, saints and God. Our little fur-baby has gone thru so much in two months and after the reading/healing with Christine we made the requested changes (by our little one-thru communication) & there has been a substantial improvement. I would definitely recommend a reading and/or healing from her; she speaks openly & honestly & information flows thru her. She is truly gifted. We are so blessed to have found her.
Christine Is so intuitive, compassionate, and truly gifted! Come to her with an open mind, And open heart, let her lead you to the answers you’re seeking, even if you don’t know the questions! She will do whatever is within her power for you!
Can't say enough positive things about Christine. Just had my second reading with her and it was as great as the first had been. She puts me at ease and I feel comfortable opening up to her. I am looking forward to working with her in life coaching going forward.
She was very upfront and honest and her read for a new business was spot on with what we wanted to do and where to start all the way to still seeing us around for a long time. I’ll be back for sure to hear her about other aspects in my life to come.
Very insightful and confirmed what was found by doctors. Great medical intuitive! Will be using her services again :)
Christine is amazing. She is so nice and after the reading I feel so much better. Connecting with my husband means so much.
Recently had my first reading EVER. It was a mothers day gift from my daughters and it was such a wonderful gift. I felt so happy after my reading because I received some answers I needed. Christine made me feel so comfortable and at ease. She is like talking to an old friend and I will never forget this gift I received. If you are considering doing a reading but possibly a little leary......give Christine a try. She is such a wonderful lady with a beautiful gift.
I had a great session with Christine. She has such a kind spirit and I appreciate her ability to help me connect with a loved one who I miss dearly. I am so grateful for this experience.
Christine is such a wonderful person. I have had 3 readings over the last few years. She has been accurate about so many things in my life. Even when I wasn’t looking at moving, she told me that I would an even gave me the name of the city. Fast forward two years later and here I am. I can honestly say that she does not sugarcoat anything and tells you exactly how it is. It is up to you to be prepared to hear it. I will never go to anyone else ever again. I know that she is the real deal!
I had my first reading yesterday. I was nervous but Christine has a warm and comforting aura which made connecting with her come easy. Her reading was very detailed and accurate. She brought light, clarity and peace to many different areas of my life. Also, I have not been feeling well for about a year. Christine was able to easily tune in and help to guide me on what steps to take so that I can start feeling better! Thank you for sharing your gift!
Christine is amazing my husband came through with answers to my concerns and I had a chance to hear from my Dad it was wonderful I will do another one
I was very impressed with Christine. I connected with her very quickly. She is very friendly and personable, and I appreciated her openness about discussing goals that I had and what to do to make sure the session was beneficial for me. I appreciated her being inclusive of her personal faith in her story and in her approach, and it helped make me feel comfortable during my first ever reading. I had a great experience and look forward to working with her again soon. Would highly recommend!
Christine was amazing. She knew things that no one else could have known. She truly has a gift. If you are on the fence about a medium reading, then she is your person. I could not have had a better experience. Thank you Christine.
My Medical Intuitive reading with Christina was excellent. Christina took the time to get to know me and was able to pick up things on the spiritual, mental, and physical levels that were causing my discomfort. What was even more impressive was her follow-up email, in which she gave me a lot of straightforward suggestions on how to move forward to heal my condition. I am looking forward to our next reading and recommend her to anyone who needs a clearer understanding of their situation.
Christine is someone I feel safe to talk too, she is every welcoming to any topic, in the way where I feel like I’m the bad person and she helps guide and clear up thoughts with clarification of what she sees. Moments where I’m feeling super confused she has helped me relieve those thoughts, truly recommended talking to her once
My Medical Intuitive reading with Christine left me speechless. I couldn't believe how in tune she was with what was going on with my body. She picked up on things that I never said out loud. I've been struggling with health issues for years, and Christine gave me hope! She gave me insight into the WHY and provided guidance. Christine, thank you for helping me on my journey of healing. Talk to you soon.
She did a fantastic job on my readings. I was amazed at how accurate she was even down to details of my health. There is absolutely no way possible she could have known the stuff she told me. She does have a genuine gift that is real, she helped me so much and saw what was happening to me and helped me avoid a horrible mistake that could have ruined my life. She saw things that happened to me in my past that no one knows about in my life. Her gift is a hundred percent real.
Thank you so much I had a wonderful session it was everything I wanted I would recommend Christine 100% to any one I give her 5 stars even 100 if I could I will rest easier now
Christine is AMAZING!! She helped me find truth and clarity in a difficult situation. Very professional and accurate reading. Thank you!
Christene was nothing short of amazing :) Extremely accurate and very caring . I would recommend her to any family and friends , I called last minute as a new client with much worry about my health and she got me in as early as she could I love her and so will you !
Christine is always very insightful and accurate! I keep going back to her because she is forthright during her readings and I like that she tells me everything good or bad. She mentions things accurately that I never told her during our sessions. Her insight during a reading has helped me gain confidence during difficult times in my life. I will be a client for life.
Christine is truly amazing. She helped me so much! And her readings are very accurate, she was able to tell me things only I would know. I’m greatful I reached out and received wonderful guidance
Christine is amazingly accurate in her insights, mind-blowingly accurate at times. The guidance she gave me, I already knew worked for me. For example, she was talking about overcoming resentfulness and gaining self-esteem and confidence through being concerned and caring for others as well as through creativeness, and thinking back, I realized that those are the two modes that do make my resentfulness, as well as shyness and insecurity, disappear. I'm so grateful, Christine. Thank you!
After suffering horribly from wicked insomnia which had manifested into other symptoms (joint pain, restless legs etc) and spending thousand of dollars w special doctors doing blood work etc over a span of 4 years, I finally was led to Christine. She blew me away- she smelt smoke- I am/was a heavy smoker. She ‘seen’ 3 horses run by out of the blue during our PHONE reading- I have 3 horses. She is the real deal and gave me the missing puzzle piece that I couldn’t see!!!! She is a gift from God.
I had the pleasure of having a first time reading with Christine today. I can't begin to tell you how accommodating she was about fitting me into her schedule when I was in desperate need of a medical intuitive reading. She exceeded all of my expectations and verified to me what I was already suspecting was going on in my body. This kind of clarification is exactly what I needed. I will not hesitate to have another reading with her in the future.
This was my first reading with Christine. She was so helpful answering my questions and concerns. Christine is a loving and very gifted person. She made me feel calm, comfortable and confident with her information. I highly recommend Christine.
Christine is fantastic very accurate. I did a pet medical reading and she got every single point of health issues I knew about on my dogs and told me things I knew to be true. She really is fantastic and we will use her again.
Christine was more than helpful. She was 100% in all she interpreted! She went above and beyond what she had to do, and I'm so grateful. I cannot reccomend her enough.
I found Christine to be very welcoming and warm. I felt her genuine interest in my well being and her concern about a certain medical aspect was appreciated. We finished the session with Christine giving me examples of how I might be able to help myself with guided imagery. I would try to have another session in a few months time should funds allow.
I had a very positive session with Christine today. I have a sick pet and Christine was able to give me clarity of thought and offered advice on ways to help my pet. She went out of her way to offer suggestions and make sure I understood her advice.


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