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Anna’s reputation is echoed as one of The Best Soul Mate &Relationship Experts in her field!
Not only answers but accuracy with real solutions! Anna is a highly respected and skilled psychic medium and relationship expert with over 29 years of experience helping individuals reach their highest potential. She has a range of abilities, including clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience, which she uses to provide valuable insights and guidance to her clients. She is not just a psychic but also a spiritual teacher, mentor, lecturer, and humanitarian who has dedicated her life to helping others. She aims to empower her clients and provide accurate answers to their questions. She is known for her honest, nurturing approach to her work and her ability to explain situations in a way that helps her clients better understand their current circumstances. Her vision is to help the world heal through loving universal energy and to empower her clients to manifest their true desires.

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Anna is also available for in-person reading groups and events. Please contact her at to inquire about your event.

Listed since: Dec 6, 2009


Anna is amazing. She has helped me by making me believe in myself. She is so accurate and honest. I feel so lucky to have come across her in my lifetime.
I am so grateful to have meet Anna. She has helped me a lot with answering my questions and helping me grow spiritually. I open my tiktok one day and she was the first one that popped up in my feed like it was meant to be. I join Patreon and learn so much spiritually. She’s amazing! I recommend her to my family & friends. She’s that good and I don’t recommend just like that. She has a great heart and loves to help. She is straightforward which I love.
After going through numerous psychics, being scammed and feeling lost within a certain connection , I came across Anna on tik tok . And she answered one of my questions and knew what had happened without me even explaining details of my question. My jaw dropped . My private reading with her gave me soo much excitement for my future . I feel soo amazing after talking with her . Thank you Anna ❤️
Anna, is absolutely the best encounter of a soul I had in a long time. She's straight up to the point and most of has a genuine care and understanding of your soul as well. She an amazing gifted person. I feltnlike I knew her for years! Thank you Anna!
I had a reading with her and I was going through a tough time of grieving, and feeling low. Just with her words, and reading she gave me clarity and brought my spirits up. Amazing energy and welcoming.
I had a beautiful reading with Anna today. I received the messages that I needed to hear from the angels about why I am having issues with my marriage and what decisions that I need to make for myself and my future. Thank you again Anna for being direct but loving and kind at the same time.
Anna is amazing. I have known her since 2008 and she has always been very accurate and truthful with me. She tells it like it is, in a very gentle way. I appreciate that! I always go to her for the truth and for her accuracy about all my issues. She is extremely gifted. I love talking to her. I highly recommend her.
Another good reading with Anna and I was amazed at how accurate she was with the information she told me. Anna is caring, sweet and down to earth who knows how to use humor when needed. I would recommend Anna if you are looking for truth and guidance as you will leave the reading with wisdom and knowledge about your situation. Thank you again Anna!!!
I had a session with Anna today and she was awesome. She told me things that were accurate and she is really pleasant to talk to. Just waiting now for some things she told me to come to past. Great reading.
Anna is like talking to a friend! Time will tell if all her predictions come true but she had insight that is a testament to her gifts. She reads with compassion, sincerity and conviction. She also gives direction on how to handle situations based in desired outcome. I recommend her!
Anna has been so accurate. She gives such an accurate time frames. I have been going to her for 3 years and she continues to impress me every year. I definitely recommend her. You won’t be disappointed. She is such a kind person.
Oh my goodness. Words cannot express how incredible this woman is! She is accurate like no other. I’ve seen other psychics but none compare. She is sweet and it’s like talking to a friend. She told me someone would ask me on a date and he did the same day as the reading! She truly cares about her clients and their highest good. She is honest, accurate and to the point. Highly recommend. Will never go to anyone else!
Anna is the real deal. She’s been my advisor since 2016 and has never steered me wrong. Everything and I mean everything she has told me came into fruition. Don’t get me wrong timing can be off sometimes, but that’s left up to the universe. I highly recommend Anna. She’s completely worth every penny.
This woman is AMAZING! I love her already! I've met with numerous local psychics in Wisconsin and there's NO ONE like HER <3! Straightforward, yet sweet in her approach- she shared two guys I thought could be "the one", weren't and assured me my future man, soulmate's personality and physical traits. We laughed and I always felt at ease. Looking forward to when we reconnect for another session! (Anna- can you move to the Midwest?! ; ) Wish you lived closer! )
One of my friends recommended me to set a appointment with Anna so I could gain come clarity in a love relationship I have been involved with. Anna knew things that no one would have known. The way she talks to your guides, and deliveres the messages is incredible. She gave me a timeline of when I would be hearing back from my ex and she was spot on! Her heart is huge, and her ability is incredible. If you want truth, I strongly STRONGLY recommend going to Anna for a reading
Anna is very connected and intuitive She is a wonderful spiritual advisor, she is living her truth and her talent shines through when she speaks I highly recommend her for those seeking clarity on life and love questions Thank you and bless you Anna !
My sweet Anna, I have grown to love her and the ability she has to contact my angels and help guide me throughout life! There isn’t one thing that Anna has told me that hasn’t manifested, NOT ONE! Although, I hate the disappointments in things I want so bad I appreciate her honesty and the love she has to truly see me happy! Her readings are beyond accurate and her heart is sweet! I’m thankful for crossing her path! She’s truly a gem! If you are looking accurate honest reading Anna is the ONE!
She is a truthful person and great to talk to. She keeps it real and wants the best for you. Be ready for some truth!
Anna is absolutely wonderful. She is so honest and has such a direct connection with angels and guides. She is welcoming, has the kindest soul and is always spot on! Her readings are accurate and beneficial. I’ll never go to another psychic.
ANNA!!!!!! You are simply amazing! You have always given me ACCURATE reading! You told me I will pass my nursing boards and I DID!!! You helped relieve my anxiety and talked to me even when I felt I was unsuccessful your reading proved to be true!!!! Thank you ssssoooooo much and I greatly appreciate you!!!!!!!!! I’m one happy newly LICENSED nurse!!!
I have been reading with Anna for about 8 months now. I consider Anna my Life advisor a d have referred a few friends already. I love Annas pure heart and eagerness to help amd empower! Her Guidance is so helpful and she is a straight shooter! So happy I found Anna. She really has helped me find calm in some storms... Highly reccomend!
This woman is AMAZING!!! Her gift is serious and legit. Has helped me with several things personally and professionally in good times and bad. Can connect with YOUR angels and project out 6 months. Our conversations gave me hope and direction and advice on family and friends health status. She provides PEACE OF MIND. Do not hesitate to connect with her. She is MY blessing and MY angel.... cannot recommend highly enough !!!!!!!!!
I have been speaking with Anna since 2015. Our more recent readings are focused on a very difficult relationship that I am in with a guy that I love dearly. Anna has been 100% correct about him! Every single thing that she has said he will do, he does! She is also very accurate when it comes to other aspects of my life, for example, I thought I was going through early menopause, Anna said no not yet and sure enough this was confirmed! I am looking forward to many more readings, love her!!
She is really amazing. I was told I was going to pass my last class by one point and I needed a 80 to pass and passed with a 81. She has never stirred me wrong and has no chance of getting rid of me. She’s like a long lost friend that also provides you with accurate guidance and I thank God for her.
All I can say is so far, whatever she said had happened as long as you follows her advice. Very precise and accurate predictions... She will describe the nature of the person and the upcoming events to the T. Thank you for all you do, already looking forward to my blessings... You rock!!! Try her...
Anna thank you for everything. She has been 100% accurate with my readings. Everything is the truth .. I am so grateful that I have found her. Blessing to you always Anna!
I have used Anna many times in the past and she is the best!! She is so positive and up lifting but very straight forward and honest. In the past readings she has been very accurate from dates to names. I will use her again in the future. Thank you so so much Anna you are the best!!
I am so thankful for my reading with Anna. She was super easy to talk to and was specific in her guidance. I have already started putting her advice into motion and things have been manifesting. I know I’ll be able to come to her when I need in the future.
I am so grateful for the reading I had with Anna. She made me feel comfortable right off so I was able to relax and make sure to talk about all I needed to. She knew exactly how to help me with what was on my heart and was able to validate what my gut was already telling me. I have already started putting her guidance to work & I feel there is a light now at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much, Anna and I will keep you posted!


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