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Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Clairvoyant, Author, Energy Practitioner.

Anna’s reputation is echoed as one of The Best Soul Mate &Relationship Experts in her field!

*25 yrs exp.*Not only answers but accuracy with real solutions!*
She has taught thousands of people how to reach their highest potential. Her ability to help others extends beyond relationship guidance.
Her special gifts of clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience allow her to share valuable insights that can allow others to make better-informed life decisions. She is not ‘just a psychic’, Anna is a spiritual teacher, mentor, lecturer, and humanitarian. It is a life path she decided to follow over 20 years ago, having endured the same life challenges with which many of us contend with daily.

Born with the gift of sight, Anna also possesses the ability to connect to your higher vibration. As a little girl, she recognized that she had special abilities, however; she did not fully comprehend her gifts as a psychic advisor. She would have visions and receive messages from others but remained unaware that she was communicating with a higher vibration. As the years passed, she began to have encounters that broadened her spirituality. During this time, as a young adult, she offered psychic readings for friends and family. This further propelled her gift and enabled her to hone her craft to become validated in her work today.

Over a decade ago, great tragedy struck Anna's life that changed her course forever. As her relationships and finances fell apart, she lost all sense of inner peace. She began doubting what role she had to play in this world. But somehow she clung to the knowledge that she still had her power of clarity and prayed for true spiritual guidance. One night, a strange light awakened Anna in her bedroom door. She saw an image of an Angel who came to her and advised her that her life would change forever. She was asked to use her Psychic gifts to help others reach their full potential.

Anna engaged a spiritual teacher who mentored her and helped her regain her spiritual identity. Since then she has helped others regain their sense of self also.

What makes her different from other spiritual teachers is that she uses her gifts to empower her clients. Sessions with Anna will teach you how to simply and effectively manifest your true desires. Anna guides you by giving spiritually psychic readings including names, dates, and descriptions of your true soul mate and spiritual path. Her healing is done through loving Universal Energy. God has given her great gifts to help you with finding your true balance.

Today, Anna is doing her life's work and true calling - attracting wonderful people into her life. She manifested a loving happy marriage, financial success and true inner peace. She wants you to be as happy and fulfilled as she is in her life.

There are many testimonials on her website that explain the impact she has had on several individuals. “Anna’s approach is honest and nurturing. She is bubbly, positive, loving and understanding, even when she delivers what may be the unexpected at the time. Her ability to explain the puzzle of the situation and the reason behind the ‘now’ is extraordinary. She is a living example of what she teaches. I am fortunate and blessed to have her in my life. She truly cares about everyone she speaks with.”

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Anna is also available for in person readings and groups and events. Please contact her at to inquire about your event.

Listed since: Dec 6, 2009


Had my first reading on yesterday. Anna was on point with everything she said. I can't wait for what is to come. I will be reaching out soon. Thank You So,so much!!
Great energy, loving, honest straight forward, accurate, will lead you in the direction of love. Confirmed things I already felt. Thank you.
Anna was so easy to talk to...She sounds like a friend not a stranger at all! the things she said was accurate to even what just happened the night before the reading...I was very impressed! I'd definitely recommend her regarding relationship problems..Would talk to her again for sure!!
Anna and I have spoken many times in the past and more recently now regarding a situation I am going through. Not only did she explain so accurately how he felt about me but described my sitatuon with him to a T. It felt like she knew him more than me!! I have to say Anna is so easy to talk to she really cares about her clients and would never lead you in the wrong direcrion. She says it how the Angels see it! That's why I respect her and I will be her client for life! Thank you Anna
Amazing!!! Her uncanny ability to connect with you and channel messages from the Angelic Realm is unmatched. She is my Spiritual Adviser and Metaphysical Teacher(#11 in the World)since I'm discovering my own gifts and guiding me ever since. Read and followed her book of Powerful Miracle Manifestation Book to manifest things in my life-it works,it happened!!! I'm speechless and grateful-She needs to be on everyones list! Love you Anna!
Love love love her! Having a reading with ms. Anna is like talking to your best friend. She always has the best advice and shes straight forward. I've had many readings with her and always gonback when Im having a problem.
I've known Anna for years,she had guided me in areas of my life she's has always been on point mostly she listened to me and took time out for me I really appreciate her friendship now my daughter will be going to her and she's in loving hands thank Anna for shining your light helping us all thank you
I asked Anna's help about rekindling my friendship with a guy. that was last week of November 2014. i asked for a timeframe. the angels said in 90 days we will have the chance after they heal the fear in his heart. i am happy to say in dec. 22, 2014, my friend sent me a message. and now we are friends again. thank you Anna for asking the angels in my behalf. now i am so happy. thank you my loving angels for your help and giving me the best christmas gift i ever wanted.
My dear Anna,last night was the first time we spoke,at a point in time in my life when i was intuitively guided to you because my life is at crossroads. Again, i can't thank you enough for your loving guidance and helping me to understand the "whys". Very powerful insight into my future,extremely helpful,since I'm going trough a transformation. You are a gift to All of us! Thank you and I love you and again,CONGRATULATION for you being the 11 th most powerful metaphisical teacher in the word!!!
I had my first reading this morning with Anna and I was pleasantly surprised she was able to describe my mate without his name. She was very accurate in describing our personality. She confirmed some things I felt in my heart but was unsure. Even though I am going to go through a very rough patch before reaching happiness I hung up the phone feeling optimistic and excited for the future. She was very friendly and easy to talk to. I am pray everything comes to pass. We will speak again for sure!!
She did it again! ☺️ She is amazing! Everytime I call her my business grows. She is able to see what I cant and her messages are on point. She never skirts the truth. I am so grateful for Anna. She has forever changed my life.
ANNA IS AMAZINGLY ON POINT! I had my 1st reading with her September 2013. EVERYTHING came to pass. I just phoned her for the Soul Mate Session and am anxiously waiting to meet "The One". She told me what he would look like "because that's what you like." She knew what I want and need! You will NOT be dissappointed. Thank you Anna!
Very friendly, very nice lady, just by hearing her voice, I am already calmed. and the answers were accurate and actually happened to me after she told me! She is not only a psychic but also a teacher and mentor who will enlighten you down the road. Thanks to Anna for your help!!!
I have had atleast 4 readings with Anna, and everyone of them have been life changing accurate! Every time I speak with her it is so comfortable, I never feel judged! It is like I'm talking with my best friend. She tells you exactly what you need to hear and not what you want to hear! This reading I had today has me on top of the world! I cannot wait to implement the changes she suggested and see what happens! Thank you Anna! I will be calling again soon!
Anna provided me with a very insightful and rewarding reading today. I have had several psychic readings in the past, and have to say that Anna provided me with the most insightful, logical, and accurate reading that I have ever received. What separates Anna from the rest, is her ability to take in the information and express it in detail. Other psychics that I have worked with in the past, were not as detailed with their vision, making it difficult to interpret the information. Thank you!!
Anna is warm and caring. This is the best reading I've had so far. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for me. I will do what the angels said and enjoy myself. Thanks so much for the Clarity and direction.
Anna is the best I've ever spoken to! I asked when I was going to meet the one. She said within 90 days, he lives alone, clean shaven, hazel eyes, not muscular but toned, between 5'11"-6'. Name begins with R. Wow! She was correct on almost EVERYTHING! He lives alone, 5'11", clean shaven, tone, hazel eyes, & his name begins with a J, which is an upside down lowercase R. I'm not sure if he's the "one" yet...but she nailed everything else! THANK YOU Anna! ♥
I felt drawn to Anna, and after my first call with her, I knew why. Anna is truly gifted. Her reading of me, and what was going on in my life, blew me away with its accuracy. I did not have to wait long to see the predictions she saw in my life come after another. I never hesitate to call her when I need clarity. It is truly uncanny how she can see the intents of others in your life. She is the channel through which our guides and angels prove they are with us 24/7/365.
You are great love talking. Everything you told me is so true.will call back soon
Anna was the first medium I ever went to and she is amazing. She started my metaphysical journey and so far what she has told me has been accurate. I would recommend her.
I have known Anna for years and She has always given me sound advice. Her compassion and understanding are outstanding. I speak with Anna often and I always get sound advice that turns out as she predicts.
I am amazed at Annas abilities. I wasnt expecting much because Ive been ripped off so many times..I asked her one question. I didnt tell her anything about me or the person of interest. She told me this persons personalty,my personalty, our past,present and our future. She was dead on.There is no vagueness with her. She is the real thing.When I need an answer or some insight, i dont want a friend or someone who fishes and gives me advice. I want a psychic and that is exactly what Anna is.
I have known Anna for over two years. She always amazes me because she literally takes my words from the tip of my tongue. She has helped me through several situations. She is professional, caring, and definitely an Angel. Once you speak with her you will know what I mean.
I recently had a session with Anna and was pleasantly surprised at how accurate and insightful she was towards my current relationship status. I felt extremely comfortable talking to her, like I would to any of my close friends. She helped me insure what my intuition was telling and predicted a positive outcome in the end. I'm excited for the future events she predicted to follow through! I would highly recommend her!
I wasn't sure why I was drawn to Anna, until my reading. I had questions and concerns about a relationship and her answers reenforced my suspicions. Her responses were so accurate that one of the things she told me came to light within a few days of her revealing it to me. She is extremely accurate, honest and I felt that she genuinely felt bad that what she revealed was not the best of news. But it helped me make a decision that lightened my burdens. She is an amazing psychic.
Today I had my very first reading with Anna and I have to say she is truly gifted!! I have had many many readings in the past, but I have never had one quite like the reading I had with Anna today. As soon as she started, she told me things that pertained to me as if she had known me for years. She was very accurate with just about all of the information that she gave me. Not only that, but she gave me solutions as well to problem areas in my life. I highly, highly, highly recommend her!
Another FANTASTIC reading with Anna. In this reading I wanted more specifics about things we had previously touched upon. I was given the information I was seeking and am now following through with greater knowledge and direction. My eldest daughter had her first reading with Anna and it blew her away. Anna you couldn't have made her any happier!!!! It seems the sky's the limit for us. Thanks ever so much. Speak to you soon. "Om Shreem"
I had my first reading with Anna last Friday! Anna was very professional. I absolutely loved the reading. It was very enlighten and accurate. I have already started referring my friends to her. Like another client stated I will defiantly be back!!
I have been reading with Anna for over a year now on a regular basis, sometimes just to touch base as I need her insight for making decisions. Anna has been very accurate with providing information regarding future events. Her timelines and descriptions of things to come are uncannily accurate as well. It has come to a point where I call Anna to ask for her guidance with my life's decisions and she has not failed me yet also her remote viewing abilities are so very advanced that that it's scary.
I just finished my first reading with Anna and she was spot on. She told me things about myself and my children without me even asking, and the questions I asked she gave accurate answers. I can't wait until everything she told me comes to pass. All in all it was a great reading, and I will be back. I will and do recommend her. She had a friendly manner but spoke with knowledge and conviction. I've used other physics some excellent some not so much. I'll be back, Anna!!!!!! "OM SHREEM"


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